Industries such as auditing, accounting, insurance, and the financial industry fall into this category.
You can hire employees without owning or registering a company in case you have an employer of record.
An organization like PremiaTNC will hire and pay employees on your behalf while meeting all local employment conditions and laws.
A few sectors hire a minimum capital requirement, just like the Banking sector, Insurance, Finance industry (including Fin-tech).
Make running your organization in Vietnam easier with this flexible and reliable accounting services.
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We will care for the entire process for you personally, from begin to finish, you start with contacting your current accountant to requesting all of the

More generally, to succeed in online business, exporters should also have quality and safety certifications to create confidence among foreign buyers.
In this instance, it could be important for the National Productivity Development Programme of the Ministry of Science and Technology to target SMEs with a focus on expanding the standard of their products to meet up international standards.
Viet Nam’s SMEs could possibly be well served by the development of a similar standardised exporter training programme.
Innovation vouchers are a low-cost policy with proven results on the performance of SMEs.
Viet Nam includes a large numbers of SMEs with low innovation capability and low awareness of the productivity potential of new knowledge and technology.
An innovation voucher scheme may help expose low-tech SMEs to business innovation for the first time.

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  • For many years, japan yen happened at JPY 360 to USD 1, nonetheless it has strengthened to JPY 105 to USD 1, reflecting Japan’s productivity growth.
  • Specifically, the evidence inside our data suggested that two majority behavioral categories emerged through the COVID-19 outbreak, including health-promoting behaviors and safety-seeking behaviors.
  • The federal government has said GDP growth could reach 8% this season, above the 6.0%-6.5% target and faster compared to the 2.58% growth of 2021.
  • The ultimate way to support coherent policy implementation is usually to designate a single government body in charge of co-ordinating and streamlining efforts linked to women’s entrepreneurship development (OECD, 2012; OECD, 2017).

terms of speed, convenience, efficiency and security.
It introduced Overseas Remittance embedded Foreign Currency Exchange with enhanced functionalities to aid customer internal control and risk management.
By the end of 2019, the lender successfully tripled the volume of digital transactions and doubled the worthiness of transactions.
The firm has a particular focus on the power sector and is experienced in advising on matters involving project finance, capital markets, corporate and M&A, and project development.
The firm is strongest in project development and has robust banking and finance, capital markets and M&A practices.
The firm includes a strong project development practice and in addition has well-established banking and finance, capital markets and M&A practices.

Public Procurement Policies

MATRADE launched the ladies Exporters Development Programme in 2005 with the aim of increasing the amount of women exporters.
The programme is specifically tailored for new or occasional exporters with limited exporting experience however the willingness and capacity to build up the skills to become a successful exporter.
The partnership of the united states Embassy American Centre in Ha Noi with the Viet Nam Women’s Union and the Viet Nam Women’s Academy to deliver the “Start-up Smart for Women” training course for women entrepreneurs in 16 provinces in northern Viet Nam.
Skillnet Ireland provides an example of a needs-driven training programme that is centred on SMEs and that hinges on a network approach to training delivery.

To respond to this need, VIETRADE could consider designing a separate programme for women exporters, like the Canadian Business Ladies in International Trade Service (Box 5.14) or the Malaysian Women Exporters Development Programme (Box 5.15).
Many countries encourage the development of specialised trading platforms to fulfill the demand of SMEs for equity finance (OECD, 2015).
While Viet Nam’s market capitalisation has grown significantly in recent years, it generally does not have yet this type of platform.

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The consumer finance market of Vietnam has not yet recovered from the COVID-19 shock.
The marketplace expanded by 7% YTD in 1H2021, mainly driven by banks, as FinCos’s were hit harder due to massive closure of POS network following lock-down and social distancing orders in many cities and provinces.
Does his PhD in the institution of International Business -Marketing, University of Economics HCM City, Vietnam.
His current research interests include social media, tourism marketing, service marketing, and smart retailing.

  • OTC payments are safe and sound; if you lose your money, you can simply go to the business
  • As per the 2014 Investment Law, a BCC is a cooperation contract between foreign investors with at least one Vietnamese partner to conduct a specific business activity.
  • Discover Vietnam’s top talent and take your business global with this recruitment experts in Vietnam and 70+ countries.
  • Some businesses may charge higher charges for goods and services when paid with an E-Wallet than other payment methods such as cash or credit cards.

This article analyzes the existing situation and proposes answers to enhance the efficiency of the financial situation, enhance the safety and efficiency in business activities of Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industries Group.
Governments worldwide have enthusiastically applied communication strategies to educate, inform, and empower communities with correct information about COVID-19 (Haug et al. 2020).
Local government agencies in america such as Atlanta, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, and Washington, DC purchased Twitter to launch broad public communication efforts concerning the COVID-19 pandemic .
The prime minister of New Zealand, during the COVID-19 pandemic, has spoken in casual livestreaming sessions on social media and formal televised briefings with communication messages firmly yet empathetically to engage citizens in public areas (Han et al. 2020).
The National Health Commission of China has used Sina Weibo, one of China’s biggest social media platforms, to promote citizen engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic (Chen et al. 2020).
Most often, as a result of nature of an unknown and emerging hazard, even when the government agencies disseminate factual information about COVID-19, the public perceptions and coping responses still vary significantly across individuals (Malecki et al. 2020).


Another disadvantage of a Joint Stock Company is that it’s required to disclose information to the public, including operations, finances, along with other sensitive affairs, and this can be a problem if you want to keep your organization private.
One major difference to categorized a JSC and an LLC is that JSCs are allowed to issue shares to the public and become on the stock exchanges.
With this type of company, shareholders may also be allowed to transfer their shares as per the law.
Just like an LLC, JSC can be setup wholly or partly foreign-owned whose nationality could possibly be any.
However, the minimum of shareholders is three and the utmost number isn’t restricted by law.

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