AI analytics to help make the world safer.
Alation – Alation is credited with pioneering the data catalog market and is well-respected in the financial services community because of its use of A.I.
Alation has also set an instant pace to evolving its platform to add data search & discovery, data governance, data stewardship, analytics and digital transformation.
With its Behavioral Analysis Engine, inbuilt collaboration capabilities and open interfaces, Alation combines machine learning with human insight to successfully tackle data and metadata management challenges.

The seven minute time period was selected because of subjective data gathered earlier in research.
Each subject used both simulations, so as to eliminate the aftereffect of between subject variability.
The order in which the subjects used the interfaces was counterbalanced in order to offset the effect of learning.
However, data from only 16 subjects was found in the calculations because seven of the test participants quit while performing the programming tasks on the simulation of the prior art interface.
Because these subjects were not able to complete all the tasks, their data could not be validly compared with that of subjects who had fully completed the tasks.
After an optimized design was obtained, the final testing was conducted as a repeated measures experiment of naive subjects.

Vidi Systems

Search by social distance violation to discover how many people are situated in space and their distance.
IBM Intelligent Video Analytics has been assisting agencies and organizations all over the world to investigate video captured by fixed cameras.
This includes those useful for physical security, closed circuit television , monitoring traffic, also to extract key information streaming video to discover patterns and insights within untold hours.
Rich content-based indexing for locating critical images and patterns.

  • Rite Aid said adding customers to the watch list was predicated on “multiple layers of meaningful human review.” The company told Reuters its procedures ensured customers were not confronted unnecessarily.
  • In such a case, normally, alarms are set predicated on outer ranges of each sensor measurement, and possible a simple formula relating two sensor measurements, to provide a useful clinical index.
  • A portable, lightweight, Wi-Fi-enabled device, Spot measures monocular or binocular refractions, eye alignment, pupillary distance and pupil size.
  • NtechLab platform processes video, recognizes faces, bodies, actions, cars, and plate numbers.

Our smart surveillance solution will gather, analyze, transmit and store video data that will help you optimize your investment in video surveillance, improve situational awareness and quickly make decisions that help safeguard your community or organization.
Verizon Intelligent Video provides advanced video analytics, including archived video synopsis, near-real-time video analysis and dashboard visualization metrics.
Remote personnel and locations, often on the edge of operations, could be prime targets, as can be high-traffic areas vital to your workforce and communities, places like offices, parks, medical centers, campuses, utilities, construction sites, and bridges.
You can help protect your critical assets wherever they are by leveraging technology make it possible for better, quicker decisions.
Intelligent Video is a hosted and managed comprehensive remote monitoring solution that delivers enhanced situational awareness.
The machine next must determine what function an individual wishes to execute.

Customer Experience

This differs from normal help systems which should be specifically requested, or “balloon help” (Apple Computer, Macintosh System 7.0) that is either engaged or disengaged, however, not adaptive to this situation based on an implicit request or predicted need.
Recent studies suggest that a “direct manipulation” style of interface has advantages of menu selection tasks.

  • It really is noted, however, that requires the cooperation of broadcasters, along with possibly the FCC, which may be difficult to acquire.
  • However, he focused his calculations on experienced users, not novices.
  • These details is preferably a modulated digital signal, recorded on, in the case of Hi-Fi VHS, one or more of the preexisting tracks on the tape, like the video, overscan area, Audio, Hi-Fi stereo audio, SAP or control tracks.
  • the expected user degree of that user.
  • The entering of information on each screen is preferably consistent through the entire program.

It ought to be noted that both are included within the scope of today’s invention.
Senstar’s integrated technology portfolio includes intelligent video management, video analytics and access control.
It is a modular solution for security management, data intelligence, and access control.
In addition, it includes fully-featured perimeter intrusion detection and access control modules.
Senstar can customize, adjust, and service any project by selling the products we make.
Senstar products can be used together to supply complete facility-level security solutions where multiple layers are needed.
Permits a live, unified view of multiple sites on any device.

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The system according to claim 52, wherein characteristics of respective options are communicated from the remote database.
The system according to claim 52, wherein said processor comprises a correlator, for correlating a account with an option characteristic profile.

Many of the most popular programmable products include VCRs, answering machines, microwave ovens, alarm clocks, thermostats, cameras, security systems, lighting systems, and automobiles.
Provides powerful insights into human activity 3motionAI brings together the power of machine learning, computer vision, and artificial intelligence to allow organizations to assess, capture, and make recommendations based on performance insights.
Any video source can be used to record human activity, even mobile phones.
Upload your videos immediately to the

Based on the recorded event, take the necessary actions quickly.

We solve our customers’ issues with security and surveillance.
Using advanced video recognition technology from Netra, we analyzed video footage of the event and detected brand logos because they appeared on the screen.
Besides simple detection, we used this technology to also measure time on screen, position on screen, logo clarity, and size on screen.
30 shows a flow diagram of a cartoon-like representation of a graphic recognition method of today’s invention.
It shows initially, an input image 3001, having a degree of complexity.

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