Neeman’s: Sustainable comfort-first sneaker manufacturer.

He found that footwear manufacturing units use way too many synthetic materials like nylons, polyesters and leathers and consume plenty of non-renewable resources like petroleum in the manufacturing process.
Apart from this, the is in charge of emitting a huge amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Using non-mulesed wool from Woolmark isn’t the only step Neeman’s is taking to make its shoe one of the most eco-friendly in India, according to Chhabra.
Each insole is manufactured out of recycled rubber and castor bean oil to help reduce its carbon footprint, and every shoebox is sourced from 85 percent recycled wastepaper.

This Hyderabad-based firm, which was formed in 2017, aims to create attractive, comfy, and environmentally sustainable shoes.
All day, each day, Neeman’s is committed to creating extremely comfortable footwear that looks good, feels well, and is good for the environment.
Founder duo Taran Chhabra and Amar Preet Singh have put ecommerce idea into action and are on their way to achieve their mission withNeeman’s, an online but not quite another shoe company.
First in India, this Hyderabad-based startup has produce a range of shoes — sneakers, loafers, and joggers — created from Merino Wool fibre that is environment friendly.
So, how did the founders develop the idea of making sustainable shoes?
Sometimes your experiences can give birth to a business idea – an opportunity which has the potential to show right into a revolution.

The eco-conscious brand showcased its attractive range of men’s shoes in New Delhi.
The very first large amount of Needledust juttis were a sell from the e-commerce website which it had been showcased.
This inspired Shirin to design more pairs of juttis, set up her company online store plus a shop to meet up the increasing demand.

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Bloch has created a shoe line called the Stretch Pointe, so named for the satin fabric used that stretches, minimizing gapping and bagginess in the heels when a dancer is en pointe.
Most of Bloch’s Stretch Pointes have a split outsole, which provides greater mobility to the fabric and enables the shoe to better hug a dancer’s foot.
Some also feature an articulated shank, providing more flexion to support a dancer through relevé, the transition from the balls of the feet, known as demi-pointe, to en pointe.

India contributes around 9% of global shoe production and consumes approximately 2.1 billion footwear units every year.
Being truly a shoe aficionado, Taran Chhabra always loved to try new shoe designs and trends.
Based on the Better India, the brother duo has recently recycled a lot more than 1 million PET bottles and tyres and given them a fresh life in type of stylish sustainable shoes.
Western Rise’s Limitless Merino Wool shirt seamlessly blends comfort and style, combining the appearance of a normal button-down shirt with the highly technical, odour resistant, temperature-regulating attributes of Australian Merino wool.
“Traditionally, wool has been sought as something for winter because it’s bulky, heavy on your skin.

Located in Hyderabad, India—a sprawling city center in the south—Neeman’s is a lot more than just product to its founder Taran Chhabra.
It’s a company with roots in Great Britain, where its shoes were designed, and New Jersey, where Chhabra formed the theory for Neeman’s while employed in business analytics.
Now, Australia joins the mix, with the merino wool for Neeman’s uppers via Australian Woolmark wool.
Neeman’s follows a direct-to-consumer model because of its sales through its website and has a seven-day trial policy where customers can return the shoes should they don’t like them.
Being environment friendly is so ingrained in the DNA of the business that even the boxes used to ship the shoe are 85% recycled waste paper.
Ensuring productive and friendly working conditions because of their employees and the workers who assemble their shoes is paramount for the founders.

Understated Elegance At The Milan Fashion Week 2019

The Premium Market is likely to grow to $1 billion in the next 3 years.
UK-based brand ashmei produces top quality running and cycling apparel created from Australian Merino wool.
Neeman’s has no plans of liaising with other ecommerce players at the moment but plans to open experiential offline stores make it possible for its customers to see the shoes before purchasing them.
“The investment from our new partner, Sixth Sense Ventures, reassures us that people are taking the right steps and strengthens our commitment to providing people who have superior quality comfortable, eco-friendly and stylish footgear,” he added.
They have 23 stores in major urban centers including San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, D.C., Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Shanghai and Tokyo where they sell sneakers and apparel.
In addition to being able to shop in their stores, their website and app are key outlets for sales.

  • others in the industry to improve the sustainability of their own business processes.
  • Most of Bloch’s Stretch Pointes have a split outsole, which provides greater mobility to the fabric and enables the shoe to raised hug a dancer’s foot.
  • Neeman’s also reduced the number of petroleum based foam with an all natural plant-based castor bean oil and recycled rubber.
  • The purpose of such sustainable products would be to reduce our carbon footprint within the next decade.
  • Pointe shoes are usually handmade, so no two are exactly alike, even if made by the same cobbler.

Since more people are actually becoming alert to the hazardous impact of industrialization on the environment, they’re choosing brands that follow environmentally-friendly approaches for production.
But if we talk about the Indian footwear market, sustainability is missing despite various helped them to design shoes manufactured from natural & sustainable materials that provide supreme comfort and reduce carbon footprints.
With Lightweight, Flexible, Machine Washable and Environment-friendly UnisexSneakers& Wool Joggers, you won’t ever need to compromise between style and comfort and feel just like walking on the cloud.

Meanwhile, the renewable materials useful for their manufacturing make the footwear quite comfortable and green.
THE BRAND NEW York Times noted they were learning to be a mainstay in the minimalist look of Silicon Valley.
And in 2018, The New Yorker devoted two stories to Allbirds, one of which emphasized its eco-friendly aspirations.
And it’s newest product, the Dasher – a performance running shoe – was named one of the 100 Best Inventions of 2020.

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Needledust juttis are created by talented artisans with crystals, sequins, zardosi, color beads, pearls in the elaborate detail work depicting birds, flowers and geometric patterns.
Shirin has introduced mules that are vegan and created from faux-leather alongside kids range of juttis being an addition to her brand.
Each year tonnes of tyres go to landfills which accumulate vast levels of waste.
An Indian brand, Paaduks, has taken up the initiative of recycling these tyres.
Paaduks makes handmade footwear with scrap tyres as soles sufficient reason for other eco-friendly materials— such as for example cork and jute—they make the base and flaps of their footwear.
In line with the footwear industry report, Indian footwear production ranks second globally.
The country attains the third position with regards to footwear consumption.

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