Tookitaki: Cloud-based anti money laundering transaction monitoring software.

Jade ThirdEye automates both of the critical the different parts of your AML Program in one system.
This allows you to monitor your transactions more efficiently and transparently.

NameScan can be an integrated all-in-one platform, offering Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing solutions.
Helping streamline your AML compliance with NameScan’s specialised PEP/Sanction and Adverse Media screening solutions.
NameScan can assist you adhere to AML/CTF regulations by screening against our comprehensive global sanctions data that is delivered and monitored in real time.

Note Insurers may include add agents/brokers, TPAs, self-insureds of any sort, reinsurers among others.
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Parascript, a software company with an increase of than 25 years of experience in data…
Tookitaki has seen revenue jump by 300% in the last two years, and contains expanded into offices in Charlotte, North Carolina and Bangalore, India.
UOB, Tookitaki, and Deloitte prepared a machine learning pilot to accelerate the fight money laundering.
We understood that from this study, the firms are on their solution to adopting AI technologies for Anti-Money Laundering.

Artificial Intelligence

He adds that Tookitaki’s AMLS offering equips the bank with “next-gen” technology, including AI learning, to meet “rapidly evolving” compliance requirements and increase its onboarding and vetting processes.
Founded in 2014, Tookitaki is a regtech company providing AML and compliance technology to banks and fintechs.
Fight money laundering and terrorist financing with AI, machine learning, intelligent automation and advanced network visualization.
SAS® has helped finance institutions achieve a lot more than 90% model accuracy, reduce false positives by around 80% and improved the SAR conversion rate fourfold.

Many recent developments linked to companies offering AI-based AML solutions have already been tracked by the team of Fact.MR, which are available in the available in the full report.
Despite stringent regulatory reforms, incidence of money laundering and breaches is increasing, where substantial penalties have already been reported.
The U.S. Department of the Treasury roughly estimates that annually, around US$ 1.6 trillion of global money is involved in money laundering, representing 2.7% of global GDP.

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More than a third (37%) of survey respondents say they’re already using AI or other advanced analytics, while a lot more than two-fifths (41%) expect to do so in the next 1–2 years.
Still, it could neither provide the context in which the name appears nor discern relationships with politically exposed persons or high-risk entities or assess other risk indicators from these sources.
Thus, natural language processing and AI techniques are necessary to analyze unstructured data and establish these connections.

  • AI, machine learning and intelligent automation will help you fight money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • The upsurge in people working at home has resulted in a surge popular for online video viewing, downloading, and communication through video conferencing, all of which are leading to increased network traffic and data usage.
  • Its framework enables the rapid and effective deployment that people need with the agility to adapt to new money laundering trends and the evolving compliance environment.
  • The decrease in fraudulent transactions, in turn, is helping companies provide secured and enhanced services to their clients.
  • Data protection is enforced for both private individuals and companies.

By scanning against a wealth past data, it is possible to dynamically detect and prevent fraudulent payments.
PaymentGuard uses machine-learning to refer to a historical database of customer information, including device information, transactions, and geolocations, to intelligently model both existing and emerging patterns.
These patterns predict trends as they occur, and generate instant alerts which can be processed using a sophisticated-yet-simple case manager.
With zero downtime, analyze, predict, and intercept suspicious and fraudulent payment activity in real-time.
PaymentGuard includes a large, constantly updated library of threat models that can be used to aid in accurate threat detection.
The easy-to-use case management system allows investigators to quickly and effectively react to any fraud attempt.

They are a worldwide leader in data intelligence to detect suspicious transactions, anti-money laundering, and corruption.
Hawk AI combines AI and traditional rule-based methods to monitor financial transactions.

Existing static and granular rules-based approaches, with a narrow and uni-dimensional focus, weren’t capable of doing the same.
For UOB, which handles about 30 million transactions and much more than 5,700 transaction monitoring alerts per month, existing rules-based systems produced a substantial level of false positives.
AMLS is a mix of transaction monitoring, smart screening, and customer risk scoring solutions to give a complete picture of one’s business’s risk profile.
The alerts generated by these solutions are unified in an interactive, modern-age Case Manager, which offers speedy alert disposition and easy regulatory report filing.

They are enhanced with auto-closing features that are predicated on machine-learning models that study from investigators’ decisions through our case manager.
Hawk AI uses Anomaly Detection as a machine learning model that is unsupervised.
This allows Hawk AI to identify new patterns in crime using insights from the platform’s overarching nature which spans multiple finance institutions.

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