Universal Hydrogen: Cleantech aerospace company that develops hydrogen propulsion technology for carbon-free commercial flights.

And Ph.D. in electrical engineering from University of Ljubljana in 2007 and 2014 respectively.
His work in systems automation and human machine interfaces ranges from autopilot technologies for unmanned aerial vehicles to electric and hybrid-electric propulsion systems.
Tomažič was involved in development of world’s first 2-seat and world’s first electric 4-seat aircraft, the Taurus Electro and the Taurus G4.

  • The final investment decision comes after completing the tender processes and allows for the award of contracts for key production equipment supply.
  • Deutsche Aircraft, the brand new purpose-driven German aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturer , and Universal Hydrogen Co. announced a technical collaboration to complete a design study to incorporate Universal Hydrogen’s modular capsule technology in to the Dornier 328 program.
  • No Carbon Air is producing SAF , hydrogen and green power from landfill waste, tires, hazmat, waste coal, garbage, and other waste streams.
  • Throughout his career, Bill has led teams in multiple functional areas in the quest for business capture, engineering, economic development and government relations.

Dodd said it was vital governments showed their support through national policy measures focused on innovation and energy transition, and urged ICAO Member States to look at a long-term aspirational goal consistent with industry commitments at their next Assembly in 2022.
“The degree of power and weight demonstrated with this new 2 MW motor will become the baseline for just about any new electric aircraft and is really a key technology in our megawatt system,” Wright CEO Jeff Engler said in a press release.
Over the next decade, Airflow really wants to develop fully autonomous, cargo-carrying vehicles.
For now, the business is focused on developing its flagship electric short takeoff and landing aircraft.
Airflow recently landed partnerships with Honeywell and Tailwind Air Service to help develop its aircraft.
Through its partnership with Honeywell, Airflow will undoubtedly be testing out the company’s traffic radar tech on its aircraft and developing personalized avoidance algorithms.

Air Products To Start Construction Of Second Liquid Hydrogen Plant In Rotterdam

The updated data in the report is built on previous works by the Hydrogen Council and McKinsey & Company, including the Scaling Up report and the road to Competitiveness report .
“We are seeing a fresh degree of maturity for the hydrogen industry, and this is only set to accelerate.
Hydrogen Council members collectively are organizing a sixfold upsurge in total hydrogen investments through 2025 and a 16-fold increase through 2030.
The plan would be to direct most of this investment toward capital expenditures, while collaborations, consolidations and innovation may also be a key focus,” said Daryl Wilson, Executive Director of the Hydrogen Council.

— Five major airlines today announced that they have joined forces with academic, technology, and nonprofit partners to launch the Contrail Impact Task Force.
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Brook + Whittle And Emitwise Partner To Halve Emissions By 2030

fuel delivery system.
This technology will enable a converted mid-sized regional turboprop aircraft (including the Dash 8 or ATR42/72 families) to fly missions up to 1,000 km.

Mr. Johnny T. Doo may be the President of International Vehicle Research, Inc., concentrating on innovations in flight vehicle technology, product development, and applications.
His efforts including strategic consulting with global customers on business planning, product development & market strategy.
Recent projects include designing a personal air mobility system and the successful development of a computer program UAS for agriculture and cargo delivery operations.
Furthermore, the report explores 3 hypothetical hydrogen supply scenarios to measure the feasibility and impact of deploying renewable and low-carbon hydrogen at scale (see below Part 2 – Potential Supply Scenarios).
“This support by United, alongside our other forward-thinking partners, demonstrates the importance of hydrogen-electric propulsion later on of sustainable flight,” said Val Miftakhov, founder and CEO and of ZeroAvia.
“The United Express routes powered by hydrogen-electric aircraft will undoubtedly be enabling many passengers to take zero-emission flights well in this decade.”

Strategic Partnership: Mercedes-benz Intends To

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Nearly 1 / 2 of Americans would consider owning a power vehicle today, up from just greater than a third of the population 90 days ago.
Better battery life, range and safety will be the top factors consumers believe automakers need to address for electric vehicles to take off, in accordance with a…
In the LCA study, renewables + electrolysis shows strongest GHG reduction of the different hydrogen supply pathways assessed in this study, with a best-case blue hydrogen pathway also getting into exactly the same order of magnitude.

In 2016, United became the initial airline globally to use SAF in regular operations on a continuous basis with SAF from World Energy.
Build relationships partners and suppliers regularly to integrate their products into our powertrain.
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