multigroom: Phillips shaving device that comes with multiple detachable heads. These can be switched out for hair, beard, body and nose trimming.

It is also ideal to use a body groomer for shaving your body, and a face shaver for the facial skin and hair clippers for the hair etc.
Specific design functions work best on different areas etc.
But you can find multi-groomers which do everything, face shavers which work very well shaving the head, beard trimmers that work very well on the body etc.
Manscaping has become in the same way common as piercings for men.
In terms of grooming the body, it’s important to use a high-quality trimmer that’s specifically made for the task.

However, unlike the pair of blades at another end, this one doesn’t have rounded teeth, so that it will slice the skin if you are using it minus the guard.
Well, it ultimately comes down to having the ability to use that trimmer safely for a close, comfortable and effective shave.
I didn’t reach actually use the back extension as

Braun 7 In 1 Hair Clipper, Beard And Face Trimmer, Black/blue – Mgk5245

To trim hair close to the skin, place the flat side of the cutting element against your skin and make strokes contrary to the direction of hair growth.
Bottom line, I love the Philips Norelco Multigroom Pro for its size, form factor, and maneuverability.
And while it gives my face a tolerable shave, it certainly could possibly be closer/cleaner.
However, it does an excellent job shaving my scalp and trimming up my sideburns.
Being an all-in-one, shower-proof, hair removal system it can a good job, particularly if you will need to consolidate your gear to minimize volume/items.
I really liked just how it cut my scalp hair and can most likely continue steadily to use it for that but get back to my straight blade to shave my face.
The Philips Norelco Multigroom Pro is many times more ($70) than its heavier, corded hair trimmer counterparts but is a lot more portable and versatile – all coming down to your needs/use.

The shaving unit that houses the three shaving disks will not float and really made shaving a slow and imprecise experience.
The 7000 Series is made up of two different rotary shaver models.
As may be the case with the 9000 Series, the low model offers an identical shave at less price point.
Interestingly, the Braun Series 5 bears greater than a passing resemblance to the Series 9.
From your body shape, position of the buttons to the same long hair trimmer on the rear, there are a lot of similarities.

Moser Shaver For Men – 3615-0052

but more importantly a longer lasting battery and an extended warranty.
Effectively, you should understand you have to replace the foil once it starts to cut ineffectively.

  • Skipping the complete process with the cleaning station was really worth the ongoing cost of cleaning detergent.
  • Whether you sport a well-trimmed beard or a clean-shaven face, consider keeping these other random hairs under wraps aswell.

Do not use the cleaning brush to eliminate hairs from the shaving foil.
Turn on the appliance and rinse the nose trimmer head once again to eliminate any remaining hairs.
For a thorough clean, immerse the nose trimmer head in a bowl with warm water for a few minutes and then start the appliance to eliminate stubborn hair/debris.

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