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By the end of the year, the stories are collected and bound in a beautiful Blurb book.
With just an email each week, you’ll create a keepsake to cherish for a long time.
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Storyworth is really a service that means it is possible for families to record their stories.
Each week they email their customers a question about their life, for example “What do you remember of your grandmother?”.
Their customers reply by email, and the stories are saved and shared privately with their family.
At the end of a year, their stories are bound in a beautiful keepsake book.
2.) Once you gift a StoryWorth subscription to someone, they’ll get a weekly email with story prompts.

Storyworth is the BEST gift for parents, grandparents, and family members.
Photography and illustration certainly are a core portion of the Storyworth brand.
The illustrations bring us back again to memories of family, community, traveling, and falling in love for the first time.
As you can plainly see, these arevery different ways to solve the issue of capturing your parent’s amazing stories.

  • The way they connect us, teach us about our history, and remind us of our shared humanity.
  • Your loved one then writes a response story each week that’s distributed to you.
  • Utilize the site’s shipping estimator to determine the expense of shipping globally.
  • They simply reply with a tale via email or the web site, and at the end

Emily Midgley – Definitely check out Story Worth!
We just started this is February for my dad’s birt…
However, even if we’d not maintain this midst of an unprecedented and isolating time, we’d have gifted Storyworth to your parents.
Our Storyworth gifts were given during the 2020 holidays, a time of chaos and uncertainty.
It was a time when most house projects were completed, most every jigsaw puzzle have been done and re-done, and virtually everyone needed something to do.

Hopefully, one day, it will also be considered a gift for my son, who’s nearly 3.
But, this past year, in the desperate couple of weeks before Father’s Day, I gave in and did it again.
My dad doesn’t care much for stuff, and my experiential go-tos like MLB tickets were forced to go on pause through the pandemic.
When I was served an ad for StoryWorth, something that sends open-ended questions to the recipient weekly for a year and then collects their stories in a book, I gave it a shot. [newline]I chose the subject of the book to be mostly about my entire life so that it could be passed down to grandchildren and their children.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with an episode all about moms.
We’re featuring our favorite portraits of mothers, daughters, and

“As much as this gift could be for the grandparent, it’s also a gift for you.”

The service is indeed popular that major news networks like CNN and ABC have featured it on the programs.
In 2015, StoryWorth won the grand prize in the RootsTech Innovator Showdown, cementing the company’s status as a leader in its industry.
This week’s story may sound all-too-familiar if you’ve ever attended a Catholic school… elementary-school pranksters vs. strict and stern nuns.
It’s not just a thing that happens in the movies!

  • Each week they email their customers a question about their life, for example “What do you remember of your grandmother?”.
  • The simplest way to privately record your family stories.
  • They just hit “Reply” to the question email, and compose their story in the new email.
  • He loves it and the kids enjoy hearing his answers.

Last year, we gifted my parents and my in-lawsStoryworth, and contains been something they’ve discussed all year long.
In addition to the look and feel of Storyworth, we caused Danielle LaRoy to make a new voice for the Storyworth brand.
We organized a foundation for voice and tone and a robust messaging framework to utilize in everything from marketing campaigns to customer support messages.

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