Tessian: AI-based email security system.

There are three types of human error, including when people make mistakes, break the guidelines, and get tricked, and each one of these can cause email security breaches.
The first idea for Tessian was created at the start of Sadler’s career while he was employed in the finance department in one of the world’s largest banks.
Meanwhile, Tessian’s Human Layer Risk Hub leverages the same data and models to create a risk profile for every email user, adding a new dimension to an organization’s security posture assessment.

PhishProtection is compatible with every email server, device, and smtp service.
We can protect you no matter where you’re, whether you’re on your phone, outlook, or any email client.

More broadly, Tessian serves up a human risk hub that provides security personnel data on the “email security posture” by providing detailed insights into risk levels at a person level predicated on historical behaviors.
In addition, it sends alerts to each employee before they carry out a risky action to greatly help coach them on an ongoing basis.
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“The conversation has to move beyond blaming employees for accidental data loss or being prey to phishing attempts, to how can technology empower users to feel safe in their environment,” he explains.

Investing In Tessian, An Organization Assisting To Tackle The Human Element In Email Security Breaches

We’re working inside and outside Tessian to improve diversity and equity in our industry, and foster a host where everyone feels a feeling of belonging.
Techiesoft’s aim is to build long-term partnerships with our Customers, Vendors, Employees and Society at large.

  • These human layer attacks impact companies both financially and from a reputtion standpoint.
  • It allows companies to secure their email servers by owning a minumum of one domain.
  • The answer provides 360° visibility and governance across all email channels.

reported to the UK’s information commissioner’s office were due to human factors.
Tessian’s mission is to secure the human layer of data breaches and security threats, allowing workers to feel safe working on computers minus the stress of security getting in the way.
Security software works best when integrated in a manner that may be the least intrusive – discrete or invisible until it really is needed.
This idea can seem abstract to understand, but Sadler supplies a great analogy comparing Tessian’s software to the safety features on a car.
People consent to wear seatbelts and purchase vehicles with airbags, knowing that inevitably a human can make one and the safety features will undoubtedly be needed to save the day.

Raptor Email Security

Our clients can fulfill a significant need by concentrating on phishing when using an automated process.
PhishingBox scans for vulnerabilities across all networks, systems, and applications.
Our phishing test for employees helps maintain them alert for security threats which could compromise your company.
Mimecast Secure Email Gateway protects employees and organizations from spear-phishing and malware attacks.
It combines innovative policies and applications with multiple detection engines and intelligence streams to help keep sophisticated attackers away.

Our accountability and environment help make sure that we operate in a way consistent with our core values once we grow our business globally.
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Founded in 2013 as CheckRecipient before rebranding five years later, London-based Tessian solves numerous security headaches for enterprises like Arm, Prudential, Schroders, and Dentons.
Proofpoint Email Protection is ranked 3rd in Email Security with 24 reviews while Tessian Enforcer is ranked 40th in Email Security.
Proofpoint Email Protection is rated 8.4, while Tessian Enforcer is rated 0.0.
The most notable reviewer of Proofpoint Email Protection writes “Flexible, very secure, and will be offering excellent technical support”.

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  • The answer includes comprehensive defense from the most damaging threats so your employees and organization can remain secure always.
  • This externalized antispam software and antivirus software also ensures high option of your email services.
  • Expert Insights speaks to Tim Sadler, CEO and co-founder of innovative email security platform Tessian, about why human error is one of the biggest vulnerabilities in the enterprise.

Many organizations utilize security awareness training platforms that try to train users on how best to be familiar with email threats like phishing and CEO impersonation.
These programs are occasionally criticised as not necessarily being able to stopping employees from falling for these malicious email scams.
The PhishingBox system can be used by clients to reduce risk and meet cybersecurity goals.

Block malware and phishing attacks and increase your email deliverability!
Prevent brand abuse, scams and gain full insight into your email channel with DMARC Analyzer.
DMARC was made by PayPal together with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!.
With DMARC a business gains insight and control on the email channel.
Organizations may use DMARC to safeguard their brands against abuse in phishing or

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