Wefox: Wefox is a technology company that provides insurance solutions and services for individuals and businesses.

Therefore, private companies require both primary capital to maintain their growth trajectory and transitional capital to supply liquidity to early investors, current and former employees, along with other sellers.
G Squared, positioned at the crux of this liquidity access challenge,…
Our philosophy is, every company may become huge if it has two pillars.

The thinking behind the merger is that the digital-only insurance provider can become flagship business on the wefox platform, integrating at a deeper level and for that reason offering a better customer experience.
This in turn should help pull all of those other insurance industry in to the digital age, that is wefox’s long term vision.
The platform lets insurance agencies, brokers, and coverholders develop plug-and-play-ready insurance products in a cost-effective manner.

There are several tech companies given that have more power when compared to a US president or the German Chancellor.
It’s the responsibility of a new generation of tech founders to limit the power

  • Additionally, with four acquisitions completed before two years, wefox has a clear M&A
  • Your personal data will undoubtedly be processed relative to wefox ‘s Privacy Policy.

came from energy-related emissions, including heating and electricity, in its office buildings.
Emissions from wefox’s external suppliers such as consulting, insurance, auditing, telecommunication, looked after contributed to the company’s carbon footprint.
Embroker is the easiest way to intelligently ensure any business.
By pairing technology and broker expertise, Embroker helps growing businesses save time and find the best value on the right coverage.
Because the leading digital insurance brokerage, Embroker is attempting to massively enhance the $800 billion property and casualty (P&C) insurance market.
The way we think about insurance is a tiny bit like what Tesla did for the automotive industry.

Wefox Group is headed by co-founder Julian Teicke, and was founded in 2017.According to TechCrunch, Teicke shared that the startup generates a revenue of US$40mn.
Wefox may be the insurtech startup quickly ascending to prominence, joining the prestige of other fintechs likeMonzo and Starling Bank.

We are an electronic insurer that combines innovative rates and experienced experts under one roof.
Wefox redefines insurance and makes insurance 1ßx easier to make people be safe.
App-based P&C insurance comparison platform for folks.
It offers quotes for motor, personal liability and household insurances.

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