Swoop: Budget airline operating out of Canada and offering mostly domestic flights.

Compared to a great many other industries, aviation is a highly capital-intensive industry requiring large sums of investments only to start operating.
This is one of the factors preventing many companies to emerge being an airline group as the toll of potential business failure could possibly be such that it disincentives some investors from allocating funds to take risks.

corporate strategy enabled WestJet to sustain steady growth since its establishment.
Between 2011 and 2019, the airline group improved its revenue by roughly 26 percent, generating over 3.8 billion U.S. dollars in revenue during 2019.
The amount of passengers carried by WestJet increased much rapidly, up from 17 million in 2012 to 26 million air travelers in 2019.

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West Coast and the cargo team at BIAL also achieved record numbers over this period, with the airport becoming India’s leading airport for the export of perishables.
These initiatives amongst numerous others, meant that the airport won ACI World’s ‘Voice of the Customer’ initiative, which recognised BIAL airports efforts to prioritise their customers during COVID-19.
Raghunath has remained a staunch and resilient leader during this uncertain time and is very much indeed appreciated by his team.
Avelo, which launched with point-to-point flights on the West Coast from Burbank, Calif., recently added a fresh East Coast base in New Haven, Conn., with several destinations in Florida and flying as far west as Chicago.
In April, the flight calendar showed one-ways between New Haven and Tampa, Fla., from $69, with seats from $6, carry-ons for $40 and checked bags from $35.
By summer, it plans to include new flights to Berlin, Dublin, Milan, Munich and Rome, and restart seven routes suspended during the pandemic, including service to Frankfurt, Nice and Zurich.

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Founded as a low-cost carrier in 1996, WestJet is really a Canadian airline group with its headquarters in Calgary.
The implementation of the LCC business design in Canada enabled WestJet to be highly-competitive.
Consequently, WestJet soon became the second-largest Canadian airline with over one-third of the Canadian domestic market share by 2018.
In addition to its domestic air transportation services, WestJet also flies to other UNITED STATES, Central American, and some European destinations.

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