Jardin Majorelle: Botanical garden in Marrakesh designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle. It prominently features majorelle blue, the color named after him. The complex contains multiple museums, including one dedicated to former owner Yves Saint-Laurent.

Kirstenbosch also houses an expansive conservatory that exhibits plants indigenous to different biomes of South Africa including savanna, fynbos, and karoo.
This channel or canal, the Acequia Real , distributed water to the gardens, fountains and baths of the Generalife and the Alhambra, solidifying its identity as a palace city.

Nowadays, only the powerful walls and the graceful outline of the building remains remind one of many palace’s former splendor.
The precious interior decoration items were applied for and looted long ago, but a lot of interesting things remained on the complex’s territory.

  • In February, the redochre houses of the villages at Imi Irhzer almost disappear in a sea of almond blossom.
  • In 1923, Jacques Majorelle fell in love with Morocco
  • Fabyan hired Elizabeth Wells Gallup, a scholar and writer of The Bi-literal Cypher of Sir Francis Bacon, to decipher a binary alphabet to conceal secret messages in the works of Shakespeare.
  • It includes museums, a planetarium, a manuscript laboratory and showcases contemporary Egyptian art.
  • It will take a while to see all of the wonders of Marrakech, nonetheless it will be well worth it.

He died in 791 and was buried in the city that now bears his name.
Due to its holy status, Moulay Idriss remained closed to nonMuslims until 1912, plus they were not permitted to stay overnight until 2005.
Therefore, it has managed to remain somewhat of a tranquil backwater in comparison to other tourist favourites, and retain its peaceful and spiritual charm.
Founded in the 3rd century BC, Volubilis was the administrative centre of the ancient kingdom of Mauretania.
When Mauretania was annexed by the Romans in AD 45, Volubilis became the most important cities in the province of Mauretania Tingitana.

here, a fact recognized to the Romans, who tapped the springs to supply Volubilis.
Large villages have since developed on these hillsides, along the line of the springs and at the base of the massif.
While fig, orange and olive trees grow on the higher slopes, corn and barley thrive in the valleys and on the lower hillsides.
Some think about the olives produced here to be the best in Morocco.
Enclosures of loose stones or thorny branches, for small herds of cattle, sheep and goats, can be seen close to the villages.

Modern Times

Stepwells are unique to India, and are subterranean water storeage and resource systems.
These wells were constructed in Gujurat from around 600AD, and later spread to other parts of India.
Stepwells evolved from pits in the ground to multi degrees of elaborately carved sculptures – artistic and architectural masterpieces.
Oval FountainFountain of the OwlFountain of Diana of EphesusFountain of VenusGrotto of PomonaBernini’s BicchieroneMore fountainsThe garden covers an area known as Valle Gaudente – the Valley of Pleasure.
What an apt place to create a garden – my visit was a pleasure – although pleasure is a small part of the experience.

Idriss carved out a small kingdom, and go about building a new city, Fès.
He died soon afterwards, and was succeeded by his son, Idriss II (793–828), who made Fès the Idrissid capital.
The Idrissids are considered to be the first of Morocco’s ruling dynasties.
It’s not only about labyrinthine souks filled with trinkets and treasures.
Away from the souks, the modern city centres in Marrakech , Rabat , Casablanca and Tangier are filled with bijou boutiques and curated concept shops selling contemporary Moroccan fashion, accessories and homeware.

Casa Azul, Mexico City

It also features a fine Andalusian garden planted with fruit trees.
The countless holes in the town ramparts are there to support scaffolding during restoration work.
To avoid the crowds , intend to visit the garden early each morning, when you will be able to enjoy the walkways and tranquil spaces because they were intended.
Occupying 130 tiny rooms above the central courtyard, nearly 900 students studied here at anybody time.
6 Souk Haddadin At the northern end of Souk Attarin, the sound of hammering announces Souk Haddadin, the ironworkers’ quarter.
In dark, cavern-like workshops, craftsmen hammer hot metal, shaping it into lanterns, ashtrays, platters and the like.

  • Nawa Sanga Fountain, which resembles a lotus and is Victorian however you like.
  • Until recently the AOU Checklist put the wrentit in the household Timaliidae, commonly known as Old World babblers, a huge group of small songbirds much like warblers and thrushes.
  • This rock, with a covering of red soil and a setting among Aleppo pines, established fact to abseilers.

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The Street To Morocco And Across The Straits Of Gibralter

At times, however, the blustery winds are so strong they drive visitors to seek shelter in the medina.
At the estuary of Wadi Qsob, on the far side of the beach, vestiges of the thick system of defences built on a rocky promontory by Sultan Sidi Mohammed are visible.
Although they will have crumbled, the walls can still be made out.
In the fabrics souk – the kissaria (Socco de la Alcaicería) – market offers a wide range of goods.

In spite of the constant gusty wind, it is easier to enter the water on the beach at Essaouira, as the waves are much gentler.
Dominated by its two soaring skyscrapers, the East Tower and West Tower, this extensive complex is both proof and a symbol of the city’s economic importance.

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