Founded in 2020, Hustlezy has been able to create its presence because of its wide range of home decor and illuminating products made for your lovely moments and your space.
Once the customization process has been completed and your order has been received,we shall delete all personal information including photos and messages.
Our optical-grade Acrylic Music Albums are superior and also have excellent durability.

  • Personallized night light, spotify plaques art, night light Matt with spotify code of The Spins, spotify album cover of K.I.D.S.
  • Whether it’s a candid shot, a breath-taking scenic view or a portrait picture, your cherished moments provides joy to your loved ones for years ahead.
  • Apart from interior decor, this painting provides good vibes to your workplace as well.
  • We use heavyweight 4MM inch plexiglass with a gently smoothed surface.
  • Let them play their favorite song and keep considering your gift forever.We offer acrylic are a symbol of the Spotify plaque.

Please note that CanvasChamp reserves the right to rescind, revoke or terminate this offer at any time, with or without cause.
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We use professional grade equipment in our print studio to print directly onto the acrylic.
That is super hardwearing and will be resistant to fading for decades.

Pick a song/ album or playlist, combine it with your own personal photo or the album artwork and we’ll take it to life on an acrylic plaque.
Our Custom Spotify Plaques aren’t only perfect as a gift, but also as a beautiful and unique decoration for your home!
With this acrylic glass stands or wood LED base, the album cover becomes a genuine eye-catcher.
It is possible to hang this beautiful painting at your home for cozy look on wall, living room, dining room wall, kitchen, work desk, kids room.
Apart from home decor, this painting provides good vibes to your workplace as well.
Be it any occasion from birthdays to anniversaries, house warming to new office, festivals to retirements.

These can be used as wooden hangings, coasters, and also decorative pieces!
We also use the best UV printing technology on such material.
It’s probably the most advanced printing technology that allows achieving maximum color saturation and durability.

We use heavyweight 3mm Plexiglas with a gently smoothed surface.
Laser printed directly onto the Plexiglas to make a scratch-resistant surface to ensure the highest quality.

How Do You Send Photos And Other Customisation Requirements?

Typically, it will be possible to track your order 3 business days from the time of purchase.
Spoitfy link on this frame could be scanned using spotify app on your phone to play the song printed on it.

  • on Spotify every time you play a song.
  • You can choose the color of plaque and fonts of message for the plaque.
  • These ASSORTED tea- light candle holders are reusable and you can switch the tea light candle and put in a new one whenever!
  • If you have any issue concerning the product kindly mail us at
  • Because so many of our products are fragile, imagine if it arrives broken at your place?

These plaques are custom-made music covers that look like what you see on Spotify each time you play a song.
It could be your favourite song, your theme song, songs that remind you of your friends or songs you want to dedicate to someone.
We put in a Spotify scannable barcode to your plaque which someone can scan it to play the coded song on your Spotify mobile app automagically.
You have a favorite song with a friend, your partner or a family member.

A Unique Way To Express Love – Custom Spotify Song Plaques

With transparent and hand-polished edges, the Acrylic Music Album enhances the color and contrast of one’s favourite pictures, giving it an awesome 3-Dimensional depth effect.
All pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only and could differ from the actual product.
Every Album Cover includes 2 clear adhesive strips that can be put on the backside of the printed image creating a clean appearance.

This plexiglass is tested to be light resistant for at least 100 years.
Be confident your Spotify Song Plaque can last for a long period or we will replace it for FREE!.
Then FILL ALL THE FIELDS you desire your song plaque to have.
Offers will work on base price only & not applicable on special sizes 5″x7″, 7″x5″, 8″x8″ of Canvas Prints, Photo Prints & Accessories Products.

Desktop Stand Natural Wooden Mini Decorative Easel

With this Custom Spotify Plaque, you can capture special memories for eternity on high-quality acrylic glass.
It will always remind you of that one special event or that one unforgettable day.

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