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341⭐ 44🍴 VectorMath) – A Swift library for Mac and iOS that implements common 2D and 3D vector and matrix functions, useful for games or vector-based graphics. 134⭐ 20🍴 JDSwiftHeatMap) – JDSwiftMap is an IOS Native MapKit Library. 331⭐ 51🍴 Swift-Brain) – Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning data structures and Swift algorithms for future iOS development. 3793⭐ 458🍴 XCGLogger) – A debug log framework for use in Swift projects.

This is a full-time position that is 100% remote with no geographical restrictions. They said AI will bring new kinds of work nobody ever thought would exist….I guess being a ‘rentable face’ might qualify? This story opens so many doors it is difficult categorise – future of work, potential D&I solution, workforce automation – even potentially blockchain.

  • Considering how much I don’t like Twitter, and how much I’ve enjoyed using LeoFinance, I foresee using Threads much more often than I have been with writing long-form text posts.
  • And their responses were always too late if they responded at all.
  • Have a read – H/T brainfooder Pedro Oliveira for the share.
  • 1305⭐ 139🍴 Former) – Former is a fully customizable Swift2 library for easy creating UITableView based form.
  • No ‘rubber band’ bounce back to business as before and significant reconfiguration of the workforce to come.

Wow I just actually enjoyed using twitter for the first time ever. If you wanted to chat in a channel with 1000s of people , the IRC model would be untenable.

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3941⭐ 833🍴 HMSegmentedControl) – A drop-in replacement for UISegmentedControl mimicking the style of the segmented control used in Google Currents and various other Google products. 289⭐ 32🍴 TTGEmojiRate) – An emoji-liked rating view for iOS, implemented in Swift.

  • Then Gamergate happened and people started yelling about it, and then that grew into the alt-right and that got more yelling, and then Trump got elected and it’s just been so much yelling.
  • So yesterday, when he tweeted about “dirty tricks campaigns” by the Democrats, Insider had almost certainly already requested comment on this story.
  • Here’s an operating document to get you started if you want to give it a crack.
  • 528⭐ 46🍴 TRON) – Lightweight network abstraction layer, written on top of Alamofire.
  • Easy, elegant and almost effortless threads – and a beautiful UX that feels intuitive for the task – and inviting to use.

It’s understandable, no legitimate community member will complain of any hiccups today or the whole next months because this is still in testing phase. Launch day is likely to be a little chaotic, we’re already seeing 100x the number of requests on Lightning than a typical day on Do you know that you can earn a passive income by delegating your Leo power to @india-leo account? We share 100 % of the curation rewards with the delegators.

Perhaps we nothing we can do about this, other than ponder the ethics of desiring the ‘human touch’ when we ask for the service…. Platform businesses have gobbled the hierarchical firm, and only by seizing the platform can workers avoid digital serfdom says George Zarkadakis. Significant move by LinkedIn into the freelancer-therefore-future-of-work space. Somebody get using this and let me know how it well it works. A long trend and an unfashionable crisis, hidden from view.

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We love sharing our opinions with people, if possible helping them make the right choice. Gopal here, I love sharing my thoughts on the latest gadgets or tech related news. I can be mostly found on the internet if not reading a book of my favorite authors. Twitter Tools to Discover the Tweets which endeavor twitter users to make their tweets or comments funnier. For this, you need to sign in to twubbler to apply this app. Furthermore, enter the users account details and click on the user’s list. Twubbler will ask if you want to make the list of the updates private if yes then lock it so that you can see it.

95⭐ 13🍴 AZCollectionViewController) – Easy way to integrate pagination with dummy views in CollectionView, make Instagram Discover within minutes. 314⭐ 44🍴 PagingView) – Infinite paging, Smart auto layout, Interface of similar to UIKit. 132⭐ 12🍴 GenericDataSource) – A generic small reusable components for data source implementation for UITableView/UICollectionView in Swift. 325⭐ 19🍴 StickyCollectionView-Swift) – UICollectionView layout for presenting of the overlapping cells. 1681⭐ 131🍴 ReverseExtension) – A UITableView extension that enables cell insertion from the bottom of a table view. 921⭐ 51🍴 CascadingTableDelegate) – A no-nonsense way to write cleaner UITableViewDelegate and UITableViewDataSource in Swift. 2982⭐ 420🍴 MCSwipeTableViewCell) – 👆 Convenient UITableViewCell subclass that implements a swippable content to trigger actions .

360⭐ 40🍴 MEVHorizontalContacts) – An iOS UICollectionViewLayout subclass to show a list of contacts with configurable expandable menu items. 1470⭐ 179🍴 Mockingjay) – An elegant library for stubbing HTTP requests with ease in Swift. 🌎 Flawless App – tool for visual quality check of mobile app in a real-time.

1982⭐ 269🍴 BetterSegmentedControl) – An easy to use, customizable replacement for UISegmentedControl & UISwitch. 186⭐ 18🍴 ScrollingFollowView) – ScrollingFollowView is a simple view which follows UIScrollView scrolling. 1169⭐ 138🍴 KafkaRefresh) – Animated, customizable, and flexible pull-to-refresh framework for faster and easier iOS development. 42⭐ 15🍴 HTPullToRefresh) – Easily add vertical and horizontal pull to refresh to any UIScrollView. Can also add multiple pull-to-refesh views at once. 22⭐ 2🍴 RevealMenuController) – Expandable item groups, custom position and appearance animation. 1845⭐ 256🍴 Context-Menu.iOS) – You can easily add awesome animated context menu to your app.

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