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Additionally, when bugs or features require updates to UEFI shim, the quantity of images signed are multiplied by the amount of authorities.
Signing certificate revocation is not practical for the Windows and Microsoft UEFI CAs because it would revoke too many UEFI applications and drivers, specifically for Option ROMs.
That is true even for the UEFI CA leaf certificates because they generally sign 1 entire year of UEFI images.
For this reason UEFI revocations have, until recently, been performed via image hash.
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However, both of those components will need to meet the global minimum generation number for that component.
An extremely likely scenario would be a product is shipped having an incomplete fix necessary for a particular minimum generation number, but is labeled with that number.
Metadata that includes owner, product family, product, component, version and generation are put into artifacts.
New image authorization data structures, akin to the EFI_CERT_foo EFI_SIGNATURE_DATA structure , describe how this metadata could be incorporated into allow or deny lists.

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However, once the global number is bumped for the next upstream CVE fix you will have no further have to carry that product-specific generation number.
Satisfying the check of the global number may also exclude the older product-specific binaries.

Uefi Shim Bootloader Secure Boot Life-cycle Improvements

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The global and product-specific generation number name spaces are not tied to each other.
The global number is managed externally, and almost all products will never publish the very least product-specific generation number for any of their components.
SBAT revocation data would then require a GRUB with a global generation amount of 4, in addition to a product-specific generation number of 1 for the product that had the vulnerable binary.
We could conceivably support sub-components, but it’s hard to conceive of a scenario that would trigger a UEFI variable update that wouldn’t justify a hypervisor or kernel re-release to enforce that sub-component level from there.
Something similar to a “level 1.5 hypervisor” that can exist between different kernel generations can be viewed as its own component.

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  • Additionally, in the event that a bypass only manifests in a specific product’s component, vendors may require a product-specific generation number to be published for just one of these product’s components.
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  • The global number is managed externally, and the vast majority of products won’t publish a minimum product-specific generation number for any of these components.

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Getting started How to get started and things to consider when choosing a school based apprenticeship or traineeship.
Grub.debian still got updated to 2 within their .sbat data, just because a vulnerability was fixed that’s only covered by that updated number.
Adding a .sbat section containing the SBAT metadata structure to PE images.

Asthma Care Challenges

However, if we assume that new UEFI variable are used, to be serviced by 1 entity per variable , then the existing, in-market SetVariable(), without the APPEND attribute, could be used.
Microsoft currently issues dbx updates exclusively with the APPEND attribute under the assumption that multiple entities may be servicing dbx.
Whenever a new revocation event takes place, rather than increasing how big is variables with image hashes, existing variables can simply be updated with new security generations, consuming no additional space.
This constrains the amount of entries to the number of unique boot components revoked, independent of generations revoked.
The perfect solution is may support several major/minor versions, limiting revocation to build/security generations, perhaps via wildcards.

Until an element (e.g. the Linux kernel) gains SBAT metadata it could not be revoked via SBAT, but only by revoking the keys signing that component.
These keys will reside in separate, product-specific signed PE files which contain only the certificate and SBAT metadata for the key files.
These key files can then be revoked via SBAT so that you can invalidate and replace a specific key.
While certificates included in Shim could be revoked via SBAT and Shim introspection, this practice would still create a proliferation of Shim binaries that could must be revoked via dbx in case of an early on Shim code bug.

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