Grow group: Biopharmaceutical company producing cannabis-based medicines.

Over the six months to June 30, 2022 the company reported £11.2k in revenues, which came entirely from LVL’s clinical study, up from no revenues in the same period a year earlier, with a gross loss of £12.4k.
According to the company, this 5.7x rise in revenues was because of a 300% increase in the quantity of patients being supplied by Grow in the UK, Germany and Ireland, reporting ‘over 2,000’ at year end.
With markets still reeling from last week’s turmoil and business leaders around the world finding your way through an imminent recession, the race will now be on for every of these companies to tighten their purse strings and shift their operations towards profitability.
To speed up the procedure, patients should bring a copy of their medical records.
These are then forwarded to the clinic in advance of the initial consultation.
Own production to ensure consistent supply, low cost, and optimise supply chain.

  • The company has successfully raised two rounds of financing, the final from American cannapreneur and rapper, Snoop Dogg.
  • Operating in both a vertically integrated and partner model to guarantee the optimal, broadest way to obtain truly differentiated cannabis medicines to essentially drive the very best outcomes for patients.
  • Epson today announced a fresh addition to its ColorWorks® on-demand color label…
  • Founded in the summer of 2018, Avida Global is really a producer of high-quality medicinal cannabis oils for the worldwide medical and well-being markets​.

Climate change may be the issue of another decade and beyond, and the cannabis industry will undoubtedly be affected like any.
DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. – Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals is proud to announce that it has received four federal licenses to grow, research, develop, and manufacture alternative drugs derived from cannabis and other botanicals in December 2021.
Cannabis is really a medicinal plant that is used for thousands of years, but the first active ingredients in the plant, THC and CBD, and also their biological target system in your body, the endocannabinoid system, were discovered only decades ago.
We are wanting to be at the forefront, together with partners from academia and clinic, to elicit further secrets of the abundant medicinal plant, that will allow us to develop tailored formulations to take care of different indications down the road.
Cultivation and processing of medical cannabis operates from our site in Denmark.

Welcome To Canify 
- A Pharma Company With A Beating Heart

Like Big Tobacco companies, Big Pharma’s fascination with the medical cannabis industry grows with the space’s fast-evolving cannabinoids industry.
R&D on cannabinoids is achieving exciting results in the procedure application.
For this reason, it is likely to see further involvement of pharmaceutical companies in the medical cannabis industry in the next years.
Founded in 2017, their driving focus is to unlock the untapped potential of medicinal cannabis.
With an impressive goal to function as world’s leading medicinal cannabis provider by 2025 while providing their products at a realistic price, Grow is raising funds to take its work to another level.
Canify is approaching the finish line to operate as an authorized producer and distributor of medical cannabis products in Europe.
Today, we have been building our passionate, experienced, and strongly focused team.

Cannabis is really a massive opportunity, but marketing cannabis products in the diverse European market is really a complex challenge.
Across Europe, some countries allow the usage of medicinal products containing cannabinoids, while others allow the medical usage of unauthorized products or preparations.
Others don’t allow manufacture but do permit cannabis import, during other countries you can do both.
It really is hoped that standardised assessment of performance decrements, such of the findings of the trial, will inform policy guidelines concerning responsible use of medicinal cannabis products. [newline]Germany’s first publicly traded distributor, importer, and manufacturer, located in Berlin, also has the distinction to be helmed by one of the few women executives in the market, Pia Marten.
The company has also established a Portuguese subsidiary, that is a jv with local partners to initially distribute medical cannabis to Portuguese pharmacies.
The modern-day reintegration of cannabinoids into the physicians’ therapeutic toolbox continues to be in its infancy.

The only way to register cannabis there is through an imported license.
The founders of the company have extensive experience in the German cannabis industry.
They originally founded Pedianos as Germany changed its medical law to add cannabis.
Also, they are continually bringing in cannabis and cannabinoid medicines from various parts of the planet.
This new addition to the medical cannabis clinic and telehealth space in Germany is entering the market at a fascinating time – and increasing against several competent competitors.
With clinics opening this year in Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf and just south of Frankfurt, the firm also just acquired a German GDP distributor.
Based in Berlin, this GDP-certified distributor was founded in 2019 by Boris Moshkovits.

We distribute our products to European pharmaceutical wholesalers along with directly to pharmacies.
Canify operates at the cutting edge of medical research, clinical application, and manufacturing excellence.
We believe that many people are unique, and that patients deserve the best possible treatment, tailored to their needs.
As a producer, we do our part by ensuring product quality of the best standard according to European GACP and GMP guidelines, which means transparency and traceability from the grow room to the patient.
Some countries allow importation and/or use of medical cannabis at the discretion of physicians, usually relating to specific treatment for a named patient.
In Croatia, for instance, there is just one single cannabis medicinal product registered containing cannabidiol .

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our intention to be active on our home turf in Denmark as well.
Leaning deeply on both empathy and science, Canify AG is a licensed pharmaceutical company leveraging medical cannabis from cultivation to clinical services along the whole value chain.

Days after its results were published, Grow announced plans for a fresh capital raise through investment platform Growthdeck ‘as it targets major expansion’, which it hopes will see it achieve revenues of £300m by 2026.
While revenue growth was unanimous across the board, suggesting ongoing growth through the entire sector, none of the companies came close to making a profit, and all except one saw their losses increase.
Grow Group, Kanabo, MGC Pharmaceuticals, Celadon and Chill Brands all updated investors on their financial performance, with Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies’ interim results also expected in the coming weeks.


The company is a producer and distributor of medical-grade cannabis and commercial CBD products and are also opening specialty clinics in key markets, starting with Latin America and the UK.
Berlin-based Herbliz operates in multiple sectors of the emerging cannabis industry, including CBD white and private label manufacturing.
Besides its brand Herbliz, the company also operates a THC-focused medical cannabis business.

By acquiring Arena, Pfizer enters the medical cannabis industry and joins other Big Pharma companies in the cannabis space.
Although current Canadian laws only allow the company to distribute its products right to patients, it is hoping that future regulatory changes will allow Sandoz to sell and distribute its products to hospitals and pharmacies in Canada.
Tilray has struck a deal with Sandoz, a division of the Novartis group, to be its supplier of medical cannabis products.
Whilst this is still a comparatively new industry, the potential of cannabinoid medicine is significant.
In the UK, 40% of the populace suffer from chronic pain, rising to 60% among those aged 75 and over.

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