DNSFilter: AI-powered domain name system (DNS) threat protection.

However, many businesses do not use any security measures or filters for their Wi-Fi networks, which creates a breeding ground for online attacks and harmful viruses. WebTitan is a DNS security solution providing protection from cyber security threats as well as advanced DNS filtering controls to organisations and MSPs globally. Its primary aim is to create a highly secure, private, resilient and manageable connection to the internet. Automated filtering uses Webroot BrightCloud® Internet Threat Intelligence to automatically block requests to undesirable, dangerous or malicious internet domains, even encrypted DNS over HTTPS requests. Users can securely access the WebTitan DNS Filter interface online.

  • However, many businesses do not use any security measures or filters for their Wi-Fi networks, which creates a breeding ground for online attacks and harmful viruses.
  • WebTitan Cloud, a private cloud deployed for you on AWS with failover or hosted by you in your own data centre.
  • Behavior, Blocked, Security and Trend Reports embedded in the WebTitan product.
  • Otherwise, the check fails, and DNS Check notifies and offers details on why the failure occurred.

While most offices block online gaming and shopping websites, some companies choose not to strictly police their employees. Threat ProtectionDNS Filtering uses a multi-pronged approach towards security, which results in robust threat intelligence. You can block sources of malware and phishing, as well as next-gen threats such as botnets and cryptomining. Solutions enable users and data to be protected from evolving threats by adapting to the internet. By the end of 2021, Carnesi says, DNSFilter will block more than 1.1 million threats every 24 hours. The goal is to block threats before they ever make it to the system by blocking users from visiting pages that would download malware, and by blocking users from visiting phishing websites. Provides client level installation for DNS filtering when outside of the building.

But don’t worry; many of these could be prevented by using a decent DNS filtering solution. The content team needed the ability to easily add new pages, duplicate existing pages, and edit copy or design without requiring engineering resources.

The Most Important Features Of Good Dns Filtering

DNSFilter, as its name suggests, offers DNS-based web content filtering and threat protection. Through this new partnership, districts and schools can go beyond using block lists and are able to access powerful content filtering and threat protection solutions. WebTitan DNS provides real time AI driven DNS protection from malicious online threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing attacks and botnets. WebTitan DNS filter exists to make the internet a safer and more secure place and block malicious cyber attacks at the DNS layer. DNSFilter, a Washington, D.C.-based provider of DNS content filtering and threat protection solutions, today announced that it closed a $30 million series A funding round led by investment firm Insight Partners.

DNS Relay by DNSCyte is a Hyper-V or VMWARE based image that is provided to find the malicious traffic source. It is also a DNS server installed over a corporate network and can receive queries before the local DNS. Next, it forwards the queries to that local DNS after analysis. Cloudflare Gateway replaces on-premise and expensive hardware that can force trade-offs amongst security and performance by backhauling traffic to a fixed, central location. Instead, it directs traffic to a data center that Cloudflare owns and is near the users for outbound traffic.

Webroot’s threat intelligence supports all its products, and 100+ leading technology companies trust Webroot to protect their business. Their DNS protection is developed for the future and supports DoH and IPv6, which helps businesses prepare for the next-gen internet requests and protocols. Get in-depth reports on threats that your business could be susceptible to if you don’t have DNS protection.

To learn more, follow DNSFilter on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Webroot® DNS Protection was built for the future, supporting both IPv6 and DoH so businesses are prepared for the next generation of internet protocols and requests. This means you can protect your users at the DNS layer on modern networks like public hotspots without sacrificing security, privacy, visibility or admin control.

Dnsfilter Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

We are a cloud-based, AI-driven, content filtering and threat protection service. Our solution can be deployed on your network in minutes, with no software necessary. Now, DNS filtering refers to the process of utilizing DNS to block harmful, inappropriate, and malicious websites. It ensures your network remains secure from cyberattacks while allowing you more control over your employees’ internet accessibility to result in better productivity. Their artificial intelligence can smartly detect these threats and kills them to provide you with enterprise-level filtering and protection. It is a cloud-based DNS filter that protects businesses of all sizes and adds a sturdy security layer over your tech stack to prevents intrusions. Founded in 2015, VC-backed startup DNSFilter helps organizations protect against cyber threats through AI-powered real-time DNS security, blocking online threats such as phishing, malware, and botnet domains.

DNS filtering stops up to 88% of undesirable internet traffic1 the domain layer, so it never reaches your network. This fully cloud-based, secure, resilient and reliable DNS service takes just minutes to set up and start protecting your connection, network and users from cyberattacks. This filtering alone stops most internet threats before they can infect networks or endpoints.

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It covers 80+ categories consisting of millions of web domains and pages. Cisco Umbrella provides you with complete control over your network and lets you choose high, low, or moderate content settings. You can also create a customized list based on your requirements. Control your network and perform DNS filtering with the help of Cisco Umbrella. It helps you manage internet access in your organization effectively via category-based DNS filtering, blocks or allows, requests, and enables SafeSearch browsing. SafeDNS is another option you can try out to enable DNS filtering and stronger security for your business. It protects your internal networks from intrusions and your Wi-Fi hotspots to provide you with safe online browsing.

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