Huda Beauty: Line of cosmetics launched by makeup artist Huda Kattan.

Huda Beauty faced intense disagreement over a blog post advising women about ways to lighten the color of these genitals.
Originally published on April 7, 2018, the post named ”Why Your Vagina Gets Dark And How To Lighten It” noted some tips from “trusted expert” and board-certified dermatologist Doris Day, MD. This post was criticized as unprofessional and misleading. [newline]In April 2010, Huda Kattan started the wonder blog “Huda Beauty,” and began a YouTube channel with the same name.

She has always focused on videos of makeup tutorials and beauty tips for her social media accounts to provide something useful to her followers, but she’s also shared other styles of posts to promote her products like makeup close-up photos and giveaway posts.
 Her lashes got viral when Kardashian sisters released that they use Huda lashes.
And following the huge success of lashes, Huda Beauty launched Huda beauty liquid lipsticks, which also got viral.
2013 was the turning point for Huda as she and her sisters Mona and Alya worked together to make a collection of false eyelashes beneath the Huda Beauty brand name, which would later launch at Sephora in Dubai Mall.

So with a $6,000 loan from her sister Alya, Kattan turned her beauty blog right into a billion-dollar cosmetics brand, Huda Beauty.
In 2013, Kattan founded a cosmetics line which, like her blog, can be called “Huda Beauty.” Her first product, a group of false eyelashes, was released through Sephora.
The Huda Beauty label achieved success with the sales of the false eyelashes, which were famously worn by Kim Kardashian.
Kattan launched a cosmetic line named after her channel in 2013.

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by themselves faces.
“A lot of issues from my childhood were driving me, and I had no idea,” she says, adding that she has been working with a life coach over the last year or two.
Huda Kattan can be an Iraqi-American woman who was simply born in Oklahoma City, raised in Tennessee, and has also lived in Dubai and LA.

  • The truth that Huda Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics are two of the most popular makeup brands is revealing about the power of influencers in the beauty industry.
  • With the lower 1 / 2 of faces concealed, makeup users are focusing on the upper 1 / 2 of their faces, especially their eyes.
  • In 2013, Kattan founded a cosmetics line which, like her blog, can be called “Huda Beauty.” Her first product, a
  • According to Forbes, the business as a small business is valued at over a billion dollars.

“There weren’t many press who featured us in the past, these were all like, “You’re a blogger,’ because, at that time, no-one knew what bloggers would become.
Mona adds that another reason behind the blog gaining a huge amount of traction and credibility is in Huda being vehemently against advertising from day one until today.
Indeed, Hopper, an Instagram scheduling tool, recently revealed that Huda Kattan topped Instagram’s 2019 Rich List in the wonder category, with the ability to charge $91,300 for a sponsored post on the photo-sharing app- if she wished to, of course.
“I was in PR at that time, and people were chasing me asking what Huda’s rate was, and what they might do to obtain her to review their company,” Mona recalls.
See, for over a decade, Kattan has had access to experts, innovative technologies, and industry leaders in the wonderful world of skincare.
And because she’s had her very own skin issues over the years—and engaged with an enormous community on her YouTube and blog—Kattan realized what she and her followers needed was underserved.

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  • When lockdown began soon after the launch of Wishful, Kattan said she fell out of love with makeup, something she never thought would happen.
  • In senior high school, Kattan met her husband, Christopher Goncalo, who’s of Colombian heritage.
  • “They told us that people were a no-name, but we blew the numbers, we blew the established brands, and on the first day only, I think, we sold 2,000 lashes,” Huda says.
  • Unfortunately, it appears she’s staying pretty tight-lipped for now, as that’s just as much detail as she offered the outlet.

“It’s really hard to actually say, “I don’t love myself enough,’ but it’s this important conversation to have, because you can only just get over those things when you start talking about them.
People see me from the exterior, all this hair and makeup and our glamour team that does all this stuff, and think I cannot not feel self-love, but I do, and I view it in other people.
People have been going out less and staying home more this year, but staying in has fostered creativity for makeup users who is able to try colorful looks for fun without worrying about the judgment of others outside.
This type of intel can give brands an idea of who uses their products and what forms of events they’re using the products for, such as for example makeup artists using Huda Beauty for brides on their wedding day.
Looking at the Popular Posts widget on NetBase will show you the very best posts arranged by engagements.
In this instance, I used the “Converged Media” filter and selected “Earned” and then hide posts from Huda Beauty’s accounts and focus on consumer-generated posts and find out about consumers or potentially identify a micro-influencer.

This new product can be an evolution of the Overachiever Concealer, which Kattan believes was an “amazing product,” but its extremely high pigment load resulted in some creasing.
The #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Concealer is more buildable and less pigmented, giving the skin what Kattan calls a “filter finish,” essentially a soft-focus look that blurs the skin’s texture.

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Among her clients were celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Nicole Richie.
Kattan then returned to Dubai where she became employed by Revlon as a makeup artist.

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