Tea Drops: Organic whole leaf tea brand retailing various flavors of tea.

“No matter how long you steep this tea, it still tastes smooth with a slightly spicy bite of ginger,” according to our experts.
The tea is sourced from Ceylon and Kenya and the bergamot oil from Italy.
This variety box is ideal for an introduction to the company, and the tea drop method.

All its loose leaf tea comes in 100% compostable resealable bags, and the outer display box is recyclable.
During the research because of this article, I was staggered to discover how many tea brands still use plastic within their tea bags.
Set Surtido Organic Collection A selection of organic teas and infusions with natural flavors.
Shop from a collection of organic spices and botanicals from organic peppermint leaf to organic lemon grass and more.
Each one of these organic favorites includes a unique purpose, from flavoring/adding texture your food, to using to brew tea, to adding natural color.
If you’re thinking about the tea niche but prefer to start off with something low-risk, you can choose to sell tea accessories via dropshipping.

The Problem With Tea Bag Plastic

She’s the best and brightens my day just knowing she’s with this earth.
Shopping from the locally owned business hasn’t been encouraged a lot more than it really is today.
The best way to obtain the word out about your products is by sharing teas together with your local community.
This strategy will assist you to grow local brand awareness and engage clients inside your community.

  • Some of the teas that one could purchase from Art of Tea result from Egypt, Japan, India, and much more.
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  • IN-MAY, Tea Drops won a $100,000 investment from fashion entrepreneur Tory Burch, and in June, the business closed a $1.9 million round of seed funding led by women-owned venture capital fund AccelFoods.

They take pride in the truth that all of the ingredients they source are Triple Toxin Screened for purity, heavy metals, and bioactivity, to help you be sure you are receiving the cleanest products.
Pique Tea is on a mission to “create doctor-approved, cutting-edge solutions” for your overall health.
They do this through their teas and supplements which were praised by many health insurance and beauty experts like Kelly LeVeque , Dr. Will Cole (leading functional-medicine expert), and Mark Hyman, MD .
In recent years, research shows Traditional teas are grown heavily fertilized with pesticides along with other toxins.
This is harmful to the environment, the town it’s grown in, the farmers that grow them, and the consumers that choose the tea.
There are a number of reasons why organic tea is the way to go with regards to most anything, but especially tea.

Interview: Tea Drops Adds Fun And Convenience To Loose-leaf Tea

Also please ensure the container doesn’t have any residual acids from anything that was stored in it previously.

If you’re debating whether or not to expand your tea brand, exploring wholesale marketplaces like Handshake might be a good option for you personally.
Here you can find suppliers who wholesale tea and/or tea accessories at a discounted rate that compliment another products sold in your store.
This resource can help you find more competitive rates and a remedy that is appealing to your visitors, all while still making your web store profitable.
Tea Forte takes the headache out of measuring loose tea with their single steep, pre-portioned loose leaf tea pouches.

  • Others prefer flat tea bags because they use up less space and so are easier to store.
  • As an entrepreneur, you often have many blind spots – some that you will be not even alert to.
  • I’m a sucker for a restaurant chai latte, so naturally, I loved the thought of an at-home beverage with these Chai Tea Latte Kit ($17), which couples the tea drops with a single-serving creamer packet.

From chai black teas to chai tea blends, to caffeine-free chai teas and chai herbal teas, we have everything a chai tea lover needs.
Shop the wide range or find your preferred with a chai gift set/sampler.
You’ve got the classics like black tea, green tea extract, oolong, matcha, and more.
Then there are a variety of flavors like spicy, fruity, and minty you can choose from.
Then you have filters like mood and wellness needs that assist you to narrow your seek out the perfect tea.
“Before individuals were just gravitating towards tea bags or not necessarily caring concerning the quality of these tea.
A year and a half of experimentation led to the invention of Tea Drops, which she patented and launched in late 2015.

You’ll have the ability to purchase blank packaging from them and print your personal labels using an online service like Sticker Mule or print in the home with a couple Avery labels.
Additionally, think about the temperature of brew you like to enjoy.
If you’re a hot tea drinker you might like to invest in a power kettle; try among our top tested picks.
If you like to take pleasure from your tea for longer intervals and it always seems to get cold before you finish, consider among our top options for heated mugs.
With so many varieties, flavor profiles and caffeine strengths available, there’s bound to be always a perfect choice out there for you.
Although it was difficult to select a favorite out of this brand, our experts loved the strong yet smooth taste of the mint tea made with Egyptian tea leaves.
One reported this is their “go-to after dinner treat.” Also, peppermint is widely know as a digestive aid, specifically peppermint oil, and can be helpful with gas, bloating or other IBS symptoms.

Why Sell Tea Online

Here is a list of the loose leaf teas currently rocking my world.
We’ve offered only packaging sizes that have a great number of tea bags so you need not restock as frequently.
Tea bags are offered in a bewildering variety and will have complex flavor profiles, which can’t be duplicated in loose-leaf blends.
Loose-leaf varieties generally have more subtle and complex characters, and are more prone to be enjoyed by themselves.
Herbal tea, however, is not really tea at all, but is herbs brewed in the same way that tea is brewed.
Herbs and herbal blends are sometimes referred to as tisanes rather than had any caffeine to begin with.
The production processes at source are assessed to ensure fair treatment of both environment and the people who work inside it.

I looked into a few options before obtaining a bit frustrated by the cost and setup required to make and drink loose-leaf tea.
Study discovered that steeping tea within tea bags at a certain temperature releases around 11.6 billion microplastics into the cup, that is a much higher level compared to other beverages and foods.
And also making kick-ass tea, Firebelly Tea is also fully committed to sustainability.

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