Virtual learning environment: The term used to define a digital platform or resource where learners gather information and study courses.

of scheduled and timed online tests, virtual classrooms, web conferencing technology or interactive shared whiteboards that learners may use to collaborate.
Types of asynchronous e-learning methods include the use of a message boards, discussion groups and self-paced online courses.
You’ll explore traditional instructional design models and the progression of the training design approach to creating online learning experiences.
So, it’s very important to teachers to find answers to keep our learners focused and motivated.
Thankfully, along with the rise in online learning, there were lots of innovations in various digital teaching tools, platforms and games.
Field trips may be defined as “any journey taken beneath the auspices of the school for educational purposes” (Sorrentino & Bell, 1970, p. 223).
Combined with the engagement of concepts that’s needed is by these experiences, the student bonding occurring on field trips enhances the learning experience and creates a learning community as students continue onward in a discipline.

Online learning resources — When the pandemic forced students to remain home, teachers began using various online language resources to help keep kids engaged and focused.
Some of these tools include online lessons and activities, such as Sesame Street and PBS Kids.
Since the start of the pandemic, online learning has helped limit the spread of COVID-19.
In addition, it allowed students quick access to their courses from the comfort of their homes while saving time travelling to school.
Distance learning technology is growing at a rapid rate and helps teachers like you teach online effectively.

There are lots of unique digital resources and online learning tools that students, teachers, and universities at large can use.
Learning more about these can prepare one to meet academic expectations and expand your understanding of important topics in your major.
Additional educational resources can be found on iTunes U, an app made to provide learners with usage of free lectures, books, videos, and more from top educators around the world.
If all of your instructors opts to utilize it within their classes, you’ll have the ability to submit assignments, track due dates, and check off work as it’s completed.
Learning management systems — LMS are software application programs designed to produce functional and interesting online classes.
Create, manage and deliver course content while tracking students’ performance.

Up-to-date Content

Learners can review courses free of charge on some platforms, but if students want a certificate of completion, they will have to pay $$$.
Track learner progress and provide students with a centralized view of their overall progress on individual activities and assignments, along with the overall Course Completion status.
These is often as simple as a greeting or an invitation to sign up in a new course.
They can be an effective tool for keeping students thinking about learning more if tailored to the needs of your market.
Also, some people still believe that completing tasks in less time lowers the quality of education, and with less accountability, exam cheating is merely about unavoidable.

Facebook and LinkedIn users can create groups to talk about information and ideas, and members of the groups can communicate freely concerning the shared material.
Groups created on LinkedIn might be perceived to have an added level of credibility because users display their career credentials on the profiles.
Twitter can be used to connect learning communities over a specific topic or event by utilizing a hashtag.
YouTube users may also post and access educational content for free on YouTube, as well as touch upon and rate the videos.
Partnering with top universities and organizations, Coursera provides users with access to a wide amount of online educational programs.

  • When students are learning online, all the distractions of the web are just one click away.
  • These Rules are beyond your control of a person lecturer who teaches smaller sets of students.
  • It took approximately 20 min to complete the questionnaire, as the FGD lasted for about 90 min.
  • Several universities offer online student support services, such as online advising and registration, e-counseling, online textbook purchases, student governments, and student newspapers.

engaging ways.
Around the world, those involved in scientific research are making new discoveries and pushing new boundaries every day.
Students in science-related majors should keep up to date with scientific news to activate in informed discussions about recent developments.
This fully online program is for anyone developing and/or teaching an online course.

Resources Developed By Teachers For Teachers

These programs are the flagship Fulbright Program and Gilman Scholarships administered for the U.S.
IIE also conducts policy research, provides resources on international exchange opportunities and offers support to scholars in danger.
Guided discovery of a site – The class visits a niche site that’s familiar to the instructor but not used to the students and the instructor plans an activity leading the students to uncover an intended outcome.
Students should use the skills and concepts they learned in an earlier part of the course and apply them in a novel setting to greatly help guide learning.
Instructors should think about how their materials and questions will help students develop higher-order skills, such as investigating, questioning, and developing critical thinking skills.
Because they’re time-consuming and require a significant investment from the instructor, they are best used to teach conceptually difficult or especially important course material.

  • However, a paid version is on its way with add-ons and easy integration with other educational tools.
  • An intuitive
  • Each class is recorded and stored on a server, that allows for instant playback of any class over the course of the institution year.
  • Social relationships are important, but high-tech environments may compromise the total amount of trust, care, and respect between teacher and student.
  • Even though study involved a relatively large sample size, the participants were limited by college students from a Philippine university.

LMS are a cost-effective and consistent way to teach students irrespective of class size.
Communication tools — There are many tools at teachers’ disposal, including email, discussion boards, chats, classroom websites and video conferencing.
Many learning platforms include most of these features, such as for example Zoom and Google Classroom.

Finally, there’s TCC which involves challenges that students experience when exposed to complex and over-sufficient technologies for online learning.
Recently, there has been an explosion of studies relating to the brand new normal in education.
While many focused on national policies, professional development, and curriculum, others zeroed in on the specific learning connection with students during the pandemic.
Among they are Copeland et al. and Fawaz et al. who examined the impact of COVID-19 on college students’ mental health insurance and their coping mechanisms.
In Fawaz et al.’s study, students raised their concerns on learning and evaluation methods, overwhelming task load, technical difficulties, and confinement.
To cope with these problems, students actively handled the situation by seeking help from their teachers and relatives and engaging in recreational activities.

In a generic sense, e-learning is really a kind of education/training provided remotely with digital resources and electronic channels of communication.
It is also often known as online education/training, virtual learning, digital learning, eLearning, etc.
E-Marking can be an examiner-led activity closely linked to other e-assessment activities such as e-testing, or e-learning which are student-led.
E-marking allows markers to mark a scanned script or online response on a computer screen rather than in some recoverable format.

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