Sennder: Freight logistics company facilitating shipping and tracking.

Companies like Flexe, Stord, ShipBob and Airhouse act as 4PLs managing critical portions of these customers’ end-to-end logistics needs while Alaiko and Packfleet offer similar services in Europe.
Owing to the ease of accessibility delivered by the tech-based logistics solutions, shipping organisations are increasingly outsourcing logistics operations to technology providers.

Gain valuable insights when reordering from lead time predictions to order delay risk and everything in between.
Digitize your part and supplier information therefore the whole team can access it in real-time.
In global air and ocean freight as well as in European road, the position

Platforms Supported

Second, while digital revenues may still be low compared to the overall industry size, digital freight business is developing rapidly.
With respect to the market segment, annual growth rates could be in the high double-digit percentage area – in comparison to an average forecasted annual freight industry growth of between 4%-6%.
There is probably no other single example to better underline the strong growth potential of digital freight than Flexport.
Founded only in 2013, revenues have rapidly grown to around €400 million in 2018 and up to presumably around €1 billion in 2019.
This places Flexport just beyond your abovementioned top forwarder list and among leading industry players on selected routes, such as for example transpacific ocean freight.
COVID-19 has further boosted the advancement of digital business models in freight.

Solutions range from small and flexible tools for midsized customers around fullsuite “heavy” solutions for large enterprises.
Service providersfocus on the packaging, configuration, and sales of their “own” offerings.
In the wonderful world of freight, such business models will be the digital version of traditional service providers.

stakeholders is set up in the sphere of platform-based transport logistics.
This helps to identify digital business requirements from customers and further guides decision-makers for RFTM toward the identification and selection of suitable DP providers available in the market.
Foremost, the study enables decision-makers involved in operational transport management activities to gain a holistic knowledge of DP service capabilities.
To achieve this, practitioners are navigated through the sphere of emerging DP concepts, their types, and service boundaries in a dynamic and complex cloud-enabled road freight transport domain that increasingly intersects with the business enterprise nature of TMS products.
Our typology can be utilized by enterprises to learn about DP business models, thus providing a basis for strategic consideration (Tönnissen et al., 2020).
Additionally, transport management professionals are enabled to closely align their business structures to create make-or-join decisions regarding digital platform ecosystems (Hein et al., 2020).
In effect, this may give a common strategic ground for new joint business opportunities between shippers, carriers, and forwarders to strengthen road freight collaboration toward integrated supply by intelligent digital platforms (Yang et al., 2017) based on the business process of TMSs.

Risk Management

Sapphire VenturesInvesting in high-growth, expansion-stage technology companies around the world.

  • Headquartered in the UK, Kontainers transforms the customer experience for carriers, freight forwarders and third-party logistics providers all over the world.
  • Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.
  • The shipping of goods through air and sea transport was heavily affected, especially in 2020.
  • That is why, the perspective of shippers, carriers, and freight forwarders is addressed.
  • over 20% in 2019 is an attractive market to enter.

Engage Lane is really a transportation procurement platform that helps shippers and…
Sixfold Sixfold provides carriers, shippers, and their end customers with actionable real- time freight visibility.

Transportation Management Features

In contrast, the European market remains at a comparatively low level, with a total size of around €1.1 billion, or 6% of the overall share.
The segment leaders include German companies Sennder and InstaFreight , with a whole batch of smaller players following suit.
Third, businesses may also invest in internal freight expertise to generate additional value and ensure high quality across all process steps.
While this approach is really a “must have” for service providers, marketplaces have increased their footprint in this area as well.
In the meantime, many players have moved from this model because they have realized that having an interior execution capability – in whatever form – significantly helps to reliably execute on the value promise toward customers.

this unique approach.
Both our shippers together with our carriers place the grade of our service near the top of their priorities.
To ensure the finest quality service, our deep tech-integration permits full transparency of shipments and also vehicles.
We offer a unique tracking solution that allows for flexibility by providing a visual overview to our shippers and carriers of the supply chain.
From the interview, we discovered that compliance plays an extremely significant role throughout RFTM activities.
Carrier compliance is ensured through profiles supplied by the transport compliance provider , such as the legal aspects of conducting compliant transportation services.

In addition, documentation and billing, spot pricing, cargo load purchasing, and quality and compliance management represent emerging tasks which are increasingly covered by DPs.
Freight forwarders ensure the movement of goods and materials from shippers to consignees via different modes of transport (e.g., air, water, land) by own transport capacities or third-party carriers.

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