Livresq: Web-based all-in-one course building platform for eLearning.

Easy collaboration as each team member can build in the LIVRESQ Author digital resources that may then be distributed to the rest of those mixed up in project.
All projects made in the LIVRESQ Author can be used on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

The software provides over 50 integrations including Tin Can, SCORM, HRIS, etc.
Users can customize beautiful training courses and set up their online classrooms with over 100+ settings.
The program provides insightful analytics and reports for users.

Finally, Course Authoring Tools analyzes course performance data, collects user feedback, and observes learner behavior, that allows authors to dynamically and continuously enhance the eLearning process.
To work on public speaking the participants were asked to prepare a public speech in regards to a free topic.
This exercise was essential to analyse together which kind of communication strategies each participant used, and their effectiveness in communicating and capturing the attention of the audience.


ProProfs LMS, a Cloud-based LMS software can help users to create online courses and tests.
It is the simplest solution to administer individuals, groups, and teams.

The tool can be used by companies, educational institutions, ministries of education and NGOs.
Because it offers a WYSIWYG, LIVRESQ can be a popular tool with teachers that are looking to create interactive lessons.
Finally, thanks to an education-based role-play simulation the participants had the chance to feel on their skin the various challenges that conflict are posing in education.

Things To Consider While Selecting A Plugin For Lms Sites

The Thinking Cap Learning Management System is designed to meet all training requirements across all training devices.
It’s adaptable enough to support as many

  • Our journey started from analysing the most crucial principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and discussing the importance of going out of our comfort zone.
  • The technology enables teachers with excellent educating tools like assignments, quizzes, gradebooks and rosters, all managed digitally.
  • ​Participants had the opportunity to discuss and practice the differences between aggressive, passive, passive-aggressive and assertive communication, getting acquainted with the principles of the latter.
  • It has been carefully designed with a strong focus on making the lives easier of teachers, students, and parents as it includes all school systems into one secure and easy-to-use place.
  • It is possible to simply rebrand the BrainCert with your personal domain, logo, clients, style and feel, language, and theme with this

With various content types and tests at your disposal, it is possible to turn a mandatory process into an enjoyable experience, while skyrocketing completion rates.
SaaSworthy helps stakeholders choose the right SaaS platform based on detailed product information, unbiased reviews, SW score and recommendations from the active community.
Wurkbuk enables you to plan, teach and mark using digital worksheets.
It is designed for teachers and instructors to utilize in class or remotely to greatly help manage student work.
The easiest way to sell online courses, memberships, and downloads, no technical skills required.

and online payments effortlessly.
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We’ve got you covered once we present you with a list of the very best LearnDash competitors that are free.
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Spring is the ideal time and energy to plan the next phase in your education.
We walk you through the procedure of exploring your options, considering the best time and energy to start, and choosing your first course.
Players earn and trade resources as a way to build roads and settlements.

​The week started with developing a knowledge on the significance of 21st century skills and specially the 4 Cs in education.
The teachers engaged first in a survey to learn what best practices already are adopted in the group and in practical activities to lay the groundwork for further exploring creativity and critical thinking.
​The group spent the last hours together practicing on the various tools explained and discovered during the whole week, to be able to start creating something relevant and immediately applicable upon their return in their classes.
Finally, the group engaged in a game-based evaluation of the course using the inspirational touch of the Dixit cards to transform their experience in Bologna in an innovative story.
The two main cloud-based web platforms which were explored to support e-learning and distance education were Weebly and EdModo.

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