Fyllo: Cloud-based regulatory software suite.

Revenue risksEvery compliance misstep risks delays in products addressing shelves, or worse, requiring product to be destroyed.
Not long ago, the role of the General Counsel pertaining to compliance in highly-regulated industries was largely about establishing sensible guardrails.
The job was to make sure a solid approach centered on good reporting, defensible “best-effort” internal practices, and a rock-solid audit trail.
You are a self-motivated, proactive team player with a bias to use it and solutions.
Maintain high degrees of customer engagement and satisfaction with a concentrate on customer loyalty.
Navigate today’s super-dynamic, still-forming regulatory landscape with speed and certainty.

“Ever since i have was just a little kid, I’ve always been an entrepreneur,” said Chad Bronstein.
The affable 34-year-old founder and ceo of Fyllo, a compliance, marketing, and data company, grinned and rubbed his sleeve of tattoos as he recounted an adolescence spent honing his hustling.
You can centralize your inventory, operations, and METRC compliance into one streamlined system.
You can manage, scale, optimize, and optimize your entire legal cannabis supply chain.
Our data-rich MJ Platform permits preventative compliance, inventory visibility and simplified operations.

In 2018, the business suddenly found itself fielding inquiries from Canadian licensed producers, CBD brands like Charlotte’s Web, and vape manufacturers like Juul, all looking for advertising solutions.
But given the marketing restrictions on cannabis and the opaque regional laws governing operators’ ability to market, ad platforms weren’t in a position to help.
Spotting opportunities that others overlooked would turn into a specialty for the budding entrepreneur, who created Fyllo in reaction to the myriad compliance challenges faced by major cannabis operators in 2018.
The business enterprise immediately flourished, scaling at breakneck speed as Bronstein and his team unearthed additional revenue streams.
Though the acquisitions initially seemed unorthodox, the diverse entities combined to create a formidable and cohesive data, advertising, and compliance solution.
Flowhub, the top cannabis retail software company, helps dispensaries thrive by providing compliance, point-of-sale, inventory tracking, business intelligence data,…

  • DataOwl, which gives promotional marketing, loyalty, and point-of-sale solutions.
  • insight into emerging legislation in municipalities any place in the country, helping them get yourself a head start license applications and identify acquisition targets.
  • centralize your inventory, operations, and METRC compliance into one streamlined system.
  • This sliver of insight alone paints an image of an extremely desirable consumer for a wide selection of industries—particularly quick-service restaurants, that have started aggressively targeting weed smokers in a bid to capture the growth the category enjoyed in the early 2000s.
  • Fyllo’s suite of services includes its recently acquired CannaRegs, a regulatory compliance tool for the cannabis industry, and DataOwl, a retail marketing and point-of-sale solution.

Taking this strategy into account, we wanted to develop a visual appear and feel that appealed to a market whose mission is to conquer compliance.
This demographic included personas such as for example lawyers, legal groups, and operators in highly regulated industries.

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Fyllo’s unique hybrid of novel consumer data, real-time legislative insights out of every jurisdiction in the country, SMS and MMS marketing, and advertising compliance is applauded by clients for helping them avoid the ire of regulators while aggressively competing.
Funds from the Series B will undoubtedly be used to double the Company’s engineering team, scale operations and sales, and accelerate the delivery of compliance automation answers to publishers, advertisers and operators.
Furthermore, the team will be attempting to bolster its cloud-based enterprise solution, integrating the point-of-sale, CRM and retail marketing technologies acquired from DataOwl into the platform.
Weedmaps was founded in 2008 and is a leader in technology and software infrastructure for the cannabis industry.
Our cloud-based software and data solutions include point of sale, logistics, and ordering solutions.
“Together, our solutions-oriented technology enables customers to automate marketing, reduce friction, build loyalty, and ultimately increase sales. Combined with Fyllo,we have been bringing a holistic solution that cannabis companies require to thrive in this growing and competitive marketplace.”

Identify common customer challenges and actively suggest better solutions and collaborate cross-functionally with Sales, Compliance, Finance & Product teams.
“I got the shit kicked out of me,” he said, chuckling and shaking his head as he recalled rejection after rejection.
“Anyone who says they arrived to the cannabis industry and didn’t get the shit kicked out of them is lying.
The CannaRegs acquisition occurred when both companies were relatively young—Fyllo was barely nine months old at the time—but Bronstein and his team, guided by savvy investors like Jason Wild of JW Asset Management, saw enormous potential in the combination.
CannaRegs allowed Fyllo to offer major operators insight into emerging legislation in municipalities any place in the country, helping them get a head start license applications and identify acquisition targets.
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While we consider these assumptions to be reasonable based on information currently available to management, there is absolutely no assurance that such expectations will prove to be correct.
You’re compassionate and customer-centric at your core with the ability to easily adopt litigant perspective.
Deeply understand the Cannaregs platform in addition to customers’ core workflows to supply customers guidance on the simplest way to use Cannaregs because of their specific processes and needs.
This is usually a perfect opportunity for a person who loves working in fast-paced startup environments and wants to help blaze the trail for future growth.
This position requires a high degree of organization, strategic thinking along with a proactive, problem-solving mindset.

Compliance Missteps Exceed Financial To Reputational

CHICAGO, Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Because the dependence on compliant marketing and data solutions continues to grow Fyllo, the leader in compliance-first SaaS solutions for highly regulated industries, has closed a $40M Series C round led by Eminence Capital.

In addition, non-cannabis companies, in industries as diverse as consumer packaged goods, beverages, and gaming, can leverage Fyllo’s data marketplace to reach highly valuable cannabis and CBD consumers within their media campaigns.
Fyllo is a software company that delivers compliance-first solutions for highly regulated industries.
He and his team recognize the potential for expanding their platform across a range of highly regulated industries, such as for example online gambling and telemedicine.

Consumer Products & Retail Overview

The statute provides damages ranging from $500 to $1,500 per call or text placed directly or indirectly, which could total a fatal blow for small companies.
The most interesting facet of the acquisition could very well be the mix of SMS and MMS messaging with Fyllo’s existing compliance software, which ensures communications delivered to consumers’ phones are compliant and aligned with regulations, including those for 10-digit long codes .
They’re also 67 percent more prone to have adopted home delivery services like Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates.

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