Natural wine: Wine made without the use of any chemicals and additives. This applies throughout the process, from grape-growing onwards.

This is among the questions that French researchers are addressing.
In 2018, they carried out the initial mildew ratings at the same time when disease pressure was at its highest.
For Vinifera, these preliminary results show that 5% of grape varieties aren’t very susceptible to the condition.
“Corsican, Hungarian and Portuguese varieties”, listed research engineer Thierry Lacombe.
The varieties include Carcajolo, Dabouki, Grechetto, Otfürtü, Pagadebiti, Septimer, Szagos bajnar, Verdelho feijão and Vinhao.

Frost damage the other day also extended to the coastal zones, especially in Casablanca and San Antonio.
‘We have frost each year here in Lo Abarca, but we’d already lost buds three weeks hence to a frost, and today we’ve just lost the next buds to the frost the other day,’ Felipe Marin from Casa Marin told, about his family estate, just 4km from the coast.
While it is still start, I strongly suspect that the real future of Touriga Nacional within Australia will undoubtedly be as a “blender” – either taking the best role as in the beautiful, Stanton & Killeen ‘The Prince’ blend or because the junior partner like in the classy, S.C.

How Natural Wine Became Symbolic Of Virtuous Consumption

Setting up rules for the identification or registration of the producer and/or the industrial facilities in which the product has been prepared or processed, for the certification procedures and for the commercial documents, accompanying documents and records to be kept.
However, there shall be no obligation to grub up such areas where in fact the relevant production is supposed exclusively for consumption by the wine-producer’s household.
When adopting the acts referred to in paragraph 1, the Commission shall look at the need not to improve the intrinsic characteristics of the merchandise and to avoid lowering its quality.
The necessity to preserve the natural and essential characteristics of products also to avoid causing a substantial change in the composition of the merchandise concerned.

Switzerland experienced sudden winter and mountain snow in late April following an unseasonably warm spell, which damaged many plants just starting to bloom.
The frost devastated 40% of vineyards in canton Valais, causing losses estimated at CHF100 million ($104 million).
The conference ended on the discussion topic “Where will our vineyards be in 20 years?
” which conjured up an amusing scene of AI controlled drones flying around, and viticulturists working from the bar with a pina colada at hand.
But it also looked more seriously at what’s coming.
While most of the technology being discussed was ‘first generation’ but still in the R&D phase there are several solutions much closer to delivering practical outcomes.
The panel offered a great understanding of the tech landscape, the necessity for good data and how things are evolving.

The 2018 is considered one of the biggest ‘Cepas Vellas’ vintages of ever.
It rings in at a slightly higher abv compared to the Atelier (13.5 v. 13.0).

  • Dominated by primary fruit flavours and not nearly as rustic as many other types of Bobal.
  • Throughout the year, individuals who do not specifically need to be at the office have already been encouraged to work from home.
  • For me personally, grape tannins are perceived in the front of the mouth and oak tannins in the back.
  • In 2005, he left his family business to strike from their own, creating Bodegas y Viñedos Raúl Pérez, quickly becoming the point of reference for the Bierzo appellation.
  • With neighboring parcels in Vosne, both vignerons used to discuss technique while working their vines and Bizot decided to adapt a few of Jayer’s tricks in their own cellar, such as cooler temperatures for pre-fermentation.
  • Andy Walker looks over 10 new PD-resistant wine grape selections in November 2014.

The Australian Wine Research Institute’s commitment to better understanding the nature and behaviour of the wide range of yeasts available to winemakers is bearing fruit both scientifically and practically.
They look nothing beats a traditional vineyard, using its widely spaced trunks, two lateral branches, masses of fruit, and lots of leaves.
“We just don’t know what climate change is going to do to Shiraz.
Again, this isn’t a formal poll and, except at Paumanok, there aren’t any imminent plans to check out through on any of these ideas.

Tasting #239  March 29, 2022 Wines From  Castilla Y Leon – Ribera Del Duero Vs Toro

The most prominent will be the dry red wines, mostly using theMenciagrape native to northwest Spain.
It produces a medium-weight wine with solid fruit and acidity and medium tannins—perhaps closest to pinot noir on the list of more familiar grapes.
Intense and fruity on the nose, well integrated wood gives prominence to the variety.
This wine represents the maximum expression of the wines of Venta La Vega.100% organic, Garnacha Tintorera with vines of 40 + years.Robert Parker.

Trajadura’s main attraction for growers is its fairly low acidity and high levels of alcohol, which help to supply balance for some of the region’s blended wines.
During many vintages—perhaps most—the grapes from this very old vineyard are processed with grapes from their other old vineyards within their primary wine released as Do Ferreiro Albariño.
But in exceptional vintages, those grapes are processed and bottled separately—a not a lot of production known as Albariño Do Ferreiro ‘Cepas Vellas’ .
Since 1821, the entire year in which the cousins Benigno Barbadillo and Manuel López moved to Sanlúcar and begun to produce Manzanilla.
Since then, the company has been passed on from generation to generation of the Barbadillo family, and continued to evolve their range, looking for wines which will surprise and leave an impression.

They were the first ever to plant vines in the Valley in 1986 and released their first commercial wine in 1990.
This 2000+ hectare estate forms the main UNESCO world heritage site, the Kogelberg Biosphere.
Half of the estate has been set aside for conservation into perpetuity.
Wine production is relatively small here, focusing on quality and expressing the initial terroir of the Valley.
While Mauzac has mainly been supplanted by fashionable Chardonnay, it is used to create still and sparkling wines in Southwest France.

Effect of addition of commercial grape seed tannins on phenolic composition, chromatic characteristics, and antioxidant activity of red wine .
The optimal UAE conditions for several response factors were a frequency of 40kHz, a power density of 150W/L and 25min of extraction time.
Under these conditions, the aqueous UAE would achieve a maximum of 32.31mg GA/100g fw for total phenolics and 2.04mg quercetin/100g fw for total flavonols.
Regarding the antioxidant capacity, the utmost predicted values were 53.47 and 43.66mg Trolox/100g fw for CUPRAC and FRAP assays, respectively.

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