TEKTON: A company that produces and sells hand tools and other workshop equipment, often with a focus on quality and durability.

This is the kind of thing I’d by because I desired it and without lots of “research”.
Not because its some kind of investment and not likely to make an effort to save a fiver generating from store to store or be worried about warranty.
I’ve had only shitty good fortune with Harbor Freight.
They seem to focus on tool shaped objects made of cheese.

support creators and let them produce clean code.
The subsequent software support costs will undoubtedly be much lower.
A good manager should take care not only for the next approaching deadline, but he should plan the project in ways, that there is an area left for enhancements and clean code.
In other words I think that a good office manager must deal with deadlines and long-term project sustainability similarly to produce the best value because of their company.
What I mean – the initial barely working solution isn’t the same as the working solution that’s already clear to see and an easy task to change.
They are true or false in line with the perspective.
If you were an average startup developer, i quickly would say yes.

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