Halwa poori: Pakistani breakfast platter. The poori itself is a soft flatbread, served with a thick, sweet confection. Many other dishes may be added around this.

So I desire to view it, celebrate it there someday.
The server manually hands on the order in the kitchen to begin with preparation of the dishes.

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Coconut chutney – a thick, creamy and nutty chutney which centres on coconut, roasted lentils, ginger and chilli.
With a hint of sweetness and spice, it really is an essential accompaniment to South Indian dishes, like the dosa, idli and vada.

Pakwan Restaurant

Kachoris were popular in old Indore, even before samosas gained popularity following the partition of India.
Immersed in exotic flavours of basil with coconut for a wonderful, healthy and refreshing drink.

Alongside Rohan Bhai and Yash Bhai we head to a morning chai place referred to as the Golden Tea point under the citylight flyover.
Finally we attained Al Kaif Shawarma stall to have the Chicken Shawarma Roll as recommended by our host Sanyukta.
It had been a no fuss Lebanese style wrap that has been tightly filled with a juicy, tender and optimally spicy, finely chopped grilled chicken.
While moving towards our next destination, we chanced upon this stall named Lucknowi Zaika.
So that it was the sight and aroma of the flat kebabs stacked one upon another on the huge griddle, that attracted us to the place.

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