Boat lifestyle: Audio device and speaker manufacturer that offers headphones, earphones, stereos, travel chargers, and smartwatches through e-commerce platforms.

This coffee mug is crafted in such a way that fits into your hand and most of the cup holders conveniently. Charge your devices quickly and efficiently without the hassle of having to untangle wires even when you are on the go or lazing around in your home, thanks to this mAh powerbank from Samsung. Compatible with Qi-certified products, this wireless powerbank gives you the option to charge two devices at the same time. WayfindrWayfindr is a prototype of an app -Bluetooth operated- intended for blind and low vision people that want to travel the London Tube.

USB 3.0 Ports — Provides data transferand and charging,features 4 USB 3.0 Hub ports, convenient for connect your USB devices and charging for your hard devices, mobile phones,iPad,Kindle and other devices. Digital Paper combines the simplicity of reading and writing on real paper with the convenience of digital features, including easy sharing across devices, searchable documents, and secure document encryption. Steps pivot vertically while the framework tucks together for convenient storage. Little Giant Safety Steps are built to the industry’s most exacting specifications, incorporating wide, slip-resistant step treads for maximum stability. All models offer safety bars for added security and are made from a rugged, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy – built to last yet lightweight and easy to handle, with a weight capacity of 300 lbs. Kantek LCD Monitor Magnifier has an elegant and lightweight design that enhances any monitor.

  • Given the smart display’s placement on a nightstand, we suggest keeping the cover closed until you want to place a video call.
  • Jumbo-size buttons with Braille characters help you dial quickly and correctly.
  • Contains more than 2,000 practice words including those relating to deaf history and culture, names from popular culture, history, geographic locations, and science and nature.
  • When it is playing at full volume, you may have to walk over to the Echo and press the microphone button to get its attention.
  • ScripTalk Travel CaseScripTalk Travel Case is designed for use by individuals with low vision, traumatic brain injury or cognitive impairment who need to store and transport medication.

The biggest challenge that Stuffcool even faces today and has always faced is the illegal grey market imports. These imports don’t adhere to any safety or legal protocols – undercut good Indian companies and also provide consumers with unreliable products. With the Indian government’s push towards ‘Make In India’, the introduction of BIS Certification for Chargers and Powerbanks – there is now a barrier to entry for these illegal imports. Stuffcool is focused on providing world-class level charging solutions for Indian consumers, most of the products being made in India. The Device Brands removing chargers from the box has given Stuffcool a further impetus to focus entirely on chargers and charging solutions.

The Brand Look Book (unit Of Innovate Feeder)

Angle of padded support can be adjusted for fine-tuning sitting preferences. Arched flat tops to the wheel covers provide a surface contoured to the bottom of foot promoting an upright seating angle. While on a call, keep your iPhone charged in the super-stylish dock or walk around & multitask, taking advantage of wireless freedom. Better yet, leave your iPhone where you have the best service! It’s total mobility for your fast-paced lifestyle, radiation-free. Designed for light ergonomic activity that improves flexibility, blood circulation and posture while reducing muscle fatigue and pressure on your joints. This tee will absorb, evaporate, and quickly dry moisture all while remaining soft and breathable.

Your smart speaker is amazingly capable—once you get the hang of it. Teaching notes are available for teaching faculty at subscribing institutions. Teaching notes accompany case studies with suggested learning objectives, classroom methods and potential assignment questions. They support dynamic classroom discussion to help develop student’s analytical skills. Invoxia’s GPS Tracker is great for keeping track of all your beloved possessions this summer no matter if it’s a bike, boat or even a backpack. When it starts to move, you’ll be alerted via the Invoxia app with regular alerts, meaning you can locate and ultimately retrieve it in a timely manner.

  • It puts a human face on a problem that has afflicted untold millions of people through the ages.
  • The Bell and Howell Sunlight Desk Lamp features full spectrum light that is clearer, brighter, and easier on the eyes.
  • With the Indian government’s push towards ‘Make In India’, the introduction of BIS Certification for Chargers and Powerbanks – there is now a barrier to entry for these illegal imports.
  • EnChroma LensesEnChroma Lenses are glasses for people who are color blind that enable them to see color.

Powered by AI from the ground up to revolutionize users’ lifestyles. With AIVI™ Object Recognition, it recognizes common household objects and avoids them, and includes a home monitoring camera for added peace of mind. The screen slopes upwards towards users which makes it very clear and easy to read. Writing Bird is the Ideal writing device for persons with limited hand control.The Writing-Bird™ is a unique writing device for persons with limited hand coordination, dexterity or a weak grasp. Ideal for persons with arthritis or neurological disorders. Perfect for individuals who lack thumb to fingertip pinch. Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale.

Lenovo Ideapad 14 Inch Laptop Intel Pentium Gold 6405u 4gb Ram 128gb Ssd – Windows 10 – 81wa00b1us

The first and only mainstream left sided number pad gaming keyboard. Natural and easy to reach number pads and any macro keys you set. Premium Switches that are easy to press to reduce wrist fatigue.

The user can show/hide the dynamic toolbar to increase the viewing area. Portable Indoor Localization Aid for the Visually Impaired The Portable Indoor Localization Aid for the Visually Impaired is a prototype navigation aid designed to help Blind or Low vision individuals navigate their surroundings. The prototype consists of a foot-mounted pedometer and a white cane-mounted sensing package, which is comprised of a 3-axis gyroscope and a 2D laser scanner. There is a two-layered estimator that tracks the 3D orientation of the white cane in the first layer, and the 2D position of the user holding the cane in the second layer. Pleasure Of Eating For Those Who Are Visually Impaired, The (Models Pe1, Pe2, & Pe3)”The Pleasure of Eating for Those Who are Visually Impaired” is a manual on eating skills for blind and low vision individuals. The booklet contains practical suggestions and ideas on mastering eating skills collected by the author over many years. The booklet is available in Braille (model PE1, $12.95), large print (model PE2, $6.95), or audio cassette (model PE3, $6.95).

From smartwatches to smart audios and now, smart eyewear, Noise strives to empower consumers with industry-leading and purpose-led innovation. The brand is present across two main categories at present – Smartwatches, and Smart Audio . Among these, the smartwatch and TWS categories have shown the most remarkable growth over the years, the company has already recorded a 17x growth in the last 30 months.

Xtech Xtm310rd Galos Wireless Mouse

It can be used by individuals with low vision or visual impairments, or anyone who would benefit from true-white illumination. The OttLite LED Mini Flip Light has 12 powerful LED lights, and a built-in clip for easy portability. Ivotronic Touch Screen Voting System With Audio Ballot FeatureThe iVotronic Touch Screen Voting System with Audio Ballot Feature is a voice output voting machine designed for use by voters who are blind or have low vision. The voice output feature presents both general use instructions and ballot choices to the voter in a human voice through headphones attached to the iVotronic unit. The voter puts on the audio headset provided with the unit, and the ballot is activated by inserting the ballot activator cartridge into the unit. ExigoThe Exigo is a two-screen magnifier for distance viewing and desktop tasks. Ergonomic Long Ring Low Vision Timer – Black DialErgonomic Long Ring Low Vision Timer is designed for use by individuals with low vision or arthritis.

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