Tractive: Company retailing real-time location tracking devices for pets.

Sensors, cameras, GPS, and other technological advancements in pet trackers are accelerating the market demand down the road.
However, short battery life and significant power consumption may limit the technology’s use and adoption.
Furthermore, strict government regulations are projected to stifle sector expansion.
Moreover, this industry keeps growing while pet owners have grown to be more attentive to their pets’ well-being.
This is a very different way of tracking dogs to either GSM based pet trackers or GPS dog collars.
The pro is that it is cheap and could be convenient to some pet owners.
However, only a true GPS dog tracker offers you a foolproof GPS tracking service with utmost accuracy.

  • With regards to cat collars, a vintage, no-frills design is always a good bet.
  • Marco Polo’sGPS dog collar is a bridge between smartphone-based pet GPS tracking options and true, premium, high-quality professional pet GPS systems for dogs or other animals, like the one below.
  • We just like the Dogtra type of Pathfinder GPS collars since they offer a range of nice bright colors as opposed to the drab black or dark green options that a lot of other companies offer.
  • Predicated on animal type, the U.S. smart trackers for dogs & cats market has been segmented into dogs and cats.

Cats that are sensitive to wearing a collar may find this material more comfortable because it’s less likely to get caught in long hair.
Wearing a collar with a tracker attached is probably not ideal for all pets as some may find it distracting.
One of the most commendable features of this product is that it includes you with several functions.

Pod 3 Gps Tracker For Cats And Dogs

As with the 430/T, this GPS tracker is made for hunting dogs and will monitor around 20 dogs at once in the event that you purchase additional collars.
We’re not thrilled with the fact that you must pay a subscription service plan fee to gain access to tracking data, but that is par for the course with several trackers.
One of the coolest features is the vibration motor for silent alerts in the event that you set it up to notify you whenever a number of dogs leave the safe zone.
You also get yourself a 2.6″ 65,000 color TFT display where you can track around 20 dogs at once, and with a worldwide basemap with shaded relief you can do that anywhere, anytime with extreme ease.
What’s better still is that you could simultaneously look for three or four 4 pets at a time, and keep an eye on their locations all at once.
Moreover, the tracker also supports Fidos who have to shed a few pounds.

  • If you’re a retailer, also you can order bulk plastic pet at prices and wish to obtain your pet’s needs on a online marketplace.
  • While the FitBark has many great extra features, its main downside may be the location lag.
  • Several devices require you to pay a monthly fee to remain linked to the service even with you purchase the machine.

Choosing well known bow tie collar was the hardest decision we’d to make for this guide.
Both options performed similarly in testing and were super cute on our feline models.
This collar includes a patterned fabric exterior and a webbed nylon interior, both of which proved highly durable inside our fray, odor, and clean tests.
After being washed twice, there was slight discoloration of the fabric, however the collar held up well otherwise.
We also discovered that the 3-inch-wide bow tie, that was about 30% larger than the Neocoichi bow tie, was an improved fit for the 10-pound and 12-pound cats.
The collar is really a half-inch wide, adjustable, and comes with a removable bell.

Pet Smart Tracker Market By Pet Type

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Approximately half of the collars were purchased by Insider Reviews, including those created by Ruff Threads, RC Pet Products, Rogz, Pawtitas, Blueberry Pet, and GoTags.
Others were provided as editorial samples by their manufacturer.
If your cat gets lost or separated from you in an emergency, the one who finds them is unlikely to be able to scan its microchip without taking your dog to a veterinarian’s office or animal shelter.
If your cat’s ID and phone number are clearly displayed on its collar, you have a much better chance of getting your pet back quickly.
Even though it’s light enough, not every cat will be ready to tolerate a tracker.

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Bits and bobbles like bow ties and charms also make lovely accents without being overly difficult for most cats.
ID tags can fall off, but a personalized collar together with your contact information is more prone to stay put.
Plus, in case you have a cat who is sensitive to wearing things around its neck, a personalized collar could be more comfortable for them than dangling, jingling tags.
Skip personalized collars which have your cat’s info printed in ink because it can easily become blurred as time passes.

Bluetooth capabilities on a GPS tracker, though, can save battery life.
Radio Trackersmake use of quite old-fashioned technology that simply doesn’t seem sensible for most owners.
Part of the reason behind this is they provide distance and directional data instead of giving a real-time location for the pet.
However, they are great for remote areas that lack suitable cellular coverage.
Reviewers love the extra features of this tracker – especially the ability to monitor their pet’s steps, set goals, and see their walk path history.

The larger tracker is for medium or small sized dogs, while the smaller tracker is for cats and small dogs and puppies.
But there are mis-happenings, and due to incidents just like a little carelessness or misplaced attention, you may lose your little buddy.
You cannot contact them and even get yourself a clue of where they might have wandered off to.
It can be a state of mental anguish and emotional trauma for you as well as for your pet.

Subsequently, increasing demand for pet monitoring also increases the demand for your pet wearable market.
For instance, in line with the COVID-19 Pulse Study 2020, conducted by the American Pet Products Association, 11.38 million U.S. families brought new pets through the pandemic.

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