Vue 3: A JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications. It is the third major version of the Vue.js framework.

New frameworks for SPAs emerge every half of a year promising to revolutionize the UI world.
If you check Wikipedia you’ll find about 25 JS frameworks and over 80 JS libraries aiming to simplify different aspects of the frontend development.
Vue.js may be used when designing web applications that need to be simple and fast.
If a platform must support simultaneous transactions of multiple users, then your efficiency, speed and performance of Vue.js is suitable for this platform.
Becoming a pro by learning Vue.js is really a shorter process in comparison to React.js.
Opt for this in the Vue.js vs React.js comparison.

The router can match the current URL to other routes which are accustomed to load data, display templates, and show the app state.
An excessive amount of flexibility in the Vue framework is really a disadvantage because of an inconsistent codebase.
Easy to learn and is easily adaptable by newbies as they are more familiar with the HTML and JS script, usually in the same file. [newline]Vue.js, if downloaded as a ZIP, only ways 18k as compared with other frameworks.
Apart from Gmail, a number of other Google products and websites like, Google Play Store, and the Gsuite homepage use Angular as their trusted front-end development tool.

  • or DOM are unnecessary.
  • With Vue.js increasingly popular in China, a significant part of its content and discussions is, not surprisingly, in Chinese.
  • React’s migration friendliness and capability to perform seamless integration certainly don’t hurt its popularity in front-end development.

Backbone.js is specifically made for Single Page Applications .
AN INDIVIDUAL Page Application is a web application that loads all the resources required to use the application on the initial page load.
This eliminates the need to reload the page when navigating to different sections of the application.
Ember has a dev tool built into the ember-CLI which you can use to x-ray or debug your Ember app.
Everything in Ember could be tagged as a service or a component, that is readily available around your Ember app and can be called anytime.
React’s functional component looks similar to your JavaScript functions that makes it easy when to learn because you are familiar with it.

Community Support

However, while choosing what things to adopt you must remember those differences presented in the table to help make the right choice. [newline]Vue.js framework can be viewed as a progressive technology for creating user interfaces of varying complexity.
It is like Angular and React since it uses a component-based architecture but differs from them in its simplicity and user-friendliness.
Rather than optimizing code manually, Vue.js acts as a compiler, in order to render swiftly and stay fast.

React.js may be used when developing complex and functional web and mobile applications.
Because JavaScript is used throughout development, it must be relatively easy to get capable individuals who are acquainted with JS frameworks such as for example React.js and Vue.js.

Languages & Frameworks

To avoid unnecessary re-renders of child components, you should either use PureComponent or implement shouldComponentUpdate once you can.
You may also have to use immutable data structures to make your state changes more optimization-friendly.

Vue’s incapability to fully support large-scale development projects is another reason which allows React and Angular to take the lead.
Vue is another open-source JS Framework developed by former Google employee Evan You in February 2014, mainly for building User Interfaces and Single Page Applications .
A younger Framework that has only reached its third stable version, Vue is maintained by a team of professional developers under You’s leadership.

React is frequently plagued with complaints about poor documentation that cannot catch up with new releases and features, forcing developers.
Also, do not forget React.js is backed by one of the world’s largest & most powerful companies– Facebook.
Direction Dataflow – The primary difference is React.js follows a downward directional data flow architecture.
This ensures that a child element cannot affect the parent making the code more stable and less prone to errors.
Easy Integration – Allows easy integration with other front-end and back-end frameworks just like the popular PHP framework Laravel to work seamlessly without a hitch.
As per hawaii of JS, it’s been ranking 1st in the list of front end best JavaScript frameworks worldwide for the 7th consecutive year!
React has polled 1st place since 2016, before mainstream rivals Vue.js and AngularJS as the best JavaScript frameworks.

The Pros Of Vuejs

With so many selections for JavaScript frameworks for front end, back-end development, as well as testing, it’s difficult to find the best JavScript framework to your account.
Vue.js keeps a good focus on UI, as it requires only HTML, CSS, and JS to utilize it, without an excessive amount of Vue-specific stuff.
For instance, IBM used Vue as a front-end framework for its Hybrid Cloud, due to its lightweight, gentle learning curve, and reliance on HTML, CSS, and JS.

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