HubSpot’s integration with SurveyMonkey permits you to send surveys from HubSpot and use SurveyMonkey data in HubSpot to segment and qualify your contacts.
Gather periodic feedback on your own product or process with surveys centered on NPS, client satisfaction, ROI, and more.

Spectrum has been instrumental in all respects of the company’s growth and strategic initiatives.
SurveyMonkey now has over 60 million new users and works with 98% of the Fortune 100 companies.

Syncing Email Addresses And Names From Survey Respondents

In addition, over 17,000 applications have utilized SurveyMonkey’s API as part of their customer’s systems of record.
You could have single answer, multiple choice with multiple answers, rating scale, and 3 matrix type questions in the close-ended category.
Single textbox, multiple textboxes, essay box, numerical textboxes, demographic details, and date/time box options could be chosen from the open-ended questions.
This is more than sufficient to create high-quality professional surveys for the users.
Signing up for a paid plan through the app unlocks usage of more complex survey tools via an auto-renewing subscription.
Subscription prices can vary greatly predicated on your country of purchase.

The question can be added any place in your survey and the e-mail address field label can be in any language.
Customer Blog Examples of how real customers use HubSpot because of their business.
HubSpot Developers Ask questions and connect to users building on HubSpot.
Click Data Preview to preview the questions in the survey.
Upon successful authorization, you’re redirected to a data import page displaying a list of your surveys.
Click the SurveyMonkey connector icon from the info source list.
Premium plans also offer you more customization options like adding a custom “Thank You” page and generating a printable PDF version.

The Momentive Inc. product portfolio includes Momentive, GetFeedback, and SurveyMonkey.
Easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls for any audience.
“Wufoo’s simplicity gives me the opportunity to collect large numbers of data and customize the info.”
Compare Wufoo and SurveyMonkey to choose which will help you meet your targets.
By registering, you consent to Zapier’s terms of service and online privacy policy.
Gainsight Essentials Essential features and onboarding to assist you start and scale with Gainsight in as little as two weeks.

Sync Surveymonkey Data To Hubspot

Only the last response for a survey per contact will undoubtedly be stored in HubSpot.
On the next screen, clickAuthorize to provide HubSpot permission to gain access to your SurveyMonkey account.
You’ll want Edit property settings and App Marketplace Access permissions on your own HubSpot account.

  • The basic plan has all of the features you will need, including 24×7 customer care.
  • By 2013, SurveyMonkey raised $800 million in debt and equity valuing the business at $1.35 billion.
  • Healthcare Deliver proactive, preventative care that enables you to retain
  • You can always try, and only upgrade once the need arises.
  • However, you will not be able to utilize the email collector method continue.

SurveyMonkey is a leading global survey software company on a mission to power the curious.
The company’s People Powered Data platform empowers over 17 million active users to measure and understand feedback from employees, customers, website and app users, and the market.
SurveyMonkey’s products, enterprise solutions, and integrations enable 350,000+ organizations to resolve daily challenges, from delivering better customer experiences to improve employee retention.
With SurveyMonkey, organizations around the globe can transform feedback into business intelligence that drives growth and innovation.
Results are viewed as respondents complete their surveys.

The basic plan enables you to have only 10 questions per survey with a maximum of 100 responses per survey .
In 2017, the company rolled out “SurveyMonkey Genius” which estimates survey performance and makes actionable suggestions to increase survey effectiveness.
In August, the business launched “SurveyMonkey CX” which assists organizations in managing their customer experience programs.
Get a platform that may grow and change together with your survey needs over time.
Browse our plans to learn more about specific features.

Popular Surveymonkey Integrations

By subscribing you agree to the Atlassian Cloud Terms of Service.
This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.
Get text message notifications whenever SurveyMonkey creates or resolves an incident.

Update contact properties, however they can look on the contact timeline.
You may also view and segment the response data on individual contact records and in lists.
Any new email addresses will be created as new contacts in HubSpot.
Existing contacts will have the survey data added to their contact record.
If the sync to HubSpot stops, uninstall and reinstall the SurveyMonkey app in your HubSpot account to reset the connection.
The essential plan has all of the features you will need, including 24×7 customer care.

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