Relaxo: Footwear manufacturer based in India.

from the aspirational consumers in these markets.
India is the second largest footwear manufacturer on the globe with 9% of the annual global production of 22 billion pairs.
Presently about 90% of the footwear produced in India is consumed by the domestic market and the others is exported.

  • Further, active participation in the workforce, supported by evergrowing population and urbanization in the country will fuel market growth.
  • Times changed, the economy changed – therefore did the fortunes of this small shop.
  • “In a word, we successfully completed this project and protected data for greater than a thousand end devices within the strict budget.” said Mr. Ajay Tyagi.

Bata India may be the country’s first footwear manufacturer to receive the prestigious ISO 9001 certification.
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Dua credits a big the main success of the company in its initial years to his knowledge of his raw material.

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Their product portfolio is highly diversified – formals, casuals, ballerina’s shoes, flip-flops – the company has it all.
The company believes that to sell its products, it requires to create good products that focus on the customers’ requirements, and follow it up with premium-level service.
Times changed, the economy changed – therefore did the fortunes of this small shop.

“They always pay their suppliers in time,” says an investor who declined to be named.
All this, with their impeccable roster of products for India’s middle income, make Relaxo a growth story worth watching for several years to come.

The Bahamas product range consists of colorful flip-flops that capture the spirit of youth & modernity.
However, over the last few years, the federal government has de-licensed & de-reserved the footwear sector in India, and also allowed for 100% Foreign Direct Investment .
This is going to provide a welcome push towards modernizing the sector by introducing state-of-the-art production technologies, thereby improving the final product quality.
Of course, you can find quite a few large to large operators in this sector in India as well.
They own huge production facilities, manufacturing top-class footwear that has dedicated markets both in India & abroad.


Coming to most recent figures, it sold 3.9 crore pairs in Q2 FY23, down from 4.6 crore pairs sold in Q2 FY22.
In the 1970s, two brothers, Mukand Lal Dua and Ramesh Kumar Dua, aspired to cultivate their father’s footwear business.
With an initial deposit of ₹10,000, they established the venture in Delhi and gave birth to what Relaxo is today— one of many largest and most popular footwear manufacturers in India.
Constant brainstorming with Relaxo led to RRPL suggesting to opt for a standalone building.
North Delhi offers hardly any such options with all the present day facilities.

After comparing different solutions and conducting a thorough evaluation, Relaxo decided to procure 11 units of Qsan XCubeNAS to install at different locations.
Each XCubeNAS unit was included with built-in backup software for 100 end points as well as XMirror supporting real-time synchronization cross multple Qsan NAS units at different locations.
Having a pan India distribution footprint, Relaxo also operates a 350+ strong network of own shops, with availability on all major e commerce portals aswell.
The footwear industry is identified by the Indian government as important sector beneath the Make In India mission.
The Indian footwear industry expects to attain $27.84 billion by 2027, with the potential to grow 10-fold!

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Other people who have committed to and tracked the company say that the Dua family has become the down to earth they will have met.
The offices till a few years ago operated from the nondescript building in New Rohtak Road, an industrial area in Delhi.

Manufacturing execution systems have been playing an integral role in this optimization to track and document the transformation of raw materials to finished goods.
MES provides information that help manufacturing decision makers understand how current conditions on the plant floor can be optimized to boost production output.
MES works as a genuine time monitoring system make it possible for control of multiple components of the production process (e.g. inputs, personnel, machines and support services).
With an increase of than 8 manufacturing facilities harboring the capacity to produce ~7.5 Lac pair/day cross India, Relaxo continuously focuses on optimizing their operations for faster and more efficient production of quality products.
It works as a real time monitoring system make it possible for control of multiple components of the production process (e.g. inputs, personnel, machines and support services).
Relaxo, a brand renowned because of its rubber slippers, may be the most versatile footwear for several segments of society while Flite offers a popular selection of fashionable and semi- formal slippers.

This is the significant moat,” says Sanjay Bakshi, an investor in the company.
Industry watchers also say that with an average pair realisation of Rs 125, there’s significant potential for the company to take this up.

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