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She told me to wait till I got another expenses before I paid. Tried to up-date my husband’s phone today and it was turned down due to the outstanding bill of $425. This could have been taken care of if the Verizon reps. would have done their job appropriately. This should never have gone to a collection agency. Now this is on my credit and it is not my fault.

verizon corporate office contact

I want Verizon to refund the amount I had to pay for having let this go to a collection agency. Hello, I have had fraudulent phone calls on my account 3 times since October 2014, and my cell phones get shut off without notice. I have to fight with fraud to find the restored, and now the ” my Verizon” login gets hacked and a considerable amount of money had been transferred out of my bank account. I called Verizon wireless customer service, and I got to talk to 2 VERY BELIGERENT females. When I called back again a 3rd time, I spoke to a male named ” Aaron” who was responsive and addressed the problem. I then asked to be introduced from my contract due to all these problems, and they told me I had to pay termination fees, and that is nothing they can do. We made the oversight of selling the house and moving to some other state (kinda acquired to since we wished to move our organization to a business-friendly status!).

Verizon Headquarters Information

Also, the opportunity to review, rate, praise or publish a complaint about your customer experiences with these companies. The phone number of the Verizon corporate office is or . Also, it provides a customer service number which is . I am now in collections with sprint and this is just very unfair.

  • because Verizon customer service reps. do not know what they are doing.
  • I was told that I should receive a credit in 2 to 3 3 billing cycles.
  • About two weeks later I got a bill from Verizon for $425.
  • We switched to another carrier back in November of 2016.
  • There was a promo heading on at the time so all we ended up paying was $24.

The full address of the Verizon wireless corporate office is PO box 5029, Wallingford, CT 06492. So I thought that coming back to Verizon will be superb because I had pretty excellent experience using them before. I went into this retailer and something of the supervisors who helped me begin explained that Verizon would pay back my sprint account. He told me that whenever I turn my mobile in I could get accessories or I could put the worthiness of my mobile on my bill so that it sounded good and I did so it. WHEN I got my previous Sprint bill I returned to this store To allow them to send my documents out for the move program. Again I was well informed this second moment around that Verizon would pay back my sprint bill. About two months before, after going from Oklahoma to Texas, I changed my cellular telephone number to an area number.

Next thing I know I receive a letter stating that the bill has gone to a collection agency. Rep. saw where there was another account tied to the new one. She went over the bill and the amount was for the last month of service and no sure about the other fee. She was informed by me the bill had opted to an assortment agency. I was direct by her to trust that Verizon could resolve this. Received a third expenses, called again, this proper time the Rep. month bill said that when I would pay the final, $231. they might call financial and also have them write off the remaining balance.

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Thereafter, I begun to get bombarded with usually robotic collection calls targeted at someone I under no circumstances met from Verizon Wi-fi. These calls can’t be returned because the telephone numbers that originate them usually do not exist and web sites they direct me to accomplish not work. I now believe by, I’ve received over 100 calls, and used over five hours together with your incompetent personnel and witless supervisors looking to get them stopped. I’m now beyond the idea of wanting to cope with your company politely.

You have had a lot of opportunities to improve the nagging difficulty and wasted each one of these. Normally, the weasels that do the job either exchange me to everlasting hold or just hang up. I’ve called their customer support for two ages to cancel my online sites, and I’m even now being charged. Even so, each rep. advises that they can manage it.

Verizon Wireless Headquarters

The nagging problem is, Verizon got too large and seriously doesn’t care. Verizon Wireless toll-free customer support number is or it is possible to dial 611 direct from your own mobile phone. The business does encourage users to use their technical support system and help discussion boards on their website. The Verizon corporate workplace is handled by an executive leadership group and a table of directors. If you have nevertheless any queries concerning this you can comment below. If you feel this article as an interesting one, then please share this article who wish to gain knowledge about the company.

because Verizon customer service reps. do not know what they are doing. We switched to another carrier back in November of 2016. There was a promo heading on at the time so all we ended up paying was $24. About two weeks later I got a bill from Verizon for $425. Apparently the Verizon person I spoke with did not research my account. I was told that I should receive a credit in 2 to 3 3 billing cycles. I received a second bill, called Verizon again and was told the same thing.

When we have this, we terminated our Verizon home phone / landline services. Verizon terminated our verizon e mail addresses, so we’d to obtain new e mail addresses and enrolled in the every month billings to be sent to one of our new email addresses. Verizon is sending our Verizon One bill to that new email address, and that bill does reflect and maintain our Verizon Wireless cell phones and our laptop Verizon Wireless WiFi cards . I have no idea what to do, other than to notify the FCC and let the you-know-what roll downhill onto Verizon. Corporate Office Headquarters is your directory of major corporations headquarters, and corporate offices. We provide corporate contact information including addresses, email, fax numbers and telephone numbers.

I spoke back with the store and they told me they can only offer me 100 credit off my bill. I would have never got accessories or put anything on my bill if I would have known that something would have been SUBTRACTED. If I was aware of this I would have longed payed my sprint account myself. Well long story short I received an email from Verizon of how much I will be getting back to pay off my sprint account and it was waaaaay less than what was expected. • The chairman and chief executive officer of this company is Hans Vestberg.

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