Socure Inc.: Socure is a technology company that provides identity verification solutions to businesses to help prevent fraud and improve customer experiences.

on- and offline data from email, phone, IP, physical address, social media and the web, and provide real-time authentication.
The technology helps drive financial inclusion, boosting acceptance rates for millennials and other thin-file applicants by as much as 40%.

Identify opportunities for optimization, redesign, or process improvement with a concentrate on end-to-end business processes.
Expert using cohesive/complementary software solutions, collaboration systems, and internal tools.
Veriff can be an AI-driven global tech company that develops a visionary verification platform.
Veriff analyzes a large number of technological and behavioral variables in seconds, verifying people from 190+ countries.
Predict the risk of an address utilizing various risk intelligence and residency attributes including deliverability, tenure of the identity at the address, property type, and also links between an identity and alternative addresses.
Identify and isolate synthetic identity risk at enrollment and in existing customer portfolios utilizing Socure’s proprietary fraud prediction models and automated ML pipelines.

new online customers.
The global pandemic left multitudes of people without recourse when engaging in online banking and other financial transactions.
Consequently, most financial institutions needed to quickly adjust to provide safe and secure digital banking platforms and updated online banking features to existing and clients.
Token of Trust is trusted by people around the world, from meeting people online to managing a business.
Both mobile and web users can access the Token of Trust®, that allows them to verify and make decisions.
All platforms and marketplaces need to verify users, increase consumer confidence, and build trust.
SmartSearch makes it easy to adhere to AML, KYC, and Identity Verification.


Leverage the power of device and behavioral data to create a world of trust and ease across the digital identity lifecycle from account origination to monitoring online sessions and beyond.
Be an advocate for end users, always striving to create processes and services available and simple to use for an individual community.
Develop end-user training and methods to increase user adoption of new tools, software, and processes.
The successful candidate will have a very strong track record of collaborating with enterprise sales, channel sales and cross-functional teams to build up, execute, and measure strategic, integrated programs that create a qualified pipeline for revenue growth.
Socure’s solutions are fully automated—accessible via a single, RESTful API and will be implemented so that they serve online, call center, and in-person use cases.
For in-person use cases, Socure can embed its capabilities right into a kiosk easily operable by a consumer.

Our research has discovered that collecting an ID image reduces conversion rates by 29 percent, but only reduces fraud by 1.5 percent.
Similarly, collecting document metadata—such as date of birth, Social Security number, address, etc.—reduces conversions by 15 percent with just a 1 percent reduction in fraud.

  • Get peace-of-mind with accurate data for 100% of businesses and Secretary of States.
  • Plus, it cultivates customer trust and is a key contributing factor to overall satisfaction.
  • Implement probably the most challenging components of the machine and help others in their implementations to be able to ensure the merchandise is secure, reliable and performant.
  • The best document recognition software available to buy, even for non-Latin languages.
  • Different devices useful for online banking may offer varying choices for accessing online accounts and completing online transactions securely.

International verification can be difficult due to differences in technology, regulatory and cultural norms.
We’re able to verify international businesses and individuals due to our unique capability to combine multiple data sources.
Following the initial AML/KYC checks are completed, we monitor all clients daily and alert you if you have any change within their Sanctions status or PEP status.
To ensure compliance, we can also perform retrospective checks on clients.

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Because the world eased right into a new normal, the reliance on digital banking only continued to increase and normalize.
From new account applications to processing payments and transfers, the duty of managing customer identities, data, and activities within the digital space has played a far more significant role in fighting financial fraud.
All-in-one identity verification, fraud prevention, and compliance platform.
Discover key methods for you to leverage BioCatch’s unique behavior insights and technology to safeguard vulnerable customers, while also reducing customer friction and burdens on institutions’ fraud prevention practices.
The CB Insights tech market intelligence platform analyzes an incredible number of data points on vendors, products, partnerships, and patents to greatly help your team find their next technology solution.

The IdentiFlo Management Platform features robust security tools, product control and reporting, and also an interior support ticketing system.
Agents can manage their sales force and monitor the performance of their clients.
Agents can also show the Platform to clients or review transaction volumes for existing clients.

What Problems Can Id+ Solve For Zoot’s Clients?

Onfido delivers an AI-based technology with facial biometrics to assess whether a user’s government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent.
Request a demo with an identity verification and fraud expert to find out more.
Accurately verify account ownership and status with consortium-powered analytics while supercharging customer conversion and reducing risk.
Analyze every dimension of a consumer identity to capture around 90% of fraud in

After all, documentation is an essential element of any in-branch account-opening process.
The partnership may be the first instance in which two Know Your Business and Know Your Customer (KYC0 innovators have created an integrated, end-to-end business verification solution.
Behavioral biometrics analysis analyzes typical user behavior when getting together with a device, such as for example what sort of user types on the keyboard, holds their phone or touches the screen.
The analysis may mark any behavioral anomaly as suspicious and subsequently prevent a user from reaching a transaction page.
Access the latest report from Aite-Novarica for insights on which is driving scam activity globally, how potential regulatory actions could impact reimbursement models and innovative solutions that may address the issue.
Keep up to date on the latest news and breakthroughs in behavioral biometrics and online account fraud.

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