Willys AB: Budget food store chain in Sweden. Operates on a wholesale-style model.

The producers of automobiles, petroleum, typewriters, sewing machines, and harvesters were typical of those manufacturers that integrated all the way into retailing.
Though facing related problems at nearly the same time, GM and du Pont developed their decentralized, multidivisional organizations separately.
As other manufacturing firms started to diversify, GM and du Pont became the models for reorganizing the management of the firms.
In lots of industrial firms these reorganizations were not completed until well after the Second World War.
The mechanization of American manufacturing accelerated in the 1920s, which led to a much more rapid growth of productivity in manufacturing compared to earlier decades and to other sectors in those days.
There were several forces that promoted mechanization.

Corporations need no air, water, food to “live.” They merely require human gullibility.
Also, the notion that the Danish resistance was purely non-violent is ahistorical, it’s untrue.
A few moments of research make that abundantly clear.
The idea that the united states picked up the mantle of fascism is, of course, true, and a truth lost on almost all Americans.
Actually, though, let’s choose a moment at the Norwegian resistance, that was considerably more fierce compared to the Danish resistance, from what I gather.
The Norwegians took out the Nazi’s heavy water plant, an essential little bit of their nuclear program.

  • Jerry Humphrey was created on a farm west of Cooney, Ohio on
  • It is because of these shared passion that this scholarship in their name has been established.
  • Laurie, Scott, his wife Emily and their son Brandon are always a highlight.
  • He also interned for the company as a voice performance major at Southern Methodist University; he served as an assistant to stage director John Copley.
  • Ann and Art raised three daughters in Bryan, Nancy, Janet, and Barbara.

That’s why my family will support it and never quite support a genuine threat to the American Dream, a real discussion concerning the nature of U.S.
Elites and Empire and their goal of world domination, pillage and plunder.
Derrick is indeed right but my children could not get his article.
They feel so good about where they think they will have arrived.
Unmasking the lies of it would pull the rug out from under them.
He contests the prevalent claim that economic development can coincide with environmental concerns.

Rockefeller Philanthropy And Modern Social Science

I have been a fan of Derrick Jensen’s for a long time.
In this posting “Forget Shorter Showers” I took it as a rhetorical question and attention-getting device when he asked “…why now, with the world at stake, do so many people retreat into…entirely personal “solutions”?

ANd whether or not you prefer it or not is utterly irrelevant.
We all made decisions and also have free will, but ‘civilisation’ may be the unintended outcome of an incredible number of human choices, all made pretty blindly over a large number of years.
But as far as I can tell, one of the big things that needs doing is people coming together to aid one another in change instead of tear one another down.
And in addition people supporting one another in taking proper care of themselves in order that movements can be sustainable.
I know of no activists that are not emotionally attached to either the movement or the reason and I note that as a strength.
But the rhetoric of it’s insufficient pushes people from action and into apathy or fear.

Designated Agency Funds

We communicate through this electronic device, a very resource-wasting industry!
Where to begin before a set of nuclear accidents destroys the planet and everything onto it?!
The old adage was that when humans destroyed themselves, plants would dominate the world.
Well, nuclear energy has finished that possibility, nothing will live or manage to grow.
We are, for now, lemmings, likely to our deaths, blind by choice.
The first was a rebuttal emphasizing our personal contributions matter quite definitely and particularly important in defining what we, humans, ARE.

This kind of thinking, if it could be called such, is all or nothing.
There is nothing monolithic concerning the industrial economy.
It includes a certain character that is always changing.
Unfortuately journalists make a living off of saying” your monolithic soulution sucks and you also are stupid, because I’ve a column and I could call you such and such”.
Comparing environmentally friendly crisis to Nazi Germany is also an empty analogy.
It is a type of free association that is typical of postmodernist writing.

Germany then had either to have an export surplus or else import American capital to be able to build up dollar reserves—that is, the dollars the United States was exporting.
In place, these dollars were paid by Germany to THE UK, France, along with other countries that then shipped them back to america as payment on the U.S. debts.
There were other issues with international economic activity in the twenties.

Studies program.
Thompson is really a playwright, librettist, educator, and actor whose work has graced the stages of major opera houses around the world.
His more than 150 directing credits include productions at Glimmerglass, New York City Opera, Teatro Real, La Scala, L’Opéra Bastille, and San Francisco Opera.
His opera Blue, written with composer Jeanine Tesori, has won several awards and is really a centerpiece because of this season’s online Mostly Mozart Festival.
Lori Dimun may be the new president and CEO of Chicago’s Harris Theater.
She succeeds Patricia Barretto, whose three-year tenure was cut short by her death in March.
Dimun joined the Harris Theater in 2011, first as director of operations and since 2017 as COO and general manager.

Congrats in pointing out flaws in the capitalist system.
While you’re rather late to the party, I am going to nevertheless provide consolation prize of the smartest treehugger in the room.
Your next assignment is to use your soapbox to broadcast encouraging and productive ways for 6.7 billion world citizens to channel their compassion , rather than cranking out defeatist rhetoric.
If you want help, I’ll be in the corner with individuals contributing to solutions, not problems.
The reality is that Industrial civilization will probably destroy itself without our sabotage, anyway.
The more individuals who learn just a little self-sufficiency, and community-sufficiency, the better off we shall all be once the feces hits the ventilation device.
I also don’t see humanity to be in charge of what’s happening, any longer than I could “blame” a wolf for eating a deer .

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