Stocks That Did Well In 2008 Recession

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For example, the fast food industry grew in popularity during the 2008 recession significantly, as it was cheap and people couldn’t afford anything else. While this sounds depressing really, and it is, an opportunity was provided by it for the industry to grow, which is why some companies did well during the recession.

Stocks That Did Well In 2008 Recession

Recession resistant refers to an entity such as stocks, companies, or jobs which are not greatly affected by a recession. One final reminder is that stocks and industries that do well during a recession may not always do well when the economy recovers.

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Add that, as well as its low volatility, into the fold, and it’s hard to argue with analysts who recommend MCD stock for the next recession. There’s little question as to what makes the most recession-resistant stocks to buy so resilient. Many of them offer products that Americans simply can’t go without, or that are much more attractive when money is tight.

Why I Didnt Sell After A 50% Stock Market Decline In 2008

We also rely on thebest performing hedge funds‘ buy/sell signals. However, while the situation was gloom and doom overwhelmingly, some businesses actually flourished because of the unique circumstances and the opportunities such circumstances afforded to them.

  • To address these presssing issues, we shall examine stock performance during the past six U.S. recessions, beginning in the mid-70s.
  • One of the most important things was that several of these stocks were considered to be ‘defensive’ stocks, which alludes to stock which are generally considered to not be risky.
  • Moreover, fear has risen as investors attempt to understand what this could mean to their portfolios.
  • To focus on the best performing stocks after 2008 crash Now.
  • The biggest gainers in the 2008 market crash actually had some things in common.
  • What can we learn from past recessions to help this time?

As mentioned, it’s important to remember that each recession is different, and so will the stocks that do well during them. For example, a complete lot of biotech companies are rising at the moment due to the widespread COVID-19 crisis. Financial firms were devastated in the 2008 recession, because it stemmed from a financial crisis, but it’s energy companies in 2020 are among the worst performers due to the current oil price war. What are some of the stocks that went up during the 2008 crash? The Great Recession that occurred caused untold financial losses, crippling the global economy and leading to the fall of major banks in the world and the United States. Millions of people ended up losing their life savings and also losing their jobs as businesses started folding one after another. It is said to be the most devastating recession suffered by the world since the infamous Great Depression that occurred in the 1930s.

Despite the recession, Coke sales never dipped and their volume based business continued to grow, which is why many analysts have labeled Coke as a recession proof stock. When you think of a company which would deliver positive gains during the biggest recession of our lifetime, a travel company would not be your first thought.

So you will need to change your investment strategy when the good times return. Fortunately when I was in the market the amount of money at that time was peanuts to what I have now. Nowadays a 5-10% drop is more than what I had lost in the market in 08. There is a true point where the corporations, banks, and government all go out of business. But I do know if we hit it investor confidence would be shattered ever.

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