AKKO: A company that produces and sells high-quality, mechanical keyboards and other computer peripherals.

What type of switch most closely emulates a mac keyboard? I like my mac keyboard but have been looking into ergonomic mechanical keyboards like the Moonlander. Key travel, how far the switch goes from fully depressed to bottoming out. You’ll likely be experienced with lower travel keyboards in laptops like the new Macbook . The standard travel distance is 4 mm but there have been a few low travel mechanical switches released in the past few years. Unless you know you prefer a shallow travel, I’d stick with a standard travel key switch. A quick refresher,actuation pointis the point where the key switch sends the signal to the computer,bottom out is when the key switch is fully pressed down.

  • The more expensive options come with aluminum frames, but I could tell from the moment I picked up the Akko 3068B that it wasn’t cheap.
  • With a 16.8million color RGB backlight, the AKKO PC75B Plus keyboard creates a beautiful magical aura with its bright RGB backlight.
  • Although it has a nice heft to it, the Akko 3098 is slightly smaller than a full-sized keyboard.
  • To help people find info about switches quickly, I’ve put together this living database of switches that log all information I could find on the switches.

If the user is bottoming out on orings, then he might as well use a rubber dome keyboard. There is almost no benefit to using a mechanical keyboard if the user is bottoming out. But Logitech has the habit of mixing different models of switches in the same keyboard model..

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The second is a layer of noise reduction foam within the keyboard. “You have a design in your brain of wanting pink keycaps, but there are literally millions of shades of pink,” explains Kevin Mak, who heads up keyboard-focused retailer Drop’s original product lineup. “It’s a very, very, very time-consuming process” to do right, Mak says. But as designer keycaps have become more popular, so have cheaper knockoffs.

Akko’s keyboards are super customizable, especially once you dive into the world of artisan keycaps. Corsair’s aluminum frame K70 keyboard can be customized with clicky or silent Cherry MX switches. MX is a type of switch, so from the name, I’m guessing it uses MX style switches . Specifically MX describes the shape of the connectors on the switch. This means the keyboard will be compatible with aftermarket key caps, which are very popular. Dierya makes an assortment of multi-device BT keyboards that are pretty close to your price range.

The vast majority of affordable PBT keycaps are dye sublimated, which are fine, but nowhere near as good as these doubleshots. Brad MoonThe slightly compressed keyboard, rounded ASA keycaps and Red switches took a little getting used to, but I was able to type comfortably using the keyboard. It was definitely much quieter than my usual mechanical keyboards.

8bitdo Ultimate Wireless Controller (switch/windows)

Once the order processes and is accepted by our warehouse, you may still request cancellation, however please know that cancellation at that stage is not guaranteed. Please describe your problems that you encountered with as musch detail as you can.

  • That’s a seriously stocky board which certainly won’t fare well in a backpack, but will stand strong on your table top.
  • Angled top.YMDK OEM PBT KeycapsCherryVery similar to OEM profile, but shorter.
  • In truth, this is a bit of a misnomer these days as it would be more accurate to say that a 65-percent keyboard generally has around 65 keys .
  • Please kindly note that a shipping fee that is extremely higher than the 15% of product value is non-refundable.

I do have a couple of old Logitech keyboards, collecting dust in a bin, upstairs. Any regular Cherry MX keyboard is going to have tall keys, and it is just aweful for programming in general . The switches and stabilizers are very different between layouts. I can’t imagine how would that work outside of re-soldering some switches and reassembling the board, if the PCB allows.

The Logitech unifying receiver is FUBAR and no firmware updates will remedy that. Logitech sometimes push firmware updates for their receivers for security reasons. I’ll stick with my 12 year old WASD Code and Model M thank you very much. ‘MX’ made me think it might have been Cherry, but the review says Chocs, so that’s what I’ll believe. MX is probably included to signal ‘MX compatible stem’. Under specs, they have several flavors of “ Graphite MX Mechanical” switches.

Their switches are also very competitive and can easily compete with other budget switches, such as the Gateron Milky Yellow switches. In summary, Akko offers very high-quality products that are both affordable and readily available.

The ability to combine keyboard and mouse into one connection is a huge selling point, and Bluetooth sucks. But Logitech is merely coasting on its fading brand, not even bothering to update its connectors. This is my exact reason for going Logitech keyboard and mouse. With a thunderbolt dock I can use either one at my desk. I don’t have to fiddle with pairing anything, just plug in the computer and the keyboard and mouse show up. If I travel then I just pack my mouse and pair it with my laptop via Bluetooth while away. This keyboard has USB-C, as do many of Logitech’s other products.

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