Sumo Logic: Cloud-based data analytics company. Businesses feed in data, and the software returns real-time insights.

Sometimes we always don’t have the right documentation on something or no documentation on something at all.
In these scenarios, we might have the name of an individual, their user ID, or the mac address.
What Sumo Logic has provided us when pulling reports from the many systems it we can find these machines.
SumoLogic is a fantastic log aggregator and analysis tool, an excellent option to Splunk.
In case you have application logs in clusters or Kubernetes pods that lose their logs each and every time they’re restarted, Sumo may be the solution for you personally.

SingleHop’s service includes full-life cycle, white glove support, instantly scalable solutions, and comprehensive integrated security.
Indonesian Cloud services are section of a whole portfolio of IT solutions including infrastructure, business solutions, and consulting.
Since we began in 2009 2009, we’ve been on a clear mission to deliver high quality Cloud-Computing services to businesses and individuals all over the world.
Today, more than 300 companies (including a number of the world’s biggest brands) in over 50 countries already trust us and rely on our Cloud Services.
By opening lines of communication across an organization and connecting sellers with sales materials, tools and subject material expertise, SAVO helps companies drive sales execution through their sales enablement solutions.
10+ cloud sites covered across APAC, EMEA and AMER are ready for use, you can easily obtain top quality cloud resources and security management in an easy and efficient manner with your business growth globally.

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Sumo Logic provides customizable dashboards used to display security metrics, performance data, along with other key information over the network for a bird’s-eye view right into a company’s network security efforts in real-time.
Sumo Logic’s LogReduce and Anomaly Detection technologies automatically correlate network data to detect threats without manual input from the SOC team.

Hangzhou NetEase Leihuo Technology is really a leading China-based internet technology company that pioneered the development of applications, services along with other technologies online in China.
Our flagship product is Linkspace, a cloud-based data management application.
This software as a service offers a secure, flexible and unbreakable framework for capturing, sharing and protecting your data.
You use it to control a business process, linking visitors to data to information to actions.
It’s far nimbler and more time- and cost-effective than developing bespoke software, far safer and more reliable than using spreadsheets, and far more flexible than kludging off-the-shelf applications designed for other purposes.
Splunk Enterprise Security is an analytics-driven SIEM that uses actionable intelligence and advanced analytics to fight threats at scale.

  • and security information management, security information and event management, or SIEM, delivers insights right into a business IT environment.
  • Normally, it’s not constructive to check out large amounts of raw data.
  • LinkedIn also provides retargeting for guests, enabling us to show personalized ads off our website by using this data, but without identifying the member.
  • How much data generated scales linearly being an enterprise adds more servers.

4M enterprise developers play decision-making roles with regards to selecting organizational IT development resources.
Another 5.2 million hold decision-making authority for selecting IT deployment resources.
2M developers will work on IoT applications, increasing 34% because the last year.
By 2018 the typical IT department could have the minority of their apps and platforms (40%) residing in on-premise systems.

Securonix Security Operations

SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace® is really a SaaS content platform that allows security professionals to detect and respond to cyber threats using SIEM, EDR and SOAR tools.
Threat Detection Marketplace can be an online library of over 52,000 SIEM & EDR rules, queries and more designed to work directly in the SIEM platform you already own.
TDM contains SOC ready dashboards, rule packages, Machine Learning recipes for the Elastic Stack, and Sigma rules updated daily and streamed via API.
94% of this content is mapped to MITRE ATT&CK framework targeted at uncovering the latest Malware, APT actors activity, Exploitation attempts and enabling real-time Forensics and TTP threat actor attribution use cases across on-premise and cloud data.

I love using Sumo Logic when it comes to it getting a laptop on our system.

Cisco Secure And Sumo Logic Cloud Siem

You’ll often hear us say that at the heart of QAD is a strong and loyal customer community.
We really think that to create the very best full-featured manufacturing ERP software for the customers we must work together.
We pride ourselves on our customer engagement and our commitment to continually evolve because the manufacturing industry changes.
The flexibility of the solutions allows us to be present in 11 sectors and also have customers in 15 countries worldwide with operations in Mexico.

A scale-out distributed file system allows it to be elastic, while a hyper-converged appliance makes it active.
Join us for a live webcast on February 24, 2016, to understand how to build an improved data lake with a hyper-converged solution.
In this session we will demonstrate how HCP Anywhere can help re-define the way your users access, manage, maintain & collaborate with their documents.

End-user shelling out for SaaS ERP systems will grow by 19.2% between 2017 and 2022.
Hitachi are committed to helping companies maximise their SAP investments whilst accelerating innovation & business breakthroughs.
Understand how the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for SAP HANA solution can help you realize non-disruptive growth & investment protection to support your evolving business needs.
Through MLA investment, Hitachi’s sensor-driven data collection and analytics helps the red meat industry identify best practices for animal tracing, supply chain efficiency, and on-farm operations.

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