Another category of creator startups are finding new ways for influencers for connecting with fans and distribute content.
“A large amount of these creators are credit thin,” ChannelMeter CEO Eugene Lee told Insider.
“They’re underbanked. As these creators grow, they’re going to need the support of financial institutions.”
While these businesses are “underhyped,”says UTA Ventures’ Caroline Jacobs, they are key to providing the “picks-and-shovels backend of the creator economy.”
There are many legal topics that streamers and gamers should watch out for.

sell menu items developed by celebrities and influencers.
Virtual Dining Concepts handles logistics like menu development and connecting with third-party delivery services.
It makes money by collecting a fee on food items sold via its network.
While their DIY project is curing, hardening, or drying, the pair prepare yourself to stream on Twitch.

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