vmini: Miniature piano keyboard made by Alesis. Consisting of 25 keys, it has electrically adjustable octaves. It is designed for producers.

However the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 is probably the options that I’m considering, it really is my second choice at this time.
Oh, and if anyone’s interested in credentials, I mix and record audio for commercials.

  • “Earlier directors had lacked his training and didn’t provide the versatile arrangements that Mr. Garrett did”, his wife said.
  • They will have a balanced sound meaning they are neutral.
  • I had a deal to buy the NX from the guy, but he backed out last second.
  • I have the one in Red also, it came free with another device, a guitar effects pod.

It was clearly audible on my ex RD-700SX even though playing real stuff.
However on my Kawai CA-63 it really is so subtle that it’s approaching the limit of being virtually inaudible.
I also own the coveted Roland C-30 Digital Harpsichord.
Even though NX cannot compete with the C-30, it gets the best harpischords that I have heard on a digital piano.

Adc-ad500 256 Hz Medical-grade Tuning Fork Instrument With Fixed Weights, Non-magnetic Aluminum Alloy

I would also contemplate it directly on the edge of solo album quality.
It has all of the right properties, good tone, realistic sampled sound, excellent dynamic capabilities, etc.
The dynamics are probably from the truth that it is not a 100% sampled piano.
That is also why I believe it has a slightly less realistic sound than the best sampled piano libraries.
I also tried running the DPBSD MIDI file on it via the inner MIDI player and also have had some success.

  • It has eight rotary knobs onboard, two high-quality displays, transport controls, scale, and arpeggiator buttons, a four-way multi-purpose rotary knob, and two mod wheels and also a mod touch strip.
  • Also, you could have multiple audio sources and may configure bass levels.
  • Technically, it is the opposite – it appears like you are hearing the piano from the long way way, because it sounds very mono.
  • One thing that is notanle is, that it’s not possible to make smppt transitions between presets.

The neck is straight and very clean with correct intonation and silky low action; an extremely comfortable play.
There’s some minor fret wear typical of normal play on the initial few frets and minor finish wear at the edges .
Over time the bridge saddles have rusted but remain in working order (typical of Mexican Fenders of early 2000’s).
The CS-3 Compression Sustainer pedal compresses louder signals while boosting lower signals, providing smooth sustain without degrading the initial sound quality.
This pedal is ideal for guitarists and bassists who would like to improve their sound.

M-audio Keystation 49 Mk3

The Alesis V Mini features 25 mini-size velocity-sensitive keys and Octave Up/Down buttons, four assignable knobs for manipulating effect plugins, and virtual instruments.
Here is a video of how it sounds with me playing through bits of In Waves, Snow , and Sulfur.
Besides that, it all comes together pretty well.
For live sound, you’ll need some form of USB audio interface, one of these, that have some form of monitor out.

If not yet gigged, can NX owners give their impressions of what this control is really DOING?
I’m guessing combined compression and high EQ boost but obviously I’ve not got one in front of me to try.
I had a V-Stand and while it’s easy to carry and quick to set up, I personally found the arms had too much flex for me personally.
Also, while great if you’re using a single sustain pedal, the “footwell” wasn’t so good if you too had an expression pedal and a couple of footswitches in the mix too, as I frequently had to.
I’ve a question for other NX owners concerning the SN-e-pianos.
If you turn of the speaker simulation and make use of the sound-focus feature, can you also get a very noisy and nearly unusable sound?

The NX is all your going to get from Roland for quite some time …
However, as others have noted here, if you are already an GXF owner, you might still be wiser securing for another model.
And there is a lot more like where location are you currently playing.
Technically, Roland SN may be the most advanced thing on the market in hardware DPs.
That’s not my opinion, it’s the result of many, many hours of testing.
I’m not just a kawai employee, just a fellow of DPs…
I want to say that I don’t like strong sentences “this is better than any others”.

Now that I’m ‘used’ to an SN piano, and all the NX’s features, anything less just won’t be right…
But there’s no way I could live with a 2k keyboard ‘cutting off’ my notes.
I advise all people to wash their hands with plain soap and water and rinse and dry them thoroughly before playing ANY instrument, and particularly a keyboard instrument.

I’m currently by using this particular USB DAC also it works fine.

There are several minor scratchesThe neck is straight and incredibly clean without visible fret wear.

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