Chartmogul: An analytics software allowing businesses to analyze data from subscription customers.

Zuora makes it simple to manage subscriptions and keep up with quickly changing go-to-market strategies about the same platform.
Speed up billing operations for large volumes of invoices at scale without losing focus on detail.
Group customers together and create automated billing schedules and rules for each group.

  • Other reviews describe Google Analytics asa one-stop look for all your website’s data.
  • Segment and filter your visitors with product data, marketing attribution data, and much more.
  • In addition, it provides detailed information about your audience demographics for each social media marketing channel.
  • Powerful business analytics on sales, products, subscriptions, customers and visitors.

Once you install Heap in your app, it starts tracking user activity from day one – no additional definition or configuration of events required.
This is often particularly useful since tools like Mixpanel require users to carry out an extensive setup before they start tracking data.
Userpilot’s analytics is based on custom events passed by the devs or feature tags and generates insights based on how users interact with your app.
Tracking and analyzing the data of your guests can be tricky sometimes.
The sheer level of the information could be very overwhelming to grasp.
Web analytics tools help you make sense of the collected information and offer much-needed insights into visitor behaviors.
Mixpanel is really a powerful product analytics tool offering great functionality to track and collect user data in real-time.


Understanding what drives purchases is easy with the built-in real-time dashboards, cohorts, and recurring revenue analytics.
You can easily send purchases and subscription events to your preferred platforms.

Track refunds and also have them not affect your MRR or remove the refunded revenue from your metrics completely.
Group MRR movements that occur within once frame together.
Events are grouped and summarized according to the overall effect of the function, keeping your data clean and tidy.

Saas Platform Features

Heap offers real-time reporting and analysis along multiple axes and behavioral segments and is optimized for both web and mobile applications.
Kommunicate, a chatbot tool, faced the same issue when they pointed out that customers kept requesting features that were already there.
So, they plugged some key features into Userpilot’s product adoption feature, which increased reach by 41%.
It offers a generous free version under its Personal plan and a paid version at $39 monthly.
You can also decide on a 15-day free trial under its business plan, that includes a starting price of $99 per month for 500 daily sessions.

  • This platform can help you cut through the noise and see your organization performance in real-time.
  • Moreover, it can help introduce efficiency available operations while automating the recurring billing subscriptions of users.
  • Out-of-the-box reporting for revenue, trials, conversions, cohorts, churn and more makes RevenueCat mission control for the app business.
  • It can help SaaS business to comprehend users’ behavior by tracking engagement and interaction instantly.

A subscription-based business model is a recurring billing/revenue model where customers pay fees for using the services on a yearly, quarterly, monthly, or weekly basis.
Additionally, Franklin says new APIs will undoubtedly be released allowing ChartMogul’s customers to add more data sources to the platform.
The pricing is founded on the quantity of your monthly recurring revenue i.e. the number of paying customers.
For example, if your MRR is $200,000/month, your monthly billing will undoubtedly be $600.

So, whatever the channels could be, Hubspot has got your marketing and sales analytics needs covered.
Sprout also lets you access data related to your competitors to help you benchmark your performance.
Its advanced listening tool provides you with valuable data related to audience demographics, industry influencers, campaign performance, share of voice, and consumer sentiment.
It permits you to keep an eye on your social media marketing reach and engagement and identify your top-performing content.
You need to use these insights to craft marketing messages that resonate with your target audience.

It’s also not entirely independent since it’s Google reporting on Google.
The tech space

ChartMogul integration with PayPal requires a lot of manual work, because you need to download an Excel/CSV sheet the from PayPal, so then you can certainly submit it manually back again to ChartMogul.
As you can see this is not an automatic process, and it is really-time consuming.
In order to analyze your PayPal accounts in real-time, it is advisable to try Radix.
Gitnux is a software- and digital service review platform which helps its users to obtain the right tools for his or her business.
And if that’s not enough, it is simple to study your sales cycle using Woopra and check the performance of every customer segment.

Semrush provides metrics such as authority score, monthly visitor, top-performing keywords, advertising stats, and more.
Fullstory doesn’t disclose its pricing information on its website.
Its free plan is also quite restricted, with the cap set at three seats and 1,000 sessions per month.
But it does give you the option of a 14-day free trial because of its paid plans.
Userpilot is really a code-free onboarding platform that allows you to instantly do something about behavioral analytics because they build in-app experiences.
In addition, it integrates perfectly with other tools with this list, including Mixpanel and Amplitude.

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