at scale and speed.
The perfect solution is aligns OKRs, objectively measures results, automates business reviews and ties execution to priorities.

Facilitate remote design thinking sessions, collaborate with low-fidelity prototypes, get feedback, iterate, and facilitate.
Conceptboard’s enterprise solutions streamline collaboration between teams and departments.
Conceptboard’s state-of-the-art security features make it ideal for all shapes and sizes of organizations.
Conceptboard is really a visual workspace that could be scalable, intuitive, and secure to foster innovation and centralize cross-functional project management.

Excellent Grindstone Time Tracking Alternatives

Harvest makes it easy to track time from your own desktop, phone, and favorite tools, including Asana, Trello, and Basecamp.
Conversion instantly – pick best time to schedule conference calls, webinars, online meetings and calls.
Frevvo is point-and-click software to quickly automate internet-based forms & approval workflows for different business verticals including HR, Finance, ADVANCED SCHOOLING, and K-12 Schools.

The platform is hosted in Germany, that is known for its security infrastructure and has ISO certification.
That’s key for design teams that work with sensitive or proprietary information.
That makes it difficult to present the “total package” in a cohesive way.
Proper design collaboration tools can store and organize all files for easier viewing, use, and review over the entire design process.
Often, creative teams will manage the flow of design work utilizing a project management platform.
However, while many project management platforms allow teams and clients to add feedback and post updates as design iterations occur, it’s only within a singular task or card.
Design is a visual medium, just what exactly designers actually need is feedback on the asset itself to help keep work moving.

Hey Marketers! Have To Create Scroll-stopping Visual Content Fast?

This online whiteboard and platform for user story mapping allows teams to collaborate to generate their best ideas.
Drag and drop cards, images, documents, or text to “tell the story of one’s product.” You can create more user-friendly products your customers will like.
Collaboration is easy with this online whiteboard platform!
Instant collaboration can be done from any device, anywhere.

  • achieve improved efficiency, quality and transparency.
  • Miro has over 100 apps and integrations – 2x the quantity of integrations as Mural.
  • Range keeps your team more connected, focused, and productive irrespective of where they’re working.
  • Seamlessly combine videos, add effects, and create animated text with a whole host of user-friendly video editing tools.
  • However, even though many project management platforms allow teams and clients to add feedback and post updates as design iterations occur, it’s only within a singular task or card.

WorkPuls is employee monitoring and time tracking software which gives insight how employees spend working hours on computers.
Kazoo can be an HR software solution combining employee engagement, performance management, recognition and rewards, employee surveying, feedback and much more.
Coassemble gives you the tools you must manage your entire training curriculum from the single platform, permitting you to concentrate on what really matters – the end learner.
QuestionPro provides paid survey software designed to help you create better business decisions.
This simple to use software includes tools for creation, distribution, and analysis of internet surveys, polls, forms and quizzes.
Manage mobile workforces efficiently, simplify business processes and optimize costs with Synchroteam field service management software for Scheduling.

All the changes made to the whiteboard are automatically synced and saved as a new view or widget.
You can also download and save it to your device by simply clicking the export icon.
The tool allows you to turn on the dark/light mode according to your preferences.
On the board view, you may also select between full-view or split-view for the whiteboard.
The tool has been around since 2014 but recently underwent a significant redesign.

It is web-based and contains a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.
Browse the complete list of the best whiteboard tools in Capterra’s software directory.

That is related to the pre-set budget of the project so you can quickly control whether you overdraw it.
Add-ons such as for example labels, synchronized calendar, project templates Mind Map, mobile app or reliable customer support are a matter of course.
Weje makes it a breeze to collaborate, develop, share, and present your projects giving you a blank online canvas and a couple of tools filling it.
Weje whiteboard helps you bring together content from multiple sources by just dragging-and-dropping onto a whiteboard.
From ordinary online sticky notes to manifold Kanbans, Weje assists as you tackle all sorts of projects.
Weje whiteboard is for anyone who looks for a place for team collaboration.
If you are responsible for various processes that must definitely be coordinated and shared with other members of the group – choose Weje, it’s helpful and smooth.

Ibv Solutions

This collaboration tool lets you automate project management tasks, which eventually ends up saving you so enough time.
You may also integrate Asana with over 100 applications to boost coordination across your team members.
For example, you can actually connect Asana to Google Sheets, Slack, Trello, and several other services or applications you utilize.
MURAL is really a platform that helps remote teams setup and run organized meetings, that makes it ideal for creative project kickoffs.
You can select a template for the meeting and work through an animated, user-friendly map of ideas.

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