STRIVR: Virtual reality training platform designed to improve workplace performance.

It’s a way of optimising staff workout sessions for future members of the team by running the training course with existing members.

VR learning platform Strivr launched somebody program designed to enhance the capabilities of virtual reality for organizations trying to improve workforce performance.
Virtual reality offers companies an exercise option that is as effectual as live training at a fraction of the price.

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In accordance with STRIVR, learners retain 75 percent of what they are taught, compared to a 10 percent retention rate from reading or hearing a presentation.
The immersive technology provides hands-on experiences that allow for better learning outcomes.

Benefits of VR in corporate training include higher engagement and retention levels, experiential learning, safer for high-risk situations, and reduced spending on training and travel.
Strivr is the latest company to become listed on Accenture Ventures’ Project Spotlight, an engagement and investment program focused on investing in companies that create or apply disruptive enterprise technologies.
According to Strivr, the purpose of its partner program would be to bring companies together to be able to help improve workforce performance and optimize the worthiness of VR for enterprises.
Up to now, partners in this program include Accenture, DDI, Insight, PICO, Qualcomm, Start Beyond, Strategos and VMware.

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If you have the ability to pick, train, motivate and manage them better, your battle for excellence is more than half won.
Because of this , innovation destined for the workplaceis gaining momentumin notable companies worldwide, and why we encourage you to consider it as well.
ThingWorx Studio to make a guided step-by-step training solution for HoloLens to instruct workers how to assemble a green energy bus battery.
Using these tools, BAE can now create these guides for first-line workers in just a few hours – at a tenth of the cost.
Farhan Aqeel is really a content manager at WizIQ, an edtech company that offers an online learning delivery platform to businesses and educators.
The more workers believe that they are getting together with a live environment, the more impactful the experience.
Add narration or allow users to dictate their path in a non-linear fashion as they explore the virtual environment.

  • team to generate impact, engage your workforce and grow your organization.
  • Virtual reality training companies like VirTra and immersive learning companies, such asSTRIVRand
  • reality.

Work cross functionally with Engineering, and support the DevSecOps culture to prioritize and focus on security within the SDLC with secure code development programs, implementing SAST, DAST and SCA in pipelines and deployed environments.
Through real-time analytics embedded in this technology, managers can also identify skill gaps and offer targeted follow-up coaching and personalized guidance to teammates to improve performance.
Carrying out a successful pilot with 400 employees, 97% of the participants felt convenient performing their tasks after going through the simulations.
THEREFORE I didn’t need another degree at this point, as we can kind of tell I’m over-educated, nonetheless it was the only way to get the work.

Using quantitative and qualitative data from Strivr’s many scaled deployments and intelligence from millions of VR training sessions, we now know the VR training benefits that are allowing many companies to be so successful.
Eloomi combines learning management and continuous performance management in a cloud-based software platform.
The tool simplifies skill training and feedback-based performance improvement in organizations.
The tool can be used to train employee skills and as a framework to anchor new behavior and use workforce performance.
It’s largely accepted that virtual and augmented reality could be the future of corporate training.
VR has long since been a training staple using industries like pilot training and other simulations.

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