BitSight: Cloud cybersecurity platform that assists organizations worldwide in managing third party risk.

You can measure everything right out of the box, without having to install any agents, packages, or libraries.
Sonar covers many checks that each software company must have, including uptime, response times, and a deep scan to your security configuration.
STREAM Integrated Risk Manager, an award-winning GRC platform, allows organizations to centralize and automate, quantify, report on, and report on risk.
It can be used in a number of applications, including cyber / IT and enterprise risk management, BCM, and vendor risk management.
It’s been adopted worldwide by organizations in lots of industries, including finance, energy and healthcare, legal, and IT.
Third-Party Vulnerability Detection helps organizations to uncover, attribute, and prioritize vulnerabilities and exposures.

With Bitsight, vendors are required to pay to get access to to the reports, that makes it challenging for customers to make a productive dialogue with vendors to help remediate issues.
By stopping software supply chain attacks before they have a chance to get started, you’ll save time by not having to fully evaluate vendors that fail to meet your initial security requirements.
Moreover, you’ll protect your organization from third-party risk.
RSA Archer is really a GRC platform that provides automation and integration of business process, governance, compliance, and risk.
BitSight arms RSA Archer having an innovative platform to measure security performance and risk.

The right KPIs can help executives and Board members clearly understand the risks facing the organization and gain their support for budgets and programs.
On the other hand, KPIs that are too technical or confusing can derail discussions or neglect to gain traction.
BitSight pioneered the security ratings industry now is the most widely adopted security ratings platform in the world.
BitSight is the choice of 25% of Fortune 500 companies and is trusted by 20% of the world’s countries to protect national security.
BitSight’s reporting capabilities facilitate data-driven conversations that help security and risk leaders communicate effectively with company leadership.

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security audit typically includes recommendations to help improve security posture since it relates to cloud infrastructure.
Vendor self-assessments are an important section of third-party cyber risk management, however they don’t show the entire picture.
With BitSight, risk managers can continuously monitor security posture of vendors to validate their assessments with objective information and flag areas for follow-up.

BitSight’s security benchmarking solution helps show the impact of security programs over time.
By giving a quantified baseline and comparative data, this solution enables teams to measure the effectiveness of risk mitigation programs, compare performance to industry peers, and communicate KPIs to executives and the Board.
Choosing metrics for a cybersecurity KPI dashboard or cyber security presentation could be a high-stakes exercise.

  • Easily compare the amount of inherent risk to the third party’s security rating to prioritize assessments and mitigation efforts.
  • their own and return a few times a year.
  • Secure compliance and cybersecurity are simplified with the platform that is highly rated by customers.
  • Access our comprehensive library of sales and marketing resources through the PartnerEDGE portal.

By enabling complete security visibility that shows how well an organization’s attack surface and vendors are protected against cybersecurity threats, BitSight really helps to improve security posture and manage third-party risk more effectively.
A cloud security audit should spotlight vulnerabilities and risk over the attack surface, including cloud services and infrastructure.

Driving Secure Digital Transformation With Attack Surface Management

This collection includes companies which are working on software and hardware to boost grids, utilizing new pricing models, and developing microgrids.
Reach 1000s of buyers who use CB Insights to recognize vendors, demo products, and make purchasing decisions.
Our joint customers quickly see the benefits – therefore do our partners because they expand their services, offerings, and revenue opportunities.
View and manage multiple areas of your BitSight-related sales efforts utilizing the dashboards and tools available in our PartnerEDGE portal.
Convenient, at-a-glance displays supply the high-level overviews of one’s current opportunities, deal registrations, and MDF.
Drill-down capabilities allow you to dive deeper into the details as needed.

  • Traditional third-party cyber risk management relies on periodic security reporting completed by vendors themselves.
  • BitSight effectively prioritizes the most critical cyber risks, allowing risk management teams to more efficiently allocate resources.
  • Identify and attribute all internet-connected assets, discover sanctioned or unsanctioned assets and monitor for changes.
  • To manage supply chain security, risk managers need extensive visibility into each vendor’s security performance and controls.

By gaining a whole, external picture of where the risk exists in your network, you can take steps to remediate vulnerabilities quickly, while potentially identifying larger regions of concentrated risk.
BitSight Security Ratings provide a comprehensive, outside-in view of a vendor’s overall cybersecurity posture.
Security ratings range between 250 to 900, with higher ratings correlating to better overall security performance.
BitSight transforms how companies manage risk by providing objective, verifiable, and actionable Security Ratings.

To be scored and prioritized for urgent mitigation, map attack paths to the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework.
After analyzing all data in your company’s possession, your cyber resilience score is calculated as a share.
It helps establish a gold standard for cyber resilience by continually assessing your organization’s contact with risk.

[newline]BitSight Executive Reports make cyber risk assessments understandable and accessible for board members and executives.
Security and risk managers can quickly pull easily understood metrics that show security performance at a higher level, or in granular detail.
Security teams may use various cyber risk of security assessment report samples and templates or create custom reports on the fly.

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