Medical boot: Protective casing for the foot or ankle. It maintains stability to reduce stress on the site of an injury or recent operation.

An isolated deltoid ligament harm can occur with an eversion or external rotation push on the foot.
The deltoid ligament can also sustain injury together with a syndesmosis ligament personal injury, with lateral ankle sprains, or with a concomitant fibula fracture .
The surgical approach chosen by the authors is a transfibular approach (Figure 8–35).
The incision begins across the fibula, approximately 10 cm proximal to the end of the fibula, and is usually carried distally across the shaft of the fibula and then curves toward the base of the 4th metatarsal.
In this way, the incision avoids the sural nerve posteriorly and the superficial peroneal nerve dorsally.
The flaps that are created are full thickness, to lessen the chance of wound healing issues.
The dissection is carried over the anterior aspect of the rearfoot, to the medial malleolus and across the lateral aspect of the throat of the talus.

De Bie and coworkers derived an ankle functional scoring technique which evaluated the pain, instability, weight bearing, swelling and gait design and added up to score of 100.
Clanton devised another program that related to the treatment protocols requested.
The system contains two main lessons which categorized the injured ankle as a well balanced or unstable one.

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