Link3D: 3D printing infrastructure management software. Printing hardware and software can be connected and automated.

Additive manufacturing , or 3D printing, is leaving the niche of prototyping and standing at the edge of industrialisation.
Hexagon’s AM solutions enable manufacturers to scale and optimise their end-to-end AM process from design and material selection to production and quality assurance.
With print management software, businesses can simply manage their organization’s entire printer population in order that print jobs could be distributed across multiple devices while also limiting unnecessary output.
Jörgen joined Carbon in 2015 and works on software that runs on printers to interface with hardware to get ready and drive the printing process, as well as networking, factory automation, cloud services, and security architecture and implementation.
Ahead of Carbon, Jörgen was an employee Software Engineer at Google, where he worked for nine years browsing infrastructure, building backend services for personal search.
Jörgen received his MS in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering at Linköping University, Sweden.

His research work focusses on metal corrosion, fluid mechanics and additive manufacturing.
Ultimately, our innovations gives rise to new technologies and applications – many of which we’ve yet to assume.
Today, every Hexagon solution is mapped and tagged in accordance with its level of automation, so customers can clearly track our progress towards the freedom of autonomy.

The lasers collectively deliver around 100 kilowatts of power to make parts at a higher resolution and scale compared to the founders say other printers can achieve.
VulcanForms, founded by an MIT alumnus and professor, has created digital production systems to manufacture complex metal parts at scale.
Many of these tools have great ergonomic benefits for Ford’s workforce.
After prolonged use, traditional metal tools can start to feel extremely heavy, and may impact workers’ health over time.
Ultimaker’s range of materials tend to be strong enough to replace metal tools, making life easier for assembly personnel.
Using Trinckle’s generative software solutionParamate, workers in these plants can generate jigs without any other experience in 3D design.

Hardware, Software & Processes

Without the right software, these steps equal considerable time and effort.
Materialise Magics simplifies data and build preparation with one easy-to-use solution.
Whether you need precise control over your workflow or quick, optimized enhancements at the click of a button, Magics will guide you to success.
Tap into Materialise’s a lot more than 30 years of 3D printing software expertise.
Get software that fits probably the most demanding standards of the very most demanding industries.
3D technologies provider SHINING 3D has officially launched its new EINSTAR, an inexpensive, handheld

Sales took a dip early in the COVID-19 pandemic but are rebounding because the Israel-based company picks up new manufacturing contracts.
Matthieu Meersdam was born in 1986 in Armentieres to a textile worker father and a laboratory worker mother.
He grew up in an environment that has been quick to spark his curiosity.
He obtained a bachelor’s degree in fundamental physics and a Master degree in Instrumentation, Measurements and Quality from the University of science and technologies of Lille, France in 2009 2009.
Then joined the Ecole Centrale de Lille where he could be currently a member of the technical staff.

Ink Cloud

Making it simpler for anybody to get into 3D printing, by ensuring print success from the get-go.
Our platform is for 3D hobbyists, engineers, makers and 3D enthusiasts who use 3D printing within their workflow and don’t desire to spend their time repairing wall thickness or solidity issues.

  • Response and Incident management – Assists and facilitates the actual response to an emergency event.
  • Cloud.
  • The tools you need for additive manufacturing at scale, all in one platform.
  • The stock has been a terrible market underperformer since then, losing three-quarters of its value as of spring 2022.
  • Access your AiSync account directly during your browser without the need for any installation.

With machine learning, material performance factors, such as toughness and compression strength, were optimized using an algorithm that quickly outperformed conventional ways of 3D printing material formulation.
The researchers developed a free, open-source materials optimization platform called AutoOED, allowing other researchers to conduct their material optimization.
The expense of 3D printing software depends on the type and top features of the software you are looking for.
Generally, simpler programs useful for basic 3D modeling can be as low as $20-50, while more advanced programs used for industrial-level production may cost hundreds or even thousands.

It Asset Management And Ibm

Download this eBook for insightful additive manufacturing commentaries, including a variety of simulation applications.
Eiger software fully integrates with all Markforged 3D printers, helping you to create builds, print parts, and monitor prints in a seamless workflow.
Software that manages and runs large-scale factories, using each of the modern cloud infrastructure (CI/CD, automation, service monitoring, logging, etc.).
Firmware that controls our printers, managing the complex chemical reaction that transforms liquid resin, oxygen, and UV light into high-performance parts.
Meshmixer is state-of-the-art software for dealing with triangle meshes.
Do you need to clean up a 3D scan, do some 3D printing, or design an object that fits something else?
Advanced selection tools including brushing, surface-lasso, and constraints.

While prototyping remains the principal application of 3D printing within the automotive industry, utilizing the technology for tooling is rapidly catching on.
One major exemplory case of this is Volkswagen, which includes been using 3D printing in-house for several years.
Their binder jetting technology can be in use to create the component.
Also, in July 2021, Volkswagen stated that it is partnering with Siemens and HP to industrialize 3D printing of structural parts, that may be significantly lighter than equivalent components manufactured from sheet steel.

Material selection and the necessity for appropriate materials, is critical.
It affects all subsequent processes in the AM value chain – from design to production and post-processing, and of course cost factors of the manufacturing process itself, which finally determine the price per part.

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