Water lily seeds: Pea-sized popcorn alternative popular in India.

They’re super floriferous, producing up to 80 flowers of golden-yellow, starburst-shaped blooms per plant.
They measure up to 2 ½ inches wide with a dark central cone.
Black-Eyed Susans, or Rudbeckia, bloom midsummer through to early fall and add a splash of summer sun to any garden.
They are easy to grow, like full sun to partial shade, and attract many pollinators.

snacks deliver fiber and potassium with popped water lily seeds, obtainable in five flavors.
The high magnesium content is why AshaPops co-founder Asha Farswani became so passionate about the snack.
“In the summertime of 2017, I started having trouble sleeping and my doctor prescribed me magnesium pills,” she says.
She wished to try getting magnesium from food first, so she decided to eat more popped water lily seeds instead.
Nasturtium pods are made up of small clusters of just one 1 to 3 globose, pale green spheres mounted on crisp and succulent, pale green stems.
The pods appear on the list of leaves following the flowers have withered, and the pod’s surface is textured, wrinkled, slightly soft, and fresh, somewhat larger in proportions when compared to a pea.

This unique-looking flower is comparable to the cockscomb on a rooster’s head, hence the name.
It traditionally grows in the red variety but also blooms in yellow, pink, orange, and white.
Cockscomb has irregular growth habits, with some plants growing only a few inches tall and others reaching a few feet.


Numerous star-shaped flowers are presented in umbels and are typically white to light pink in color.
They produce excess nectar, which drips from the plant, attracting pollinators from afar.
That is an evergreen shrub that produces an abundance of star-shaped flowers, almost covering all foliage.

  • They bloom when almost every other lilies finish up for the year, plus they come back every year.
  • pouches.Pickles, alongside fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut, tend to be more popular than ever.

They’re replaced by round but flat seed heads which are silver in color, which means this plant is sometimes known as Silver Dollar.
It has won the RHS Garden Merit Award and looks excellent wherever you plant it.
Also referred to as Sword Lilies, the flowers grow from round, symmetrical corms.
The stems produce funnel-shaped flowers from the center to the tips and come in a wide range of colors.
Still, they all add vertical drama to any bed, border, container, or bouquet arrangement.
They’re hardy in zones 5 to 11, depending on which type you select.

Nasturtium Pods

The flowers are funnel-shaped and can be found in a wide variety of colors.
Petals are often adorned with darker stripes with a yellow throat, plus they are perfect for hanging baskets and containers.
It is a long-lived perennial wildflower that produces daisy-like blooms.
The red centers are surrounded by thin petals, changing from red to yellow.
They bloom from late spring to fall, and the seeded centers are prized by birds in the fall through to winter.
These stylish flowers look great in rock gardens, wildlife gardens, or containers.

  • These colorful and patterned showy blooms add lovely splashes of color to all gardens.
  • While food by its very nature is designed to fuel our anatomies.
  • They attract hummingbirds, bees, and bats and add an exotic touch to any garden.
  • The flowers are rose-like and also have bushy stamens topped with red anthers, adding striking beauty to any landscape.

The minty vanilla flavor makes it versatile—a subtle, sweet addition to salad dressings, baked treats not to mention, smoothie bowls.
Lightly sweetened with honey and coconut sugar, you’ll never guess the granola dishes up greens too—like spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorella and barely grass.

Balloon Flowers: How To Plant, Grow, And Care For Platycodon Grandiflorus

It produces plentiful blooms in late spring for a month or so, making Common Lilac the longest-lasting bloomer.
Flowers develop a fresh fragrance and can be found in a number of pastel colors.
They can mature to 15 feet tall and are popular as screens or hedges.

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