Urbankisaan: Indian sustainable vertical farm that delivers fresh produce directly to customers.

With the investment from BASF, UrbanKisaan plans to expand its market presence in India further, deploy its farming technology to work with a large number of farmers, and bring fresh, local, sustainable produce to urban dwellers.
New York City has become a laboratory for urban agriculture within the last decade.
The City began to make significant strides in 2007 with the founding of the Mayor’s Office of Food Policy, although urban agricultural initiatives are sponsored by other city agencies, too.
The City’s Department of Environmental Protection, for example, offers a grant program for private home owners in combined sewer regions of New York City.
Urban agriculture has been within West African cities for decades.
The practice of vegetable cultivation in Ghana began under European colonization.

  • In Havana, 90% of the city’s fresh produce come from local urban farms and gardens.
  • life of 5 lakhs farmer, decrease the import burden of Rs. 48,000 Cr and mitigate 140Mn ton of CO2.
  • Community gardens give citizens the opportunity to learn about horticulture through trial and error and get a better understanding of the process of producing food along with other plants.
  • We set supply to existing vegetable shops from our farmer groups and enable these stores with additional online sales.
  • Farming startups are businesses that focus on developing new forms of agriculture and food production.

Farmers no more need to move behind the automobile in hot sun for cultivation because of our wireless technologies.
On the next 5 years, Sand Bird includes a strong potential to impact the life of 5 lakhs farmer, reduce the import burden of Rs. 48,000 Cr and mitigate 140Mn ton of CO2.

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The next thing is they buy back the produce, rebrand it and sell it to local supermarkets.
The produce available for sale will undoubtedly be given a QR code which brings the history of the product right to your fingertips, because of Blockchain technology.
They have partnered with Womenergy, a club of women entrepreneurs.

  • Places like Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, England, Texas have a great deal of cows, sheep, and goats walking the land rather than fed through a trough.
  • The company currently holds 70 acres of farmland on which it operates its greenhouses, and has over 90 clients across 175 locations in South India.
  • That Japanese population is in decline and creating individual houses far from the center of the city is going totally against what ought to be done to counter potential food crisis and the true environmental crisis.
  • Urban agriculture, urban farming, or urban gardening may be the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or about urban areas.

The organization includes numerous programs such as the Garden Resource Program, which supports 1600 urban farms, and Grown in Detroit, which connects urban farmers with local markets and restaurants.
The organization is also partnered with several youth groups and has a seven-week summer apprentice program focused on farming, business, finance and leadership skills.
In 2019, KGD helped hundreds of new farmers secure land and educated them about the great things about and keys to urban agriculture.


Working towards Food sustainability by making hydroponics easily adoptable and scalable.
Eliminating as much as human manual labour by introducing automation and technology.
Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd is really a 3 Decade-old company engaged in the manufacturing of Healthcare consumables and disposables like Masks, Gowns, along with other PPE’s.
Our current capacities include 3 Automatic and Semi-Automatic Manufacturing units spread over 1,80,000 Sq.

Email, SMS, and much more — Klaviyo brings your marketing altogether, fueling growth without burning through time and resources.
The average investment for a farming business may differ widely depending on kind of farming business, the size and scope of the operation, and the equipment and supplies needed.
AgNext is targeted on quality estimates in agriculture and food at the interface of hardware, software, and analytics.
The agro-food and environmental biotech industries are served by Ynsect’s goods and services.

Then you have the segments of the population that don’t see any benefit to more nutritious foods and thing all of them are the same.
The only concern I have is soil, nutrient supplementation quality – profit focus would dictate trying to include bare minimum nutrients which doesn’t necessarily yield the very best food but “good enough” being produced.
The high cost being the consequence of overregulation and overzealous safety standards points to a trivial treatment for reduce those costs, and nuclear power is region-agnostic, unlike solar, wind or hydroelectric.

A Flint, Michigan study found that those participating in community gardens consumed vegetables and fruit 1.4 times more each day and were 3.5 times more likely to consume fruits or vegetables at least 5 times daily (p. 1).
Garden-based education may also yield nutritional benefits in children.
An Idaho study reported a positive association between school gardens and increased intake of fruit, vegetables, vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber among sixth graders.
Harvesting vegetables and fruit initiates the enzymatic process of nutrient degradation which is especially detrimental to water soluble vitamins such as for example ascorbic acid and thiamin.
The process of blanching produce in order to freeze or can reduce nutrient content slightly, but not nearly around the number of time spent in storage.

Workshops are also available to those interested in rearing urban hens.
However, failure to abide by these rules and

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