Fluicity is today the best participation platform in Europe.
The participative platform is available in SaaS mode and includes secure hosting, maintenance, technical and operational support and corrective and scalability updates.

  • More than only a magazine, EU Business News was created with the vision to see and help businesses be recognised for their success.
  • This results in increased participation and greater community trust.
  • With our industry-leading search capabilities, your community will be able to find what they want quickly.
  • It is possible to update information instantly and create landing pages, page modules, and forms which are tailored for property.
  • “We suspect this included the exfiltration of data,” Bill Marczak, another senior researcher there, added.

By then, the list of activists and journalists targeted “made the hairs on the back of our neck stand at a time,” Goodwin said.
“I still have the aluminum paper stored here, in case we ever have a suspicion of experiencing another infection,” he told me.
Cities use the platform to arrange public consultations or compile citizen solutions around a particular issue.
For instance, the Belgian city of Hasselt used Citizenlab to incorporate citizen recommendations in a park reconstruction project.
The city of Vancouver, Canada, used the platform to source ideas on how to invest net revenue from their Empty Homes Tax into affordable housing initiatives.

SustainIQ is a sustainability & ESG reporting software that helps businesses measure, monitor and report on social, economic and environmental impacts.
SustainIQ may be the only platform that empowers organizations to check forensically, not only at their impact on the environment, but the people that they depend on, their teams, partners, supply chains and communities.
Permitting and licensing software for another generation.
We worked with Government employees, citizens, and contractors to create a best-in-class software platform to help tomorrow’s government be built today.
Save time by securely filling out your building permits, applications, and license requests online.
Our customizable workflow and approval process system automates manual tasks streamlining communications saving agencies, companies, and citizens hundreds of hours per year.

Tyler Public Safety Insights

Permits ongoing communication about events that directly affect residents.
When seconds matter, notify citizens over multiple communication paths, including voice, SMS, email and social media.
Nixle proactively manages incident communications before, during and after an event to help keep residents safe and informed.
Share information with residents about your allowance and educate them on key financial issues.
Receive informed input that will help you make the tough choices which are necessary to balance your budget.
Let residents go through the same constraints that you face.

and strengthening public trust.
If you represent a City Hall in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania or another CEE country and you also are interested to test the software for your city, please, e mail us at
Olivier de Duve, managing partner at Inventures SA, the founders of CitizenLab have an obvious vision of steps to make public decision-making more participatory and inclusive.
In his opinion, the potential impact of the platform is enormous.
Already New Jersey’s chief innovation officer and director of NYU’s Governance Lab, Noveck is joining the Belgian company since it develops new products and an expansion technique to serve U.S. cities.
I spoke with a vice-president for product development at NSO, whom the firm requested I identify only by his first name, Omer—citing, without apparent irony, privacy concerns.

Forget about guessing where an asset is located or piecing together what work has been done to it.
No more relying on disparate tools, paperwork or memory to discover critical questions or prioritize efforts around assets and infrastructure.
Edmunds Permitting and Enforcement Solution enables users to efficiently upkeep your jurisdiction’s codes.
Engineered for inspectors, contractors, and citizens alike, they have access to a digitally connected interface that allows for enhanced performance and communication.
Establish and store any permit, ordinance, or violation type within the system without limitations.
Each permit or violation could be customized and automatically generated alongside providing document attachments to store and track parcel history.
Integrates with all other Edmunds modules such as for example finance, tax, utility, online payments, parcel data, and more.

  • CSM has reckoned best-in-class features that enable dialogue between citizens and governments.
  • Land Management and Permitting Solutions meet real world needs.
  • BCG also reports that AI will enhance the efficiency of democracy as governments start to ingest all available data to create a fine-grained representation of citizens and adapt public policy accordingly.
  • Argu makes discussions transparent by focusing on issues, proposals and arguments.
  • Leaders of the independence movement, a few of whom live in exile across Europe, now meet in private and communicate through encrypted messaging platforms.
  • All the tools you need to have two-way conversations, share calendars, volunteer management, event signups, and volunteer management in one place.

Eliminate the hassle of disconnected systems and inaccurate information—instead streamline your processes all in a single place.
With a mobile responsive website and a variety of tools to attain your citizens, it’s an easy task to stay connected.
Each department can control their own updates, making it easy to get content to your citizens and staff.
We understand the obstacles you face keeping in mind your citizens engaged.

About Citizenlab

The most valuable property nowadays is the property on the screen of our cellular devices.
Expecting citizens to download multiple apps to access services at a city isn’t prudent.
A “Whole City App” becomes an engaging tool that puts city hall in your citizen’s pockets.

The Accela Civic Platform supplies the foundation for the Civic Applications and other solutions that help governments improve citizen services, and meet the needs of growing communities.
The Accela Civic platform includes all shared technologies and functionality in a SaaS environment to meet up varying needs of government agencies from large states to small department.
It offers everything citizens have to open and manage a small business, apply to permits, and schedule inspections.

Citizenlab Launches Open Source Engagement Tech To Empower Local Governments

It also helps municipalities make cities more manageable, measurable and responsive.
Many smart city projects focus on infrastructure, but are not addressed by citizens or their specific needs.
Citymatica facilitates communication between citizens and city officials, allowing them to be engaged in shaping city life.
Many smart city projects and solutions require substantial budget expenditures from the beginning.

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