Humantay Lake: Picturesque lagoon in Cusco, Peru. Nestled in the mountains, it is a popular hiking destination for tourists.

Take heart, it will require just 3 hours or so to get to the highest pass, then take your time to appreciate the towering majesty of the glacier cap, some views of the Andes, and others mountain chains.
After a well-deserved rest, we will descend the mountain slowly until we reach Sisaypata where you will have lunch nearby.
You then will continue downhill surrounded by flora and fauna to the campsite at Paucarcancha.
Here is a post about 8 explanations why you should hike the Salkantay Trek.
Lake Sandoval houses an incredible selection of wildlife, including giant otters, caiman, piranhas, and different bird species.
Visitors can take a boat tour of the lake to start to see the wildlife close up or hike through the surrounding rainforest to spot animals within their natural habitat.
Several lodges and campsites also exist, so visitors can stay overnight and explore the region further.

The name Alpamayo translated from Quechua to “earth river.” You’ll see this and so much more on your own 10 day journey through the Andes.
Additionally it is possible to rent a horse just in case you don’t feel just like hiking all the way up.
Once at the lagoon we will have enough time and energy to take pictures, bring an offer to the Apus and the bravest among you can even opt to go swimming in the lake if it’s sunny!
After some free time and rest, we shall start our descent to Soraypampa for 1.5 hours, which is much easier than the way up.
In Soraypampa we shall have lunch and after some rest will start making our way back to Cusco, coming to approximately 5 pm.

  • Because Laguna Humantay is indeed far from Cusco, getting there on your own is logistically complicated.
  • The Rainbow Mountain hike launches from Cusco and following a 3.5 hour drive you reach the trailhead.
  • only 1 1.8 miles the hike is very short.
  • Take into account that if you don’t have 14 days to invest in Peru, you can always adapt this schedule and subtract days or spend less time in the Sacred Valley/Cusco.
  • This trek is among Peru’s most sacred mountains and dominated by the Salkantay peak, 20,600 ft tall, with its towering snow-capped top.

At 20,574 feet above sea level, Salkantay Mountain is the highest in the Vilcabamba Mountain Range and 12th highest in Peru.
This trek undergoes cloud forest, high jungle and alpine terrain, to help you see an amazing variety of vegetation and animals.
Spot tarucas , anteaters, condors, hummingbirds, butterflies, Andean condors and perhaps even the spectacled bear among the orchids, violets, fruit trees and lush green vegetation.

Best Day Trips From Cusco

With many of the passes above 16,400 feet , this rugged trek attracts seasoned alpine hikers from around the world.
The new world wonder of Machu Picchu is the ultimate way to end this spellbinding trek.
A UNESCO-World Heritage site, these famous ruins certainly are a must-see on any visit to Peru.
Check out our set of the most notable 27 best treks in Peru, with hikes like Ausangate, Rainbow Mountain, Laguna 69, Inca Trail, Kuelap, Huayna Picchu and more.
A trek to Laguna Humantay may take some work to get to, but the reward is excellent.
For those willing to make the journey, this hidden gem of Cusco offers travelers a one of a kind experience.

  • This stretch of land is just about 60 km large and was once home to the heart of the Inca Empire.
  • Spanning over 3,000 km, it really is home to over 400 species of nature, and also the Humboldt penguin, the Peruvian booby, sea lions, humpback whales and dolphins.
  • See the canyon from below, spend time with fellow hikers and take a refreshing dip in the pool.
  • The Sacred Valley, that is about 1.5-3 hours from Cusco, is situated between 3,000 and 9,000 feet (900-2,700 meters) with Machu Picchu at an elevation of 8,000 feet .

Still, through the wet season, it seemed that it would be too complicated.
Nearly all Sacred Valley tours have Ollantaytambo on the itinerary, so it’s a great way to combine more attractions using one day.
Irregular colectivos leave Cusco when full every now and then.
You only need to wait at a little station from where minivans leave at the intersection of Calle Pavitos and Av.

Addressing The Laguna Humantay

Lots of the stacked rocks or cairns round the lake are actually offerings to Apu Humantay, so please leave them intact.
Our tour guide had us perform a brief spiritual ritual offering up coca leaves to Pachamama, the goddess of the Andes, and Apu Humantay.

Next, you’ll drive another hour on a bumpy dirt road and soon you reach the trailhead.
Laguna Humantay is also located just off the trail for the Salkantay Trek, one of the multi-day hikes that lead to Machu Picchu.
Make sure that you are acclimated to the altitude before attempting this hike.
We’d recommend spending at least 2 or 3 days in Cusco before the hike.

Best Day Trips From Cusco

The Salkantay trek isn’t very challenging, nonetheless it is slightly less accessible compared to the Inca Trail because of the altitude.
The hike starts at around 3,800 m on day one and after a night at 4,000 m, it leads to the Salkantay Pass, the highest elevation of the hike at 4,630 m.
The hike to the pass is really a steady zigzagging trail that may require a slow pace never to feel breathless.
The Baths of the Inca in Cajamarca, Peru, are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.

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See numerous lakes, rivers, waterfalls, valleys, and lush greenery until you reach the ultra blue waters of Laguna 69, with snow capped mountains jetting out of it.
This trek is rated moderate since it is fairly steep and reaches elevations exceeding 12,000 feet.
While this isn’t incredibly thin air, it can feel more intense since you are via Lima, which is at sea level.
Anyone with experience hiking, especially some experience coming to higher elevations, must have no problem with this trek.
Just take your time, pack water and brace yourself for probably the most intriguing sites in Peru.
Also, though this area typically has lots of sunshine, the trek will get a bit chilly so make sure to bring layers.

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