There are already several companies doing similar kickstarters I think.
But we wish this to become a non profit open source project for fun.
I am impressed with the XBee series 3 modules that I’ve bought.
The engineering is of the ‘we’re go to the Moon’ era not ‘move fast and break things’ crap the perforates startups.
I’m very impressed so they’re a hardcore entrenched to beat.

Mentors from across a range of industries can be accessed on a subscription basis.
Hence, almost all tech industries prevent discussion of patent specifics outside forums created for patent discussion.
Otherwise anyone who reads this site is increasing their liability 3x, which isn’t what HN wants to inflict on its users.
Understanding of something being patented changes potential damages to punitive damages, making potential lawsuit costs 3x.

Lpv – Lock Pick Village

In these workshops, attendees take a deep dive into some of the most relevant subjects in cybersecurity with subject matter experts standing by to aid.
Each year we bring new topics to the table, and we of experts from all walks of life provide mentoring to guide the way.
The Lockpick Village is really a physical security demonstration and participation area.
Visitors can learn about the vulnerabilities of various locking devices, techniques used to exploit these vulnerabilities, and practice on locks of various levels of difficultly to use it themselves.
Girls Hack Village seeks to create gender diverse perspectives of the contributions, perspectives, and issues facing women/girl hackers.
It is just a space to go over issues affecting girls in cybersecurity and can include Talks, Workshops, and Discussions Panels.
We are looking to have a village for womxn in ethical hacking fields

  • There is a lot more going on at DEF CON than what’s listed here.
  • You’ll be able to teach and find out about the various methods to keep people safe – and how to subvert attacker expectations to show their methods back on them.
  • There are unique challenges in defending and attacking these machine learning systems that the security community should be made alert to.

You can always give it away or sell it afterwards or reuse it for the next journey.
This is all pretty theoretical though, for a small number of nodes like around 100 it should work pretty well like in the OP application.

This is completely impractical when hiking, or in a city filled up with buildings.
They end up getting crazy short range between devices and you need an implausibly long string of these to get from the person off the grid to a mesh point on the grid.
The only exception to the being someone on top of a hill without bumpy items of other hills between them and whoever has the other mesh point that occurs to be on-grid.
I’ve never liked Gotenna’s requirement to be paired with a cellphone for tracking, so I am watching Lynq’s development for some time.
But, I’d much favour an open-source solution than one that depends on the fortunes and whims of an individual compnay.
Particularly if there was easy-to-use commercial hardware available with the open source software.
Please email pressdefconorg if you want press credentials.

Generate your blank SATA3 drives – check them in early – to achieve the data you need.
Come back in about 24 hours to get your data-packed drive.
Space allowing, we’ll accept drives completely until Saturday morning – but remember, it’s FIFO!
It will be a first come, first served to duplicate ’till we drop.
At the Crypto & Privacy Village you can learn to secure your own systems while also picking up some guidelines on how to break classical and modern encryption.

Sev – Social Engineering Village

(I’m type of retired now, but my old job included writing software for these kinds of radios).
The ESP32 draws a great deal of current when running BLE , unless that’s been fixed recently.
IIRC, the TTGO boards have poor low-power design which will kill the battery in just a few days, whatever you do, that could perhaps be fixed with a small modification though.
But not requiring a license is a big plus, also the way these chirping radios achieve their long range with a super high noise floor therefore the battery life is amazing.

We will give a setting to educate DEF CON most importantly through workshops and a platform for researchers of this type to share the most recent research.
As a security community we’ve grown beyond WiFi, and also beyond Bluetooth and Zigbee.
The Social Engineering Community is formed by a group of individuals who have a passion make it possible for folks of all ages and backgrounds thinking about Social Engineering with a venue to understand, discuss, and practice this craft.
SEC Village plans to perform the above by bringing together passionate individuals to have a shared stake in building this community.
I’m just curious why my comment regarding patent was deleted ?
Yes we developed a device that implements this same idea of sharing GPS data over mesh network and patented it in 2014.
If someone is thinking about further development of this idea, please contact me, we’d be happy to sell this patent alongside schematics and source codes for fair price.

Hackers are early users and abusers of technology, and that technology is now critical to modern life.
As governments make policy decisions about technology Hackers, researchers and academics should be part of that conversation before decisions are created, not after policies are implemented.
To achieve that DEF CON is a place for everyone on the policy and technology spectrum to interact, learn from each other, and improve technology.
At the Packet Hacking Village, we work hard to produce a unique mood and vibe.
The Wall of Sheep DJ Company brings music and atmosphere into the mix.
Our goal is to help everyone celebrate while staying entertained and motivated.
Stop by and revel in the smooth beats and deep vibes of musical hackery.

I wonder how well it could work used though.
They assume uniform randomly distributed nodes, whereas people don’t have a tendency to distribute themselves randomly.
They don’t address practical concerns either, like how narrow the MIMO beamwidths need to be and how easy that is to achieve.
However, I’ll take the cynical route and say mesh radios, for everyone, are still not so popular.
Gotenna and Beartooth, among others appear to be common and popular, and highly reviewed, but in my hikes and ski trips, I haven’t seen or heard from the single one.
I’ve seen FAR more basic FRS radios, and SPOT satellite messengers.

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