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CFTR includes unique cyber fusion technology that “Connects-the-Dots” between different threats providing greater visibility and channelizing effective response.
Additionally, CFTR includes dedicated modules for full threat intel management, digital asset management, action tracking, and threat briefing management that are necessary to managing threats at a macro level.
Security teams face many challenges when responding to threats that are targeting people within their organization.

A far more advanced TIP provides the ability to share and receive intelligence from multiple peers, TI providers, ISAC members, regulators, partner organizations, and subsidiary companies.
An advanced TIP like this can also automate the normalization, enrichment, and analysis of cyber threat intelligence to help security teams quicker identify, manage, and take action on cyber threats.
In the cybersecurity marketplace, you’ll run into several cyber threat intelligence platform vendors, but it’s vital that you choose the best TIP that suits your organization needs.
When leveraged properly a smart, bi-directional TIP provides security teams having the ability to more accurately predict preventing attacks and mitigate and respond to threats with faster, smarter actions.
Keeping a network and data secure is becoming increasingly more difficult as the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by cyber threat actors continue to get more sophisticated.
In order to avoid a breach, a security team should be right 100 percent of the time with no exceptions.
Alternatively, for a threat actor to reach your goals, they just have to get lucky once.

Research And Analysis

94% of this content is mapped to MITRE ATT&CK framework aimed at uncovering the most recent Malware, APT actors activity, Exploitation attempts and enabling real-time Forensics and TTP threat actor attribution use cases across on-premise and cloud data.
By May 2020, Threat Detection Marketplace can be used by 9600+ security specialists of 4100+ organizations across 146 countries on earth.

The Unified Risk Platform counters threat actors with insight into their modus operandi.
The platform leverages a variety of solutions and ways to stop attacks that target your infrastructure, endpoints, brand and customers, reducing the chance that an attack may cause disruption or recur.
NewEvol may be the technologically advanced product suite that uses data science for advanced analytics to recognize abnormalities in the data itself.
Supported by visualization, rule-based alerting, automation, and responses, NewEvol becomes a far more compiling proposition for any small to large enterprise.
Machine Learning and security intelligence feed makes NewEvol a far more robust system to focus on challenging business demands.
As your company’s data need grows, it automatically scales and reallocates resources accordingly.

Cyware For Information Sharing

Vulnerability management is often a very time-consuming process that can seem like a never-ending battle.
It is also common practice for vulnerability patching to be delayed and only business continuity.
However, periodically organizations should be aware of real imminent risks that could be thwarted by way of a simple patch.
Cyber threat intelligence might help bridge this gap for

  • Netacea works hand-in-hand with your in-house security functions from implementation, to providing accurate detection and empowering you with actionable threat intelligence.
  • from the network and security and converts them into actionable items that could be handled manually.
  • The increase in information sharing through communities has emerged as a major milestone in the evolution of threat intelligence.
  • This intelligence comes in the proper execution of IOCs which includes home elevators malicious domains, malware files, malicious URLs, and virus signatures.

Cortex XSOAR case management facilitates standardized response for high-quantity attacks while helping your teams adapt to sophisticated one-off attacks.
Cortex XSOAR playbooks are complemented by real-time collaboration capabilities that let security teams rapidly iterate to resolve emergent threats.
Cortex XSOAR offers a new approach to threat intelligence management that unifies threat intelligence aggregation, scoring and sharing with proven playbook-driven automation.
Threat intelligence platforms are threat intelligence software solutions that enable security teams to collect, organize, and manage threat data and intelligence.

Expert Collections Containing Cyware

ConnectWise SIEM offers threat detection and response backed by an in-house Security Operations Center .
Reduce the chances of business email compromise, account takeovers, and see away from network traffic.

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